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A writer's woes...!

It is a wide held perception that writers are lazy people ,ie, they do not perform any actual work.And that carrying bricks is a tougher job. Indeed , carrying bricks is a tough task - you need exceptional stamina and strength to perform it. Also, I am not going to be this negative person who discredits such tasks , but this positive being , who dis/credits her own task =)

Vaguely looking , it seems as though a writer has NO restrictions or worries. Just take a paper and produce stuff. Bang! BANG! I advice you  get powerful spectacles immediately. A writer does have a hell lot of choices to pick from (even that is a disadvantage) and there are a lot of invisible constraints too. We will come to that later ( Haha! I sound like my textbook =P )

The biggest dilemma a writer can have , in today's world is - dependency on technology. How much should a person depend upon the technology to carry him/her through? This is a tricky and a surprisingly old question.Human beings always approac…

Heart tunes ~

This conniving weather is bad. It has lulled us  into sleep which we never can catch and has made our enthusiasm into bitterness and made us a bunch of bored and unpleasant teenagers.... - more than ever!! This occasional rain...and the ever present moisture in the air which is silently screaming "Sleep. Sleep" is just awesomely creepy.

All the 'pairs' either seem to be breaking up or getting caught , which directly leads them to be broken up. Guys! Be careful. Studies have again taken a backseat. Obviously. The cycle tests are OVER. Term exams are a month away.......jobless times for students. So please don't be surprised by the sharp inflation in the number of fights , tears and the hugs (which invariably come later)  which happen at this time of the year. Also ,  the prices have shot up over the sky. No , this is not about flaunting my GK skills alone. The power / electricity costs have increased by 110 - 120% , which means a frown on my mother's face whe…

I Love you . I miss you. I need you

I cannot believe it. I am writing a lot . What is  even more unbelievable is - nothing seems to be coming on my blog. So , "I have decided to prove my loyalty to you my blog" ( Yes ,its called 'animism' - interacting with inanimate objects. I haven't matured have I? )

So Dear blog! I have decided to tell you the story you should surely know about - how you were created and evolved! I know you may not hear or comprehend me - for you are still an infant - 1 year and 7 months old (already).
It was on April 26 I still remember. It was the stage in summer holidays when I did 'nothing' throughout the day. As easy as it may sound , it is TOUGH to do nothing throughout the day. So , there I was googling 'how to gain weight' and all the other seemingly impossible stuff. Then out of nowhere - like how life was created - I typed 'blog' on the search bar.
Without knowing a thing about you ,I decided to create you - be happy. If I had known what the b…