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Numb errs!

After having depended upon this blog for all my happiness and pride and sharing an identity with it for so long that semi and semi sharings were seemed to be the same. What do I do to spoil it all??? Forget my 50th post! and remember it only after my 51th post and write about it in my 52nd post! NUMBERS!
As normal human beings may observe mathematics is a very un agreeable subject which requires high amount of HARD work , slogging and practice which might all end up in nothing as your brain will refuse to work with you for that 1 particular moment! The size of RD Sharma itself may make some Indians give up mathematics LoL

Writing is the form of representing speech in symbols supposedly - however it has 2 forms words and NUMB ERRS . Why would someone create something as awesome as words and then find numbers? O.o
NO I am not saying that numbers are useless and are infact quite the opposite! They are needed at every important transaction of our lives! =) Then teach us what will be applicable to our lives like profit and loss, compound interest more. ( Even such complications are mostly required by sellers, business men only mostly) and what the HELL do we do with Algebra ( x. y ,z are insulted xD) , Geometry ( even figures are insulted =P) and the unknown territories which scare me with their name like calculus ( prof. Calculus from Tintin? ) permutations ( perms and mutations? Oxymoron? =P)

After going through the over deal of doing math in 10 th standard and after getting A1 in it xD I decided to quit or rather escape! Doing the radical I met with incredulous responses! People couldn’t believe that a person could not study math! It is not like we will die or is it?? =O

Astonishingly/ironically my most favorite teachers have been math teachers! Right from the kutti , sweet and charming Usharani miss who was more my friend , who made my horrible performances into tolerable ones by giving me free marks =P and of course the more recent phenomenon – GEETHA miss Lol or Getha miss! She is as mischievous as us ;) and very dependable, awesome teacher!! xD  Sometimes I wish I liked Math as much as the teacher who taught them! I have a folly – I never listen in class! If it is math then bye bye! Where is my story book? =P 

If that is not enough , Shivani Naresh . my dear ‘best’ friend Loves Math! =O So much so that I found her occupying more time with it than me! =P Believe it or not I became jealous of this abstract feeling and to materially satisfy my hatred I diverted my attention on RD Sharma. ( Evil look) No! I didn’t kick it ,tear it. I studied it =O I worshipped it. Like the Don says keep your friends close , keep you enemies closer! So I did keep it CLOSE next me. Shivani further alleviated my torture by remarking on the author RD himself and wondered out loud that he would surely be ‘cute’ yeah like my -------

Mathematically speaking , I am a black sheep in my family . My mom loves Linear equations, quadratic and all that, my father loves Trig and generally MATH – supposedly a genius of his own right. My brother although still in 6th generally is supposed to be very fast and good in math and even wants to pursue Astrophysics =O ( Don’t ask me how he got the Idea =P)

So this is  what I want to convey. Math and numbers to a majority of the human population is a sore irritation , however it IS important and basic knowledge is a MUST. However once you know ho to handle a calculator and learn some basic theorems it shouldn’t be looked upon SO awestruckedly. Every subject sux and rox in its own way. You can’t blame everything on the subject , the one who studies should also take some minimum steps to prevent the hatred from seeping in. Now I can manage to do a sum without grimacing but not without a headache =P that is sort of an improvement!  

Let the people who work with the numb ERRs continue doing it and the others criticize , I am not going there , I am just saying where I am . =) So hopefully with all this statistical info you wouldn’t forget to celebrate my 50 th post’s celebration a little belatedly! xD


  1. Your dad - a genius !!! you gotta be kidding - that is the image that he has successfully managed to do for 20 years!!! Do not worry about history - go ahead with your life living it to the maximum!!

  2. I toally agree with you...My mathematical skills are well known in the circle...Your dad was one of the people who gave me hard time about that...Now a non-mathematical genius (like myself) in JP's family..."What goes around comes around, JP".
    Thanks for reading my mind and capturing it...Although this blog would have been great two decades ago!!!
    BTW, Dont listen to Raj. Your dad is a genius and for every little girl her dad will always be one...
    One suggestion, please avoid the ALL CAPS. Its kinda annoying...
    Keep blogging!!!

  3. lol thank u both uncles! xD I like 2 versions for every story and this is perfect lol
    Seetha uncle! I think ur page didn't load properly =/ My font is not all caps!

  4. I might not be a genius but I shone by comparison!

  5. I am in the same position my dear....i am totally scared of math and at times think i hate it. My family too has math geniuses!!!! I share the same have said it exactly. :D
    Very happy for your 50th post. Good luck and may we see get to read more and more.
    Luv Manjari aunty.

  6. I dont see the all caps on the entire blog. I am referring to the sporadic ALL CAPS that you have used all over the article...Words like "MATH", "CLOSE" etc...

  7. @manjari Akka Thanks a lot! and I am getting a lot of this 'I am too scared off math ' ppl congratulating me! =D
    @Seetha uncle Point taken =)


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