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Semi Frank!

I have done something here , that I have never done before. Doubting myself - in writing a blogpost! I read Anne Frank , hated it first and ended up loving it , decided to blog about it , took this beautiful title 'semi frank' and when I was in the mood to create the blockbuster , it flopped before it started! =P

tempting aint it? =P the kindle not the coffee!
I had received my Amazon Kindle!!! All eager to meddle with my ebook manager I forgot about my wonder dream...then came Facebook! , Google , and all the other modern day mindbogglers which tormented this micro blogger! As I have rhymed a word and established the history of this fascinating project I will start it.

Semi + Frank

Anne Frank , the author of the Diary of a young girl has fully earned it to be called 'an ordinary yet an extraordinary girl' =D it is the truth! In her diary , we see a spoilt rich teenager's life being ripped apart and where her dreams of boyfriends being replaced by death , fear and Hitler. From what I heard it was a 'wartime' novel , so I was readying for some weapons and tears , all I got was depression and tears from Anne. The first 100 pages leaves you devastated , bored and cheated. Yeah , she is Anne Frank. She gives an account about her school , all her friends , her prospective boy friend. and Here she is finally running away from nazis! she is hiding in her dad's office which is not small as it looks , the annexe. =O Now , she gets depressed , what else do you expect when you are locked in a house for so long , not seen the sunshine , dead bored and of course constantly fear getting caught. Duh. Depression. Now to show it off she has a secretive jealousy over Margot , her sis , which she doesn't accept even to herself! Next she starts hating her mom who is picking on her. As if no other girl is tortured by her mom! =P she starts writing particularly disdainful entries about her and her other house mates!

a very 'small' place to hide!
Finally , the good thing happens. She finds love to fill the void and the wonders are seen! The book becomes lighter , we can see the freshness in her drab life and most importantly see her mature. Her new understanding of life is what all of us need. She studies more than ever with her short sight ,starts seeing that Margot is innocent and even starts understanding her mom. The happier thing is that she understands the love with Peter as only an infatuation and a desperate attempt by her to pull herself back into life - which she does eventually.The end is rather sad , by the end of 1944 they know that the war is ending - in their favor. We find Anne happy and smile , only to be fooled ourselves. The very next day storm troopers invade their house ='( and send them to the evil concentration camps.......where they rot and die. 
This is a sad story , way sadder than Semi's Sad Story, which seems even kiddish to think about now. Who cares about going to an icse school or a cbse school when millions don't get to go to a school at all?? I approve what Anne's mom says when 'learn from the deprived'.

real defined

So coming to the extra effects part! xD Reading the book was very very weird. and that 2nd very is not an extra word! It was because of the guilty feeling which accompanies you when you know that we are reading someone else's diary - for a change =P Also the fact that all this is not fiction , which we can just throw off our mind is always lingering.It is a heavy book.I am Sad and depressed after reading this.
However what makes it worth it is the amazement you receive after reading the whole book , you can see the steady increase in the intelligence and the maturity of this girl , you know she lived for sure , and although reading a diary is generally horrible , reading this one is a must!

Semi is Frank

Life is moving on. I have settled rather well in chettinad although not in the way one would expect semi to. I find myself changing , lonely at crowded times , rather dependent on mood to carry me through. Gone are the days of knowing everyone and being known by everyone. One must acknowledge that it is a rather tough job in CV with a thousand in my class itself! If I do want my name on paper , I gotta raise a scandal , but Im not a vandal no more! my friends are running towards me with their shoes =P ya ya! I am witty ,rude mean and naughty as ever but...but I cannot call CV my home yet! =( Sure! everyone is very sweet and blah blah ....but relocation and re ALLOCATION of priorities is tough. After having 12 years of nonsense (=P) as my priority it is almost maddening to shift gears. However this is WHAT life is about. I am glad that I didn't stay in BVM itself for 2 more years...I would have too little preparation for my colleges where brand names are stamped the second you step foot on the campus soil!
CV is one mini Hogwarts and I gotta say a very very interesting and exciting place to make friends! The variety is so much that bvm looks like ibibo and CV looks like FB in comparison! Yo! These are my last 2 years of uniform - very cool ones at that, So I am not letting the sad me in me torture Semi =P Although I feel down almost everyday , I make almost violent efforts everyday. I will bounce back , like the stone from drain water ( horrible anecdote right? =P ) and make everyone stink with me xD - Stink RICH.
                                                                                                  Your contradictory as ever


  1. life rocks!!!! i think thr will be no saad situation if ppl thinks whatever happens.. everything is for good!! :D


    - EMY

  3. Hi,
    Two things.
    I am glad you read and related to Anne's life. Anne was just another average teenager. The frank description of the teenage ups and downs makes this a fascinating book. Besides, knowing and reading the tragic story makes it all the more moving. Most Jews who died were not noble or heroic or brilliant; just ordinary folks, who nevertheless did not deserve to die. That's why Anne Frank's diary is a good read... rather like Mayil's. I remember when I gave this to my son, he was all of 13 or 14 (or younger?) and he was embarrased by all her descriptions of her period and her calf love etc. Another diary that all youngsters should read is Diary of Adrian Mole Sue Townsend. It is usually listed under humour. But, I don't agree.
    Second thing, the big place that Anne lived in the last days was only one part of the office. It was the annexe on the top floor with 2 families sharing facilities, the enforced silence, the fear and the arrest. Think of staying at home and not doing all the things you do and bickering with your mom all day? Sisters invite jealousy... (may be small brothers don't!) I remember feeling jealous of my year older brother for he had lovely lashes and was several shades fairer than me!!
    I enjoyed your post a lot, so my comments. I like the Semi is Frank line as well. Yes. Aren't we all rather similar inside?

  4. thank u for your inputs akka!
    your post is actually better than mine xD


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