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I didn't write my diary entry for the past week and my obsessiveness finally caught up and I tried to fill the diary today. That was when I realized that I couldn't remember anything that happened in the past 4 days - no not like the hangover it is more like ' GAME OVER' . It suddenly hit me that it didn't make a difference , all the days mattered upto nothing , just void , vacuum and emptiness. Again don't get it wrong - I did do something during these days but the point is , I did just for the Sake of it  More like a zombie.


Everyone feels it , specially when they are in the middle of a 2 month summer vacation. Some people get it sooner than later that they are bored - like my brother. Him , my dad and I went to some test match . He was the one who was initially more excited , but as his nature proved he uttered that he was bored - after the FIRST OVER. We had to stuff burgers in his mouth throughout that match to shut it.

Getting bored during the holidays is expected but not told often. Holidays are supposed to be 'fun' times where children got to sleep , eat , watch TV and do nothing , which is more polishedly called as being 'free'. I accept that I was proud and unperturbed at the start that I would do 'nothing'. However the guilty consciousness is showing up after wasting 1 whole month living in void.

I can prove the extremeness of my state of pure purposelessness by stating my Frequently Done activities during the hols :

  • Devoting my time to TV wholeheartedly. It didn't matter whether if it was Desperate housewives - which IS interesting or Dexter - which was rather boring ( season 3) . The prior statement is a good enough testimony that my soul has lost its life =P 
  • I have to mention Super Singer Season 3 , which although widely appreciated cannot live up to my expectations. I loved the earlier seasons which consumed lesser time and more music. After deciding that I would never watch it ,I did. Another idiotic act as that show is just NOT edited properly , unless of course whenever  Siva Karthikeyan hosts , he injects life to a DEAD show.
  • I also have to admit that I was SO bored that I watched some Tamil serials. Unfortunately the stories hadn't developed much after the last time I watched them ,ie, approximately 1 and a HALF years. I was surprised to see some serials still running as they were supposed to end 10 years back. eg. Kasturi and Vasantham. Watch it at your own risk and find out why they are bad!
  • If all these weren't enough Simpsons got over :'( , only to be followed by the sickly 'cartoon' Family guy. Star World even had the guts to call it funnier than Simpsons! =O Surely that must be the biggest joke in relation to the family guy as I find it as drab as a math text book.
I think I lost track of days after this over deal. If TV shows were as pathetic as Vijaykanth wearing multi colored clothes , IPL was as pathetic as Vijay in Sura!!

Yeah, seriously!! After CSK VS KKR , everyone expected the matches to be similarly entertaining- however they were in for no surprises. As every match seemed to be more boring than the next! The players became tired, the audiences sick of the overdose. I forced myself to not watch IPL - the force wasn't needed that much actually as I had a lot of momentum-. So ya , the IPL IS BORING.

Next factor is books - although people wouldn't consider it purpose less. The quality of the books were so good that I need a separate post for that. All I can state here is that they were so good that I needed gaps before reading the next ones - as I was still reeling from the effect. Reading good books is a good problem to have though =') 

I can put on more reasons but I am bored already , talking about your joblessness is not very amusing.

So coming to the inspiring part. ( I don't if it is for everyone or myself) YES , holidays are awesome - in the beginning. Quoting the loving brother from my 9th Tamil lesson 'thangaiku'  - for my sister - (with translation) "there is nothing amusing in good things being awesome or going smoothly , there is an English proverb telling new broomstick work well (ask him! ) New servants work well , new students listen more (!) and new blah does more bleh " So what he is saying that the start of the holidays is fun - so have all the fun there.

When the blinding heat comes don't go down as expected from you. Start Chilling - I understand it is an oxymoron but CHILL. Try escaping from Chennai , which I am gonna do. If more brave , wake up at early mornings and go for walks.Pls remember that early means before 7 AM =) Have a breakfast , which is an energy pack! Do whatever you do between  that and the after noon. 

Please nap during the afternoon . Please. Then do the most crucial thing of your day - it could be the breeze in the beach , funda on Facebook , torture with the TV , waltzing with your writing , Robust with your reading , freaking with your friends and all in all the whole core of your holidays.
I am not going to ask you all to study - I don't ask my readers to do things I will never do in a 100 years but If they want to have a happy 100 years they can indulge in it.

I am gonna sign off as I still find only vacuum in my heart . This maybe my worst post of all time I don't care , I just wanted to write something to fill the void.I have to admit that I am going through a writer's block and I am trying to remove it by writing more and I just found that it is a bad idea.

I have 2 last things to say:
Read the 'google story' book. It inspires in you in a way you never felt before! It is about Larry Page and Sergie Brin and how google is what it is . It increase the respect and love you have for google! and most of all makes you feel connected to something . Give it a shot.

The last is a conversation I had with my friend Poori
Me: Hi ( in a hyper voice in the hope of having a lively conversation)
she: ey....
Me:what are you doing?
She: Sitting on top of a bean bag which is on top of a sofa
Before I could ask if the position of safe she let out a big scream.
me: what happened????
She: Semi! A lizard is there on the wall.........
Me: SO??
She:It is moving right
Me: OK
She : It is moving towards me it

Please don't let yourself get into such a situation and so BORED that all you talk with you bf is a lizard on the wall! Be active and don't let nothing become everything as something made you a living thing!!!



  1. ok...... this was really funny!!!!!!!!
    And my thoughts exactly..(SSW3)..

    aND EVEN THEN, why just bf? are you implying that guys in relationships are not straight at all?
    nice shit
    watch etourage its what life is all for :P


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