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Its a war out there xD

Ah! Finally I get to write on my blog  =')  it is not much fun during the exams , where you can't read anything except the text book and where you can't write anything except the economy of India , history of the world and the psychology of the people living on it ( not that bad I would say competing with all the mathematics and drab textbook science)  The only thoughts running through my mind are now how to pass the exams without demeaning my own expectations and the others ....
SO as it is exam times and as its considered unholy to think about anything else and as psychology is coming up ( which makes me entitled to pass judgments and pour free advice in the name of a 'student' ) I have decided to offer some exam 'tips' which are actually obvious and share my failures in the exam room so that at least you children may learn =P ( I will happily continue them and be wary of 'em - another contradiction ;) ) 
The first exam I wrote this term is history - which I must say is my FAVORITE <3 I would like all the people who write their most favorite/passionate subject to take note. 
  1. This is not the only exam you are writing. Specially note it if its your first exam
  2. That means don't waste all your pre exam studying for history/math alone. You have to clear ALL the exams to pass.
  3. Don't get over excited
  4. Don't be over confident. 
the inanimate thing I had a relationship with

As you all must know to rock in a history exam you need to block everything else out and literally live with that book - and ground work is surely  needed. There is no application/common sense none whatsoever. You need to study in bulk and not sulk to rule the roost. However the dividends for the hard work is AMAZING. You know with all surety of the questions , no surprises , just deliver. There is no better  feeling on earth than sitting in a history exam and writing the answer - it just flows out , the empires , revolutions , wars , struggles , the people.......I am getting goosebumps :P I refute CV Raman - no dude writing your favorite subject well is better than drinking cold water. 

I could have done better - way better in history. The need to do better always improves your performance. Complacency is indeed a deficiency! However unlike me , guys stop writing  the whole bible for just a quote. Bad example - doing the first question for 1 frigging hour and then doing  10 questions in 20 minutes please manage your time! and all the normal ppl =P if  you know one answer very well. Very good! Write it . Not as 1 answer... use the text to cover up all the answer you don't know =P ( it actually works heehee) 

When the invigilator is coming to snatch your paper - don't give up. Some cruel ones target the poor ones who write till the end. The best move to be to ignore his/her presence , keep writing furiously , not maintaining eye contact or for that matter ANY contact :P , and turn your body away from them , your head stuffed in your paper , they may scare you that ' I will take you to the principal'  in that case DO NOT REACT. Act deaf - no become deaf and hand the paper as if its currency =P 

To the dull/cool ones , trying writing as many alphabets as you can . Do not disturb the sincere cum honest ones , they may squeal on you . Best , try the reliable and solid ones =) who may not always give you the right answer. 

Next comes the least favorite exam - for me - economics ( because it has konjam math in it =P ) If you had listened to my above advice and studied for the next exam also you wouldn't be in much trouble - but I will  coz  I study it only a day before. Specially that will be the exam where your teacher would want to fail you for all the torture you put her through..... so you get the picture. Suddenly you will be in a position where you cannot even finish the portions - need to stunt an all nighter forcing you to sleep through your exams.

Points for your least fav exams : 
  1. As tough as it may sound , try to like it . At least stand in its shoes - even though it may have some holes in it. 
  2. Do not fret.
  3. Learn from the god father 'keep your friends close; enemies closer' 
  4. Just try to think what the teacher may be satisfied with in your paper ; sometimes you can never be satisfied with the paper you hate.
  5. Think of the pleasure you will after completing the paper and write the paper xD
Some of us are bad artists - 'us' is predominantly me =P atleast in my class. I have never got full marks in a graph , eager to do well in that , I spent my time sharpening my pencil , marking my angles 'patiently'  and drew straight lines with a scale ( my biggest geometrical achievement till date) so I wasted half an hour doing these and had to do the rest of my statistics section in 20 minutes. Even writing it down makes me shudder. I still feel delusional when I think of that moment , when I knew it would not be possible for me to finish the paper on time - I obviously freaked out. Shivering uncontrollably in the process lost my memory....primary and secondary data which seemed silly to even study became the ultimate quest of my life.

Not very impressive you may think. At that point I was in no state to even think! However for those who are swearing at me for scaring them before their respective exams - be surprised. I pulled it off - yes! I COMPLETED the paper , not all the points as expected. Who cares? My teacher doesn't like people writing to much . In fact it should be under the word limit , well she got the meat cooked the way she likes xD 

Moral of the story? Learn from my story is all I can say. 

Finally the english exam , which is like calling Pluto a planet =P However sure about your language skills to pull it off , it is advisable that you read the prose. Trust me I wrote this one only yesterday! and coming to the math which my ex classmates are facing tomorrow.........I am sorry I cannot control this 'BWAHAHAHAHA' coming in spite of me =P Losers learn that there is a world outside math . But in a more supportive tone , 'its just application mates , surely our school would have given you guys enough training , just go out there and kill the problems like a don B| ' 


                                                                                            Signing off 
                                                                                        with preach and breach 
                                                                                                Samyuktha aka semi 


  1. Oh, how I don't miss school. I hated economics too. Which is probably why I'm poor.

  2. thats probably why you have a sense of humor :P


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