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Nostalgically Wimpish

Definite nostalgia! 
Yeah. A definitely  weird combo of words - well my life is weird. These holidays have surely been awesome , jobless and interesting as usual. My normal day involves talking,texting,chatting on facebook and e-mailing (it still exists!) friends. I also try to read books , absorb general knowledge/the newspaper and read/write blogs. However the latter activities which are approved by parents don't seem to have the time. When I finally finished day before yesterday's  diary entry ( Yes. I have warned you that I keep a record - so BEHAVE yourself or the history wouldn't forgive you =P ) and sat down to open the year book , my phone ringed its 'ROCK you like a  HURRICANE' and it was another person with another story to talk to.
That's why I think I am going to be grounded - soon.
After so many constant hours of sharing my voice , words and thoughts to SOO many people I can confidently say I have a lot of friends. And a huge variety in that too.
To quote airtel :
( Lyrics From :: )
"Movie Buddy.. Groovie Buddy
Hi Buddy.. Bye Buddy
Joke Buddy.. Poke Buddy
Gana Buddy.. Shaana Buddy
Chaddi Buddy.. Yaar Buddy"
 If you ask me , changing school must be made a must! It will make some sad people who have no friends get many. Again , some may opt to think they are content with some close ones. What they are missing is that humans are fundamentally social beings - you may act as though you do not care but your unconscious B| won't forgive you lol
Sometimes when you live in oblivion in your present life for a long time and take a break to go back to the past - you wish you did not.
The other day miss x  met up with her long time back best friend Y. I must say x was having a blonde moment when she believed that things would be the same after all these years. She found out that time had changed them both in myriad ways and that she had run out of words to speak with her . Shocking thing was y was  blind to her friend's obvious discomfort and weird silence and thought that it was the part of her 'new' life. Well how much ever she would like to think that changes makes people completely different from their old self she is wrong and she knows it. We are all a product of our past,present and future.
Irony - x who was always brimming with useless words ( no its not about me guys :P ) found herself speechless with her own best friend - ok ex .
Moral -

  1. It is always not very wise to dig up the past or go back  
  2. and to expect your friends/family to remain the same.
I rock! B| 
But NO!! My holidays are waaay better and tell me that being in touch with buddies is the most fruitful task in life. So much to catch up about , so much more gossip to share - if I run out of stories he/she will fill me in! and it may always need not be called 'nostalgia' . Why not constantly remain in touch with them at proper breaks so that they are also a part of your present life? It is always fun when your present and past merges and blends into one!! ( Atleast till they stop colliding) 
I think enough of abstractness. I was just chatting with some old friends OMG!! Sanjana who NEVER comes online - I think she has come on chat after 3 YEARS - was online today. and guess what? We were catching up about our 6th standard days and on mutual friends and I even invited her to my kolu. So she's not in the archaic category anymore. I was busy arranging my plans for tomorrow with some more friends when HAPPENED.
what happened?? The focus of this whole post - the wimp. Mr.Hrishi Jawahar. 6th standard was and is the best year of my LIFE and one of the important reasons is the guy I sat with in the first row - Hrishi. I hated the idea of sitting with him - I wanted to sit with my gang. 10 minutes in the first day was all I got before the teacher separated me from by bestie and put me on the front row with this small kid. OK I accept I was also short . I still remember the days when I used to peep into his book during biology =P and how he used to get freaked out that we were copying lol 
that pretty much defines him :P 
Then sir suddenly decided to fly away to Delhi. I swear that I did not believe that he was actually leaving.I even filled his autograph book with comic grace. (The reason for my lack of belief being Myself :P I used to bluff a lot back then and threw a stunt like this in 5th standard to get some sympathy lol ) and when I came back 5 cms taller in 7th standard to show him who's taller - I got a facepalm. He had actually LEFT . 
Facebook was not created then and I had other worries like my bestie not being in my class for the first time in 7 years and the other 'serious' issues of a 11 year old. So Heerishi was in the backseat of my memory - but he was still there. I took a solemn oath that if he ever came back I would give him a taste of his own blood. Years rolled , I had almost completely forgotten him , when a girl in our class randomly informed us that she saw Hrishi on the road. I did not believe it obviously - there are a lot of small and kind of fat kids in Chennai who could be mistaken for him. However rumors continue that he moved back here and was studying in St. Michael s which is only a block away from my own school. 
I have a really close friend in Michael's and put her in charge of finding him - if he was there. She was a new student by herself there and didn't venture boldly enough to find a guy who was 3 years older than her. 
Suddenly she changed schools and my dreams of ever finding that rascal was put on hold.   Happily enough for both of us , she hated her new school and within a week moved back to Michael's =O So now everyone loved her more for coming back and showing that she loved this school more ( or so I comprehend) Finally she got the sense to check her year book to see if he was there , however it wasn't that easy ( Idk why ) and like the Indian government I finally learnt about his presence/existence after a 2 year delay. 
I finally learnt the feeling my parents get when they find a college friend of theirs who they find on facebook. I used to think the friend finder was useless until hours ago . It is nice to know that he remembers me after all these years , but thats obvious because I am unforgettable B| 
friend finder ftw! 
On a more serious note , people who want to find him just type his name and I will be a mutual friend so add him :P Also that loser doesn't have any security setting so you can see all his pictures to know if its really him =) 
Every one of you will have a long lost friend . Who is he/she? Temme how you lost them. I may just be the help you need to search them.! =) 
 I will Curse you!

I am really sorry to the people who don't care about this post. I just found a long lost friend , if you mock me you may never find yours! Ok don't get angry - I'm not a very perfect person :P my curse may not work! 

And to those who expect more from the word 'wimp' . Google defines wimp as 

Noun: A weak and cowardly or unadventurous person.Verb: Withdraw from a course of action or a stated position in a way that is seen as feeble or cowardly

and I read this book ' The diary of a wimpy kid: Rodrick Rules'  , I am sure many must already have! and I tell you - its one of the very true , real , laugh out loud books left in this age. So grab it and I am positively sure you can devour it within a day!! <3

yours nostaligacally wimpishly


  1. Another great post! Keep up with the excellent blogging! You're really good at it! -


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