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Thou shall be surprised

Once upon a time , (yes this story WILL start like a story) , there lived a girl called Samyuktha. She was forever fifteen years old , while her friends whizzed past and reached the sweet sixteen landmark and some even reached the purgatory called 17 ( you neither are sweet 16 - the age to be in or the important 18 - where you officially become an adult! ) And you couldn't even blame her itch to become an year older! For a person whose height reduces her age by big margins and her body weight which brought about both mock and genuine surprise at the previously unseen levels of malnourished -ness, you couldn't deny her birthright - age.
The poor child needed at least her age to broadcast her level of maturity. Her mental maturity at best could be called childish. Although there was no guarantee that people would believe her age even if it was genuine - as if she could take her birth certificate wherever she went?! her previously mentioned mental maturity didn't let her thi…

tutudu what to do? :P

Yes..Yes! I know I have been neglecting my blog way too much. So much so that it is starting to resemble a malnourished African child when personified or an outdated newspaper/radio when looked at. Time to flex the muscles (or whatever is above the bone , in my case) and start updating!!
So what's NEW??
Nothing out of the world , nevertheless fun , eagerly expected yet ends in boredom , Much talked about but nothing done actually. Didn't get it yet? =) Summer holidays!! For me , it may very well be the last of such carefree days - so lets put it into maximum use , by doing nothing ~
Now the problem is doing nothing can be equally boring as slogging it out. So lets check out the list of activities 'normal' kids like us can indulge in. However , I am not counting in a vacation or trip to some exotic place in this list because travelling and sightseeing is too much of a work.

!.Watch all the programs  in the T.V                                                            …