Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Get Real xD

Its been 17 days since I wrote my last blogpost. The break was unwarranted for and that was what made it cool! xD The worry in everyone's voice when they asked 'did you stop blogging?' made it worth it =P  Somebody cares about me and my blog B| OK! I am an attention seeking maniac!! What to do??!

Time to Get real!!!

Last Last Sunday the KFI Drama fest happened. It was the chillest play in town -about the student themselves in myriad ways! The play started with a huge presentation on some social networking product , although none of us ( atleast less intelligent beings like me) could catch head or tail of it , the sound technological terms impressed immensely. Then came a court scene which many movies would beg for! The 2 ppl who ‘acted’ as lawyers deserve special mention. Then comes the FUN part! The Drama takes us back to the school life of a batch of students who are at their natural best – BE it Karu (mis pronounced Kalu) =P who fights for munch and kitkats , Sanah who is at her bubbly Punjabi best! , Ladu who shows of his basket ball and ‘other skills ;) , Vaidehi with a splendid piece of acting , the girl who is obsessed with the mirror , the guy who calls psychology students psychos and the football , spd fighting scenes surely brings back splendid amounts of nostalgia and fun.

The play also deals on various issues like peer pressure , violence etc in the way it happens. So now everybody would want to watch it now...gahahaha (my evil laugh ) its already over! However video can be supplied to those interested =P  provided that the blogger gets a copy first!

The Drama stole my heart at many levels  - when Narayan anna said that ’32 students are performing’ and corrected it to 31 guess who’s heart felt a PANG? Mine of course! The dance performance by Sanah and Karu was just STUNNING and made many pop their eyes out! The play was at its un conventional best making the drama observer lose some pounds by turning their head left and right , and they used the WHOLE room! Also Tae – un’s song ( wht lang??) and the video game scenes were too hilarious! The student sang , danced , debated , facebooked (!) , cried , fought , joked , shared their darkest secrets with us! Surely we ARE privileged!

The title of the play was disturbing me a lot! ‘Get Real’ – like a wake up call! Telling- you are not in KFI ,move on , yet I am ironically  presented with an epic show which only makes me want to increase my love!
However nothing can alter the fact that CV Rox! xD  I have adjusted to it and now enjoying life more than EVER!!!

See I am Contradicting!!! ( Finally done justice to my profile sketch! Phew!)

Fooled ya!

The Next set of Chillness your highness is paying you guys is HP7!! After watching that damn movie and reading all the books and literally living with all the character in your dreams and reality (delusional!) getting real is surely hard. My dear friend , Nomi who cries rarely (she will kill me if I state otherwise) cried when the movie ended. So matter over. The Film Rox!!

Ignoring the book , following the heart it may be one of the greatest finishes of all time! So take a bow for being a fan! <3 I read a post by some ‘skeptics’ stating how people waste their time in Harry potter. My answer is Harry potter is the only thing which has comes close to heaven and the fact that we enjoy it doesn’t make us stupid!
Watching 19 years later was hilarious! Harry looked believable , Ron  always old =P , Ginny in a weird haircut which makes her look more muggle , the kids are cute...but Hermione hasn’t changed a bit ( maybe she put some spell to look young forever?? =D) However the best is Draco with his goatee who takes your breath away!! B|
If something was missing in the film , it was surely the way death was shown. Seriously Voldy will just blow into paper pieces?? And it was great injustice not showing how Lupin , Tonks and Fred died! (Fred only right? I always get confused with George!)

However killing of Bellatrix is another tale . “It is my Daughter you Bitch” Hahaha! Glee , joy and REVENGE!!!......Snape!!! I never thought I would end up crying for him! But seriously =’( 
SO lets get real , my dad is shouting, I have to eat .  


  1. The Kfi drama and harry potter connection in one blog...so did'nt understand that. But enjoyed the HP part of it thoroughly. stated some neat points as well imo.

  2. It was to show where reality troubled me! xD is this daki? =P 'neat'

  3. me likey! lol sply the NOMI part! :P

  4. So who is THIS anonymous??
    Guys u can leave ur names behind!!

  5. Nice to read your blog again! As usual, it 'ROX'!
    Warmest regards and happy that CV rox as well!Might go to see HP with my son and will keep your advice in mind, though I doubt I will cry. Keep smiling, living life to the fullest and blogging!
    Sumitra...do I continue to be Akka or am I aunty now???

  6. Obviously it is always 'akka' =) an yeah xD my world ROX!


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