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The missing link

When I heard that Bryan and Brandon , the masterminds behind A beer for the shower  , wrote a BOOK,I started pestering myself to get a copy. They made it all the more simple - by releasing a kindle version ( The happiest I have felt for owning a kindle!) and by selling it for like $0.99! So the ones already sold to the idea of this book go here.
One must note that these geniuses are the ones behind the popularity of breaking dawn - or atleast its parody version 'breaking down'  , which is more worth your money than the whole twilight series put together =)
So moving on , this is gonna be a very professional review. So I am stating my obvious bias for the authors here ( anyone with a sense of humor would be) and that this book is for people with a good/bad/weird/dark ( all the same) sense of humor. Also , passengers are kindly requested to remove their brains and open this book , or the goblins will smash it into grey goo.
world is sooo dead
The story is about apocalypse - or the end of the the world as we know it.  Like the chaos theory , It starts when an old grandma decides to use the PC with the help of her cat who has diabetes...and she successfully manages to shutdown the internet completely all around the world. Enter the protagonist or the one who initially seems to be , the IT jock , handsomely clad in Calvin Klein. We think he would do something with the computer and restore it back. But not to be..there are gremlin like green goblin creatures which go about eating routers and books...and even humans if tasty enough.
Enter Micky the quintessential epitome of  the tough guy , the security  guard itching for action. Along with a goblin cum iguana ie the goblinguana  , which has the powers to travel between the worlds of internet and earth , our hero, named Brent traverses in search of  his girlfriend , Molly , who he has never met personally...
Molly , who is a world of war craft maniac , falls into the dirty world of internet where she meets many perverted trolls , imps and knights. From Alice of wonderland to wizard of oz her journey transcends fairy tales and has its own poopish finish. How Mickey and Brent save her from that world forms one plot. (Twiddle dee/dum and Mc affrey are notable characters . Feeling lost? read the book! xD )
The next plot , tracks the city's homeless and how they tackle the growing number of goblins and the chaos caused by the absence of internet! All the characters from
 Stanley - the drunken joe
Shoeless Joe - He is the Vietnam veteran who commands this troop
Arthuro - The die hard romantic street actor.
Sally - The CRAZY yet the most contributing member who invents the 'electric broom stick' and even the 'paintball machine gun' B| The best character guys!
Seamus - Arthuro's dog
Robert - The 300 pound man with a fetish for fashionable clothes from the garbage.
the heroes!
The monk - who is the silent tsunami
How these characters together strive to save the 'world' or more specifically Chicago city forms the rest of the story. I must say that the humor that constantly accompanies you with the occasionally oh-its-so-gross ROFL moments makes the book really worthwhile. The vocabulary and the detailed descriptions of the story says a lot about the authors. The satirical view on all the fairy tales and the technology makes it apt for Lol ing and reading at the same time.
Being first time writers there are some problems as well. The concept of disaster , world ending seems familiar and the actual reason and problem aren't met with soon enough. There seemed to be a lot of time spent on building the characters - which in the end is fruitful. Also there is widespread usage of expletives although you cannot expect any less from common characters in uncommon situations. Also (the lack of)  LOGIC , which we are alerted not to expect is nevertheless glaring at times. For example what is the police / famed FBI doing to control this crisis? In fact Hong Kong is said to have military forces guarding the people while there is no news about the US government.
At not even 1 dollar the Missing link is surely worth your money and time and gives you many moments to laugh your lives off. Do check it out!

PS - The tea time conversation abt political topics still makes my stomach pain with laughter! xD


  1. Thank you SO much for the review! We really f*@%&#g appreciate it! Even if there were a lot of expletives:) Sorry, it's just how we roll. It keeps us from being taken too seriously. As for the lack of logic, in many cases we certainly kept it ignorant on purpose, as an overarching thematic ode to the irreverence and unpredictably stupid nature of both humanity and the internet. And as for the police and FBI, everybody knows they never really get anything done, even when they do have access to the internet:)

    Cheers and thanks again!


  2. Lol THANKYOU xD and actually the best part was the lack of logic :P You wouldn't know what is going to po(o)p at you lol


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