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Numb errs!

After having depended upon this blog for all my happiness and pride and sharing an identity with it for so long that semi and semi sharings were seemed to be the same. What do I do to spoil it all??? Forget my 50th post! and remember it only after my 51th post and write about it in my 52nd post! NUMBERS!
As normal human beings may observe mathematics is a very un agreeable subject which requires high amount of HARD work , slogging and practice which might all end up in nothing as your brain will refuse to work with you for that 1 particular moment! The size of RD Sharma itself may make some Indians give up mathematics LoL

Writing is the form of representing speech in symbols supposedly - however it has 2 forms words and NUMB ERRS . Why would someone create something as awesome as words and then find numbers? O.o
NO I am not saying that numbers are useless and are infact quite the opposite! They are needed at every important transaction of our lives! =) Then teach us what will be applic…

Get Real xD

Its been 17 days since I wrote my last blogpost. The break was unwarranted for and that was what made it cool! xD The worry in everyone's voice when they asked 'did you stop blogging?' made it worth it =P  Somebody cares about me and my blog B| OK! I am an attention seeking maniac!! What to do??!
Time to Get real!!!

Last Last Sunday theKFIDrama fest happened. It was the chillest play in town -about the student themselves in myriad ways! The play started with a huge presentation on some social networking product , although none of us ( atleast less intelligent beings like me) could catch head or tail of it , the sound technological terms impressed immensely. Then came a court scene which many movies would beg for! The 2 ppl who ‘acted’ as lawyers deserve special mention. Then comes theFUNpart! The Drama takes us back to the school life of a batch of students who are at their natural best – BE it Karu (mis pronounced Kalu) =P who fights for munch and kitkats , Sanah who is at …

Semi Frank!

I have done something here , that I have never done before. Doubting myself - in writing a blogpost! I read Anne Frank , hated it first and ended up loving it , decided to blog about it , took this beautiful title 'semi frank' and when I was in the mood to create the blockbuster , it flopped before it started! =P

I had received my Amazon Kindle!!! All eager to meddle with my ebook manager I forgot about my wonder dream...then came Facebook! , Google , and all the other modern day mindbogglers which tormented this micro blogger! As I have rhymed a word and established the history of this fascinating project I will start it.

Semi + Frank

Anne Frank , the author of the Diary of a young girl has fully earned it to be called 'an ordinary yet an extraordinary girl' =D it is the truth! In her diary , we see a spoilt rich teenager's life being ripped apart and where her dreams of boyfriends being replaced by death , fear and Hitler. From what I heard it was a 'wartime'…