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Who are We?

Life is very precious and the fact that we are existing is  itself a very lucky one. For us the human beings who are from the family homindae , domain of Eukarya and kingdom animalia ,phylum chordata ,class of mammalia ,order primates and the genus and species Homo sapiens a lot of luck and ofcourse timing was required.
we needed one indeed

Our identity which is stamped all over the earth - at least the land part of it which is a mere 31%, was  a mere accident as our 10th standard science textbook states. There is no doubt that we and chimpanzees shared a common ancestor and share almost the same type of DNA! It is spectacular that millions of atoms which are dead individually came together  to form us and support our mundane activities and responses which we need not  worry about consciously. Its is even more amazing to think that the earth which was/is so unpredictable with the dynamic earthquakes , volcanoes , tornadoes which we can only measure and not predict  , let us survive for so long with no major catastrophe.

my holy grail xD
We should remember that if during the dinosaur  period if we had been big like now (we meaning mammals)  , almost certainly extinction would have been on the cards , so lets thank ourselves for being insignificant. lol . Wow. You guys must be wondering where I am getting all these facts from xD  - only from the bestseller The short history of nearly everything which is in fact on EVERYTHING and surely the book which changed my life. Forever. I thank Mr.Bill Bryson for that! So what I learnt from this little gem of a book (figuratively not that small :P  ) is that the universe , its component and our mother earth are very huge and breathtaking (literally) creations and the life is the best and the most awe inspiring phenomenon which can take place and that we , with the identity of human beings are goddamn lucky to be existing , let alone researching and discovering.

As I said before human beings , the most intelligent creatures ( or so we think ) in this creation are created by atoms , DNA , cells ....... and everything in science exists in the quantities of trillions , billions and millions except the scientists who are finding it. What I understood from the book is surely an edition in itself however here I am limiting myself to the human aspects of the world ( which is almost covered  in my book lol ) and in the process hope to reveal the true human IDENTITY which is hiding beneath the sheets of civilization. =|

Scientifically speaking human beings have occupied not more than an instant if we compress the earth's life into a day! What differentiates us from a  moss , bacteria is that above the basic instinct to live (which these creatures surely have more than us) is the same thing which killed Julius Caesar - ambition. The urge , feeling that one has to have a purpose in life , like the early neanderthal who made millions of tools - primitive hand axes - maybe just because he thought that it was his life's purpose ....  if you do not have a goal in life and just try to get it over with it... =P you are useless , a pain in the back and a lot else. It is this self created ambition which created boundaries , nations  and eventually the world wars!
Also some thing importantly wrong is the feeling that we are the zenith of creation , infact life is always evolving and it is infact defects in some DNA copying that  makes us feel king. Again , don't under estimate the bacteria , they have occupied the earth from the beginning , it belong to them in that view! and they survive in regions where even the most modern of human technologies cannot reach. Eg. Deep sea heat vents in Marina trench and the frozen ice in Antarctica!! So confusing characteristic advantages with superiority shows our stupidity there!

Be happy with your identity as a human , live your lives to the max but do not shy away from the unmissable fact that every species which existed before us always had an end. Disappointment  shouldn't be an option when  thinking about our inevitable end. In fact the best we can do is stop accelerating our own demise by interfering with the flow of nature . Here I obviously mean global warming , CFC's , lead and all the other nonsense which we are increasing in our atmosphere!
Hate us or love us we are the leading species now and miraculously are endowed with a 'brain' . Our identity is our 6th sense. Let us NOT lose it in the name of superiority and domination.For whatever purpose the universe , solar system  and our earth are created. As far as we know we are the only creatures that can 'appreciate ' whatever has been done,  and have the thirst to learn about the creation and must strive for that till the end.  Here we must also acknowledge that like the biggest boon we are also the biggest bane of the earth. Wherever humans have settled has seen the merciless killing of all the other species.
Are We?
'survival of the fittest ' as it is known is actually acceptable if you ask me to answer.  However for the sake of civilization at least we must avoid the indiscriminate killing of  our kith and kin.  Reading the book I was shocked to find that animals were killed unnecessarily for the 'heck' of it. Just imagine getting hunted down by dinasours for the heck of it! If we are ready to call ourseleves 'superior' we better start behaving so.
From this account which is influenced by the amazing book 'the short history of nearly everything ' I hope that the sheer luck of living as humans is understood and understanding our own greatness and weakness and our responsibilty to our home is also got into your head.  Surely now you know your identity now;'Eukarya animalia chordata mammalian homindae primate homo sapiens sapiens ' an term which should be observed with great pride by the future species after our certain extinction - if our fossils and other evidences are found! =)


                                                                                                                  Yours Humanly


  1. The microbes will always win. It's only a matter of time. But, you're right, I'm going to enjoy every last drop of my uber-caffeinated cup of coffee while I can!


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