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Breeding the greed :/

The last thing you can call me is innocent , but it comes to politics – specially this lokpal bill ,I am as guilty of innocence as A Raja is of corruption. With this disclaimer I start this post. I don’t have any qualifications of writing about this , except the fact that I write decently , I am more literate than half my BPL population and I have a problem with the fact that none of the younger population (teens mostly) seem to be taking an interest and the whole public uproar about this bill.

First of all , WHAT is a lokpal?? Simply speaking , lok means ‘protector of people’ .Which also means :

Anombudsman(conventionalEnglishplural:ombudsmen) is a person who acts as a trusted intermediarybetween an organization and some internal or external constituency while representing not only but mostly the broad scope of constituent interests
However , Anna Hazare’s is more of an organization which is used to check the power of the parliament AND judiciary.
The Jan Lokpal Bill (Citizen's…

Total Tam-Brahmism

Compared to other countries India is very different in one area – the Family. These social structures are more complex, big and important in this country. However instead of looking at it with awe , the common Indian nowadays sees it as a extraneous distraction or responsibility . How many of the youth of today know to draw their family trees and connect with others ( with pride) ? How many of us have escaped from going for a marriage or any other ceremony just because it was ‘boring’? ie without our staple ‘friends’ . For once , I came outside that category .
For starters , lets look how Families were treated in the past ages. Finally putting my subject ‘sociology’ into use I come to find that families were the fundamental units of a society and still mostly are in many parts of India. Everything was done not to support the ‘individual’ but the whole ‘family. That is how unselfish we were. Then the industrial revolution came about , the families who were before working together in t…

Friendship Matters

Someone to live for, care for , to create words for ( like goyakamoya)  , write a blog for and wait for – ever. Someone to beat , meddle , abuse , fight and love , care , occasionally hug , use magic words on  because you can DO it . Unveiling something that is always there and laid bare open – Friendship and introducing the homo sapien who can bear it – the FRIEND!

I don’t want be funny because I always am ; I want to grow tall because I am so short ; I want some alone time because I am so full of friends! All these three hypothesis have been researched on =P and have proved to have turned into disasters! Sometimes controlling nature is just not possible.....I am destined to be tormented by all the love from these lovely creatures! OK start hating me now , but I have research and scientific data to prove that you will patch up within  3 days because :
*I am soo funny * I am semi *I have the goofy face to melt your heart
So yeah , I push it to my limits to offend you guys! Yet I am …