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Nostalgically Wimpish

Yeah. A definitely  weird combo of words - well my life is weird. These holidays have surely been awesome , jobless and interesting as usual. My normal day involves talking,texting,chatting on facebook and e-mailing (it still exists!) friends. I also try to read books , absorb general knowledge/the newspaper and read/write blogs. However the latter activities which are approved by parents don't seem to have the time. When I finally finished day before yesterday's  diary entry ( Yes. I have warned you that I keep a record - so BEHAVE yourself or the history wouldn't forgive you =P ) and sat down to open the year book , my phone ringed its 'ROCK you like a  HURRICANE' and it was another person with another story to talk to.
That's why I think I am going to be grounded - soon.
After so many constant hours of sharing my voice , words and thoughts to SOO many people I can confidently say I have a lot of friends. And a huge variety in that too.
To quote airtel :
( Lyr…

Label it as 'random'

I have been trying to write for a substantial amount of time now and thats my problem. I am writing a post like a history answer - not getting to a point , wasting time , paper , words and patience. Also I am using complex and useless words =| and Smileys x( So relieve me from this hell by accepting the free flowing randomness I am offering .

A lot of break between exams is seen as awesome - it is not. The gap makes us all the more vulnerable to wasting time ,  becoming less bothered and makes us lose interest. How many days can you wait for an exam to get over. May sound dumb but its true - We write exams to get it OVER WITH.
Whatever the institutions say is as close to truth as you are to a friend without facebook - nil.

Its shivani's b'day tomorrow. I atleast remember it today :P Being involved with exams makes you more isolated than you imagine! I haven't spoken to my 'best friend' in the last 5 weeks. Does that make us bf's? Someone even asked that. DUH. …

Its a war out there xD

Ah! Finally I get to write on my blog  =')  it is not much fun during the exams , where you can't read anything except the text book and where you can't write anything except the economy of India , history of the world and the psychology of the people living on it ( not that bad I would say competing with all the mathematics and drab textbook science)  The only thoughts running through my mind are now how to pass the exams without demeaning my own expectations and the others ....
SO as it is exam times and as its considered unholy to think about anything else and as psychology is coming up ( which makes me entitled to pass judgments and pour free advice in the name of a 'student' ) I have decided to offer some exam 'tips' which are actually obvious and share my failures in the exam room so that at least you children may learn =P ( I will happily continue them and be wary of 'em - another contradiction ;) )  The first exam I wrote this term is history -…

Who are We?

Life is very precious and the fact that we are existing is  itself a very lucky one. For us the human beings who are from the family homindae , domain of Eukarya and kingdom animalia ,phylum chordata ,class of mammalia ,order primates and the genus and species Homo sapiens a lot of luck and ofcourse timing was required.

Our identity which is stamped all over the earth - at least the land part of it which is a mere 31%, was  a mere accident as our 10th standard science textbook states. There is no doubt that we and chimpanzees shared a common ancestor and share almost the same type of DNA! It is spectacular that millions of atoms which are dead individually came together  to form us and support our mundane activities and responses which we need not  worry about consciously. Its is even more amazing to think that the earth which was/is so unpredictable with the dynamic earthquakes , volcanoes , tornadoes which we can only measure and not predict  , let us survive for so long with no maj…