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"Its been quite a while since my last post" - well that's becoming a general statement of mine nowadays. Well , I cannot be held responsible though. I write only when I get 'brainwaves' 'or a bright bulb in my brain :P Well nowadays due to the increasing power cuts due to the huge power deficit Tamil Nadu faces even the kutti zero watt bulb in moi brain is irregularly functioning.
^ If you haven't caught my point already ---------:

  1. Sorry for the delay. The only educational activity which happens in my school is exams - so there were quite an overload of it in the past few weeks.
  2. Bazinga! I have started reading the newspaper B| (at some point , one need to start trying to pass their CLAT mocks :P ) 
While the writer in me was nalla hibernating , the nerd which IS me was working overtime. However , the prospective lawyer became angry about the minimal attention she got. So the drastic change from the sports page to the editorial happened. Well , as I was shunning myself from the rest of the world to focus on my textbooks some shocking things have happened! :O Lets enlighten and update ourselves! ^_^

  1. The ruling party lost whatever credibility it had , the opposition lost whatever shame it had. 
The supreme court has been working overtime to save face for all the inactive politicians - who are busy passing the blame parcel to the former ruling parties or filing their pleas against the ever growing no. of scams. It is interesting to note that the number of scams may increase more than the no. of episodes of a Tamil mega serial!  Coming to the point, the 122 odd spectrum licenses the UPA government had sanctioned went to the kuppa thotti (dustbin) as the supreme court cancelled it.
Yet , Mr. Kapil Sibal has still not refuted his 'zero loss theory' . Maybe he believes 1.76 lakh crore is nothing, He must start doing R.D sharma mathematics . In other news, it wasn't the math R.D. Sharma who died! So CBSE students can still slog their lives out for a few more years.
The biggest scandal of the month , must be the 'PORNGATE SCANDAL' . I still wonder why they call it porn 'gate'! To the utter dismay of the traditionally conservative BJP uncles , their famously uptight minister were caught on tape watching porn on their smart phones! Not any porn - GANG RAPE! The ministers have given in their resignations as they didn't want to further  'embarrass' their party. Their considerate party hasn't taken any action on them  and have instead decided to take 'moral' lectures and lessons for all their members! 
P.S - Please ask them to complete their fifth standards first =| 
P.S.S - Bangalore which witnessed this incredulous incident must have had a peaceful valentines day!

Well Chennai cannot claim to be a safe city anymore. A 9th standard studying student killed his teacher Uma Maheshwari for being 'strict' with him and writing bad remarks in his report card. The incident cannot be called anything lesser than fucking atrocious. The teacher was correcting some papers while waiting for the students to come for the special hindi class. The unnamed boy took out his twenty rupees costing knife and took out the teacher's life by cutting her jugular....
The teacher had 2 poor daughters who were studying in a boarding school in Ambattur. And co coincidentally she used to teach in my ex- school some years back. As all the seniors concede she was a very kind teacher who couldn't be strict even if she tried to! The media is to be blamed for announcing that she was 'strict' before they even got the news. Let her soul rest in peace. 
The whole society is reeling with this shocking news. A single students behavior shouldn't be used to label the whole student community. The older generations are keen on putting the blame on 'de generated' songs such as 'kolaveri' . I can't help asking this - where does this feature in THIS problem? Just because some song achieved the popularity levels YOUR generation songs couldn't doesn't mean its rubbish or that its 'bad' . In this particular problem the fault is with the boy and his psychology - if you read the report , he stabbed her CONTINUOUSLY even when she tried to escape and he didn't even try to escape. 
The parents are to blame. Giving excessive freedom and pocket money is NOT wrong , as long as the kids are monitored properly and the importance of their actions are explained to them. How many parents sit with their kids like friends and sort things out rationally?  It is sad to know that many still think that their own children know less than them or that they are inferior to them , just because they are younger than them! =(  This incident must be a lesson for the education system - which has become a profit generating mechanism for many and is solely used for generating money making engineers/doctors. This must change. We must change. 

    3. The Media is running the government 
Anyone who watches Arnav Goswami is TIMES NOW will understand. While news coverage and freedom of expression is a MUST in a democracy , it doesn't mean that there should be a media circus for every minute 'controversy' that happens. The news shouldn't 'sell' but 'tell' . Debates are interesting and are an important exercise. However sadly the politicians who must be doing it in the parliament are instead doing it in the news channels.  This in itself is not wrong - not until the T.V anchor becomes the god and expects the debater to say what 'HE' accepts. 
Quoting an example , when the 'porngate' scandal hit the roof , a debate naturally occurred in the news hour of times now. There instead of listening to what the BJP spokesperson was trying to say Mr.Arnav was busy trying to implicate that party with his statistics and was shouting on  the top of his own voice.   No one is supporting the BJP here , but doesn't a person get to voice their views? Then why else do you run a news channel? or invite a person who has an opposite view of yours? 
news channels should try to accommodate all views - even if they are wrong . well they are still VIEWS of a majority of people and those people are also the citizens of the country. 

Being a writer , this news was the most disturbing. The famous writer Salman Rushdie's trip to the Jaipur literature festival got cut short when the police received opposition from some religious parties. Similarly Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen's books were 'banned' again because of religious opposition. 
Such actions are against the true sense of a democracy and secularism . Its as simple as this - India has hundreds of religions , you cannot keep banning books because they hurt some people's sentiments. This is true for songs , movies etc too . It is high time that we realize what we preach is not what we do.  Concepts such as 'communal harmony' should be taught. Phew , if you don't like a book or a view , then don't read it or just ignore it. Other people may respect it. As long as it doesn't personally target a single person or community - falsely , then it is fine. Move on. This may sound rude to many , but then again this my PERSONAL view and if it hurts stop reading. After all we are the ones famous for 'ahimsa' so stop being a himsa! 

So yeah , all of these are my personal views and not intentional on hurting anybody's views. What I wanna say is the world is becoming one disturbing place to live in filled with 'trustable' people who steal our money , hypocrites , murderers , dictators and religious fanatic not to mention progressive thinkers like me :P 

Readers are free to debate or comment below. I am not Arnav , I won't shout at you =) 

P.S - If there are any errors in the fact please tell me , I just wrote what I understood from news papers and channels! 

P.S.S - All images from Google =) 


  1. i loved the third musings of yours

  2. OMG you write about too many topics. Do you think yourself as Indian Mashable owner ;) Nice articles buddy :)

    1. haha thank you =) hope to see you here more often! Though Ive temporarily closed the blog due to the exam virus xD


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