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Rhyming Values

dedicated to all the sincere nerds , who never helped me - Shivani , Arjun , Diya and Nandhini! =)

There once lived an urban broad, She didn't understand why  she was called a fraud?!

Her qualities included helpfulness She never ceased to create happiness, She always had her books open, and her eyes sharpened...

They asked; She gave hence their lives were perfectly paved, However,she was not Saved! ....As she had misbehaved!! =O

When asked to deceive the trust, she didn't yield to the thrust that was when their patience BURST, because copying was a bombarding bust!
Yes , She HELPED her friends, by succumbing to peer trends even if friendship is prominent  honesty is always more dominant!!

If this is orally pleasant u r COOL, If this morally pleasing,  u r nobody's fool

              With a DROOL =P  Semi B)

Chillax Games

After a week full of overwhelming responses , pity and motivation , I bounce back with my bro Yajur , the 'co writer' of this blog post , on a full scale fun post. One a personal note, All is well =) and yep I am enjoying life. Again.

So we are going to present some online games to you! Games which strike a personal chord , and which have some emotional history connected to it. As per yajur's choice we started with the ever great , the perfect mixture! The Bartender!

We both and yuyu discovered this game in the kool , btw , that website was introduced to us by our respectful mother. =D Wanna know what the drinks are? come here and impress our great bartender by mixing the perfect cocktails! Wanna make him play guitar for you? or do you want him to scream fire? Do the cocktail! ;) The most impressive thing about this game is the bartender's face! =D As dead as a zombie.
Hot tip - The perfect drink has vodka , cranberry juice , lemon , ice  and triple sec to it…

Semi's sad story

The alarm went off at 6 AM. However , I was already ready for it! What has happened to my life in the past 10 days?! Here I was having a bath with hot water (!) , preparing myself for my first day of  school in Chettinad Vidyashram!! =O Yet the picture of me walking parallel to the KFI roads , bubbling with energy , expectations and dreams and inhaling the fresh air , is still lingering in the back of my mind......Life as surely changed for me, and it is upto ONLY me now to make it better or worse.
Somewhere during the May twenties , when I was finally starting to think that holidays can be started. My room had finally been re decorated and , I was in love with new bed which was wood and red to my liking!! I was reading the Dark summit , a non fiction and as usual an earphone was gifting music to my ears...what more can I ask for? 15  more days of holidays , an awesome school to go to (kfi) and I had already befriended everyone! Nothing can go wrong.....
No! Life gave t…