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"Its been quite a while since my last post" - well that's becoming a general statement of mine nowadays. Well , I cannot be held responsible though. I write only when I get 'brainwaves' 'or a bright bulb in my brain :P Well nowadays due to the increasing power cuts due to the huge power deficit Tamil Nadu faces even the kutti zero watt bulb in moi brain is irregularly functioning.
^ If you haven't caught my point already ---------:

Sorry for the delay. The only educational activity which happens in my school is exams - so there were quite an overload of it in the past few weeks.Bazinga! I have started reading the newspaper B| (at some point , one need to start trying to pass their CLAT mocks :P )  While the writer in me was nalla hibernating , the nerd which IS me was working overtime. However , the prospective lawyer became angry about the minimal attention she got. So the drastic change from the sports page to the editorial happened. Well , as I was shu…