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A writer's woes...!

I am arguing with that?! 
It is a wide held perception that writers are lazy people ,ie, they do not perform any actual work.And that carrying bricks is a tougher job. Indeed , carrying bricks is a tough task - you need exceptional stamina and strength to perform it. Also, I am not going to be this negative person who discredits such tasks , but this positive being , who dis/credits her own task =)

Vaguely looking , it seems as though a writer has NO restrictions or worries. Just take a paper and produce stuff. Bang! BANG! I advice you  get powerful spectacles immediately. A writer does have a hell lot of choices to pick from (even that is a disadvantage) and there are a lot of invisible constraints too. We will come to that later ( Haha! I sound like my textbook =P )

The biggest dilemma a writer can have , in today's world is - dependency on technology. How much should a person depend upon the technology to carry him/her through? This is a tricky and a surprisingly old question.Human beings always approach changes cautiously (translated as 'negatively') and once upon a time, even Gutenberg's printing press was restricted to printing bibles only . Also , as we are humans ;) , we just cannot give up old habits and it is agreeably very sad. Example - Surely there is a sense of guilt , regret and loss , when we see the old VCR's , cassettes , CD's , floppies and gramophones. Call me the nxg , but I feel guilty when I look at paper! I do all my creative work in the blogger draft board nowadays , coz it auto saves whatever is typed second by second.Being a humanities student , there isn't much notes to write...and when I do write exams , I don't have the time to adore my handwriting or the crispiness of the paper lol. Deep inside , I know that my best works are always done on paper.Call it prejudice , I don't care. Paper is just liberating in its own way! 
There is also the question of how much of luxury a writer can enjoy. Auto spell check is mandatory but is the feature where the PC guesses words for you , while writing is acceptable? Some questions are for you to answer. At the end of the day , a 'true' writer , atleast my version , writes for self satisfaction.Yes, I AM happy when my work is applauded by others...but when I am not 100% happy about a post and it goes on to create sensations all over the world (not like it actually happened :P) - there is still that feeling of 'not done enough' in one corner of the heart. Hope you get it. I can go on and on about technology - then it would become another post.
A writer has other issues as well. Self doubts can bog you down more than the heaviest brick on your head.Currently I have twenty posts in draft form and I feel uneasy to release even ONE. 'Will it be cool enough for the teenagers? ' 'AND be matured enough for the older beings?' - you never know. Extra pressure on me because as my name suggests , I pride myself on maintaining the balance , though at times I feel like I am falling short of this goal -outrageously . Then there is the issue of the concept of blog itself - it is about an individual's views. After a point ,  do people really care about one person's views/problems/ life? After  writing that line I feel lesser inclined to post this post.
The only way is forward!
Then there is the question of niche and complacency. It is tough enough to find your own style/individuality in the universe . It is tougher to keep on updating , modifying and maturing. At one point, you feel super saturated (science =P) and don't want to welcome changes , even when you know that stagnation is always around the corner.
That's why I envy Kid in the front row , he keeps on experimenting.He doesn't mind if one post falls short , atleast he did something new! His niche is to inspire others and blog about writing and cinema as an art. Yet, he does so much more than that. One day I want to be like him =) Tough ask but I will do my best.
We are bound by restrictions , which initially appears non - existent. For example , I cannot rest in peace if I post only 2 lines on my blog as a post.The lines may sum up what I want to say and may even be PERFECT. But No , I don't care about that! A blog post in my head should have lots of words - for words are all I have to take your breath away =P Blame it on writing too many history answers...
Also , there is always this feeling that I shouldn't use 'bad' words in my posts (unlike how I talk/text) Its not just because my parents read my blog :P , but because of this voice in the head or instinct as we call it, that tells me that some may squirm in their seats if I go overboard with the language. This doesn't make me any less cooler or awesome than a few seconds back. B|
Finally, as writing is getting more professional by the day , I am obliged to 'edit' my posts and to go further than the first draft. Being an I-need-a-spark to kindle the fire or a spur of the moment writer it feels weird...I am trying to adapt - but not wholeheartedly - I admit. According to my view , the first draft must surely retain at least 80% of its content...but writing is not mathematics and figures don't always works. Every writer must choose for themselves.
OK enough. I have scared you enough already with the uncertainty of things in this world...( For I am shivering now) However , you can see that I take writing way to seriously xD So , chill! I will never feed you with consciously bad posts :P And excuse me for exceeding the general word limit by LIGHT years......!

Yours truly


  1. This is true; just because I'm a writer doesn't mean I'm lazy. I'm lazy because of other reasons. Also, I've been working out for a long time, so I can lift heavy stuff. That's easy. Writing? Not so much. I'd like to see a brick layer write a best seller.

  2. Hi Semi, I hope you've chilled out since you posted this and I hope you've put those self doubts away because this post is great.
    You've go a talent and even though you're right that it's hard to find a niche in the blogging world as long as you're enjoying what you write, carry on!
    Take it easy my friend:)

  3. Thank you Paul =) Nothing would stop me from writing! Its just a part of the process right? :D

  4. Dear Semi,
    I liked your reflective tone.I think what you said about needing to be happy with your work makes sense. Also about 'technology' making sense as well as the feel of fresh paper sometimes. In fact all your either/ors sound like ands! And I feel you are writing better and better...English Teacher Says :)

  5. akka! =) and 'all your either/ors sound like ands!' is it good or bad? :P


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