Friday, June 17, 2011

Rhyming Values

dedicated to all the sincere nerds , who never helped me - Shivani , Arjun , Diya and Nandhini! =)

There once lived an urban broad,
She didn't understand why 
she was called a fraud?!

Her qualities included helpfulness
She never ceased to create happiness,
She always had her books open,
and her eyes sharpened...

They asked; She gave
hence their lives were perfectly paved,
However,she was not Saved!
....As she had misbehaved!! =O

When asked to deceive the trust,
she didn't yield to the thrust
that was when their patience BURST,
because copying was a bombarding bust!

Yes , She HELPED her friends,
by succumbing to peer trends
even if friendship is prominent 
honesty is always more dominant!!

If this is orally pleasant
u r COOL,
If this morally pleasing,
 u r nobody's fool

              With a DROOL =P
 Semi B)


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