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Too weird to live too rare to die! B)

Co conceived by sunanda srinivas <3 :*

Yes it is happening! Right in front of our eyes , Semisharings or semi's stories and sharings ( however/whatever you want to call it) has transformed from being this helplessly cute infant to this slow but steady toddler. This lil blog has turned 2 years old!! =) and kudos and hi5 's to all the overly generous and insightful  readers who have helped both of us grow step by step ..inch by inch.  Obviously some negatives have cropped up - the writer is getting overly lazy. And even two posts a month seems a strain =/ 'Quality is always better than quantity' seems to be the phrase to use now , at least to console some souls. However , I promise to write more ; even though 'yours awesomely' is in twelfth now :O yeah cry happy tears over her dedication.  This is NOT going to be a blog post about the blog itself or some running credits. Due to the lack of posts  nowadays , it may end up looking as though the only thing the wr…

Lets TALK cricket

I deeply apologize for the lack of posts this month. The zero performance can be attributed to the soaring Chennai heat , even more dramatically increasing electricity costs and cuts and last but never the least my own negligence , boredom and depressed state of mind. Sure many moody people do blog in spite of bad moods - which may lead to a depressing read. So thank me for trying to satisfy you all! :P
So turning to what IS bright this season : 
YELLOW MANGOESYELLOW SUNYELLOW of CSK!  While mangoes are more promising and juicy for eating , the sun is just a fail topic to suck delight out of. So let us land on the most happening thing in an 'average' Indian teenager's life - 'IPL' or the Indian premier league. While the matches are mercilessly boring nowadays , the fans still don't seem to mind. Lack of interesting movies and basic life activities has led us into this pit of unexciting fun called ipl.  People may call this only the 'opening' jitters sti…