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Caste Discrimination for dummies

Hello there readers! Firstly a huge thank you for making this kutty blog reach 10000 views! =) Never would have been possible without your support xD As promised our very own Rhea also known as pussy and always surrounded by them has finally graced us with a post of hers. The 'post' is actually a rip off from her sociology project, which unlike the usual ones makes sense! Read it , laugh / swear and do whatever you want but don't forget that this is  for fun and fun only.  Before I buzz of - pussy is such a stud muffin that she actually submitted this!! :O 

Human beings have for centuries been on the lookout for bigger and better ways to discriminate their counterparts.Among the more popular forms of discrimination, like racial discrimination (eg."Come hea' ya filthy nigger") , gender discrimination ( eg. "Go make me a sandwich woman") and religious discrimination (Eg. "He's just a money - grabbin' Jew"), lies a form of discriminat…

Finger friends x)

Yeah Semi's been secretive about her current skl life :P Answering in one worders such as 'awesome' and 'cool'.Lets delve deeper into such shallow yet meaningful words and take a trip through my short yet fun travel (ongoing of course) of being  a cvian x)

To be truthful I received quite a shock when I entered the classroom the first day. If the divide between India and Pakistan is bitter , the partition in eleven H was more bitter resembling a sulky bitter gourd! I still remember the uncertain moment where I just stood with my bag on me , indecisive of where to sit. Everyone seemed to have hostile cold looks on their faces =)
Then like a midget from the heavens came- NomIta Prithviraj to save me - the highland suddenly shy lass. She gave me a place to sit , a place to 'belong' lol It took some time for me to settle in  - highly shy and quiet. Uncharacteristic but for a month people thought Semi was a silent nerd/geek and the sin of scoring 9.8 in tenth nev…

Kuppa Pa.

Acts of the common citizen 
To begin the new year in an auspicious note lets trash talk about garbage =) :P How much ever some try to mask it we are all irresponsible Indian citizens! Yes , we do (mostly) miss the garbage can when we try to use the my can like a basket ball , most often the empty lays packet goes over your friend's head and the pale chewing gum , which you extracted all the juice off , the one which has been residing in your mouth for so long that you mistake it for your tongue :P , most often goes into the dustbin without a paper around it :/ LOL
Make all the pronouns into 'me' and 'I' you have yourself a confession.
We are losers.
It is a well established that we are lazy enough to let the government loot us of all the resources and money. Heck , it is us the caring citizens who break the rules and inspire our leaders to follow suit. However , sometimes the stench is so much that even 'WE' cannot sit rooted firmly to the chair. I am not bei…