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GoodReads 2012

Everyone is obsessed about something. In my case , it is a pretty Loong list - Kamal Haasan , Surya , movies , cricket and last but not at all the least ...BOOKS. Throw anything at me I read it ^_^ (ie if it has any visual stimuli to apprehend :P ) Also , I am a bit compulsive about recording , organizing and reviewing every book I read. And what better place to do it than   where they do all the organizing for you , give a platform to review and discuss the books , interact with authors ( I got a chance to video chat with Jeff Kinney  - of Wimpy kid fame!!) Also at the beginning of every year, you get to make a resolution - of x many books you want to read , and keep track of it!
Ok that was a totally random advertisement I did . Goodreads doesn't need any advertising -_- Just spreading the awareness to those who have been living under a rock / preparing for their boards :P 
And the thing about this year's reading challenge is that I am almost close…

Existential Anxiety

Its true.
I have not blogged in a 'while'
and that while has been one big blue whale of a time :P

Its true .
I have exams all the time now.
Yet I spend more time on facebook
than i do to annoy the life outta my brother.

Its true.
This can never qualify to be a poem ,
it has no rhyme scheme
or a complex theme .

Yet its true
that my blog has become a mere vegetable ,
a fruitful retrospection
to be pickled from the upcoming disaster of time.

Disclaimer - Views totally attributed to harmful effects of psychology.

okay :P I went a bit overboard there. Please be a bit kind upon me as I'm a bit scratchy, as its been a while. Yet I'm back, as the itch to write is intolerable. In the past many months , I did try writing. But the problem is/was, I really didn't know what to write about.
Everyone runs out of juice and one simply can't be creative when they are being sapped out regularly of their life through examinations. No , don't worry . I won't crib about exam…

Love Story : Part 5

Act 1  - Dinky's Black innova . On the way to Mahabs .

This must be what running away feels like mused Kaushik Seetharaman. Not that he had never run away before . Every worthy childhood must contain a failed attempt to runaway. Also , the dreadful five years without Dinky , all alone in Switzerland was what he would recall as running away. Going incognito to cool off your loved one maybe mistaken as cowardice , but cow (everybody called him that now) knew that it was true love that ignites the fire called sacrifice , which helped him withstand the separation. Thinking more than was required , ie , Overthinking was his forte. While it helped in intellectual pursuits , it certainly hurt when done for emotional issues.

Why all of a sudden the word 'cow' seemed to resemble 'coward' he couldn't fathom . A painful memory from the past shot past his head. "Cow for coward" hooted his so called loved one. Such instances still warranted a rush of red to his fa…

Quoting the truth

"Whatever happens , life must go on"  There are a million quotes decorating all the languages. Yet i choose this one to start my post ; this is a very special post for me , and i am saying this before even writing it .Developing the 'seventh sense*' i guess. Firstly , the quote is awesome  because it is quite simply the truth. And truth is what this post is gonna be all about. Also , (forgive my awestruck -ness  ) This line was delivered by 'daddy' surya to son surya in vaarnam aayiram :P Surya surya everywhere <3 [ Maattrraann is releasing this friday , don't miss it! ]

* - hope the surya fans go the 7am arivu reference xD

Moving on to the actual topic , I am going to talk about this book i picked a while back ; which happened to change my life or atleast how i look at thinks quite remarkably. ( please don't sigh already) It is the " Life of Mahatma Gandhi " by Louis Fischer  - wohoo! I think Gandhi is the first Indian name which auto c…

And we blog and blog and blog!

After a rather romantic surprise early last month stoopid semi went off to hibernate -_- It is perfectly alright to think so beCAUSEE ------------------------------- It is the truth :P However you should empathize or at least sympathize with her plight. She was working her socks off , for her first terms exams , which doesn't matter in anyway to the boards.
But her question is this. Why should the boards matter? Many of you may feel that that the answer is quite simple  . Board exams = marks = good college = good job = good life. Too simple , too easy. Call me a non conformist or for that matter, a communist , For what difference does that actually make to you?  But what I feel is this :
"Education is about learning for your intrinsic needs , which in the process satisfy your extrinsic ones "  Oh I do sound like a thinker :P
What we study should actually interest and make sense to us and let us apply it in daily life. And it should satisfy our desire to understand what …

Love Story : Part 4

For all of you not familiar with first three parts of the love story series ( which must be everyone) ,Don't worry! . A 'Part' is more like an episode and the author prematurely gave up on the story , for she had her heart elsewhere. This time around cow and dinky are not gonna run away again ( i.e from my mind) or so I hope.
And don't worry this part will encompass the other ones and even it doesn't it won't alter the flow much. 

(The part 1 starts with a juvenile bunch of overgrown girls writing a testimonial , so that they can share the blame if their friend found out their sinister agenda. The agenda being the elusive search for an ideal boyfriend ,  and the target being 'Dinky' , their gang leader. The second part gives a detailed character sketch of  Dinky the protagonist and how she snubs a school teacher ( she is the corres…

Block and Tackle

For the most of our lives , we force ourselves to some goal . So much so that we drive ourselves mad and end up quitting and consider a life of a priesthood. You can't blame us though , for the likes of nityananda and baba ramdev seem to prosper with fame and money due to people's ignorance . So i have taken the other path , not the rat race nor the path for quitters. Instead , I just don't do anything. I try not to think about the task I have to perform , I try hard to ignore.
I try having fun elsewhere, tucking the task to the fringes of my consciousness. Like pressing one's head deep within water , so hard that some opposing force will push it back. Only problem is you need to make sure that you don't drown or choke yourself with all the enthusiasm. What I am trying to blabber is this , by consciously trying NOT to blog , I have gained the thirst to write more than ever. Our minds are like that of an adamant child suffering from oppositional defiant disorder (OD…