Friday, May 20, 2011

Conversations with God

Spoiler alert! This is nothing pertaining to a book with the same name. I suddenly got this idea and the title , when googled found that the idea had already been used. So this is a conversation with god - the one inside you! =)

Case 1 
The Troy pain
Troy : Hey....God? I got a Fb message from you asking me to contact you....
God : (A gruff voice) Yeah...even your inside can contact you only on facebook
Troy: Ya Ya .... I get it . I stopped contacting you only because I found it weird talking to myself
God : No you found it GUILTY to meet your own conscience.
Troy: ( submissively raises his hands) I accept , so what do you want?
God : I want to know whats wrong with you!
Troy : Laughs mockingly You tell me babe! I have this beautiful girl friend , I am the star quarterback in our college's football team , I am supposed to be the hottest lay......
God: And yet you are cutting yourself and causing pain
Troy: You will not understand will you?
God : See the irony troy! I am you ... even you can't understand yourself :D
Troy: God? How do you find happiness? How do you enjoy life?
God: Idiot. That is the only reason you were born for... to appreciate , smile and spread it!
Troy : I don't know...I have parents who love me , a game and a girl friend which I love ....but what is life? Is it just this...? Existing? Pain excites me.... It is something very different from what I is ...
God: GOD, now pain has become your god you fool! Wake up before you end this beautiful dream called life
Troy: what a contradiction my dear lord! (harshly) Are you going to explain what is life or not?
God: Dear troy , what you are going through now is the pain of not feeling pain . You are still young , behold. Have patience! You like stories right?
Troy : Yes...
God: Life is a story, an unique one . Wait for it to unfold.....
Troy: Your effects don't work. I already know it. Happily ever after....Thats Soo Boring , I am gonna close it!
God: No! You are not! Understand this. You are the writer of the story , not me. The experience are your ink and memories your words. If you find it boring , it means you are the cause of it.
Troy: So now you are throwing the blame on ME?
God : Surely yes. Go out , not in. Expose your mind to the nature not your blood or flesh. Suicide is only an option - a self imposed one. Take the braver route , tell whoever matters how you feel. Go take the dictionary , pick a random page , word and define your life with it - if your life is so pathetic.
Troy:......that sounds nice....but I like the blood
God: the whiskey was always loved by the drinker , the bottle remained the drinker didn't. Look Troy , I always care about you , I am your conscience. Not the normal one....the one who is so pure that he is pushed to the deepest confines. Semi the demi asked me to contact you. I am there in every one of you ,this is the last time I speak here , so hear "Facebook bores you one day due to its inactivity , the very next day you see a cute pic or a magical thread happens. If you had de activated the day before you are a loser" So is life , don't become the loser
Troy : Gee god you finally accept Facebook
God : Provided that you accept life
Troy : OK! I am not depressed , at least now. I will live for this moment
God: Dude , for starters just live.

Case 2
The mystified mummy
mom: Jesus! I pray to you every day , thou shall not cheat me.
god: Why should I cheat you? You cheat yourself! I am you , listen to your inner voice , I shall guide you to my extremes.
mom: I shall listen to me (at least) now, after 2 decades of other voices filling me ,let me fill myself
god: So I shall, now dear what is troubling you?
mom: As ashamed as I am of admitting it , it is my own DNA , my daughter
god: Ah! A teenage girl is not a new problem....and not an easy problem
mom: She was the fulfillment of my dreams , the biggest success in my humble life. She was the best student , she never said 'no' , She behaved really well and for a point of time that the joy she brought was only next to christ's love itself.
god: Why is everything in past tense mama?
mom: (without a pause) Then she turned 13 , it was as if she didn't belong to me anymore. Her language turned audacious , her marks left me outrageous , her hormones showed me the obvious , I have lost control over my daughter. The demons have taken over her. Please god! How shall I have my daughter back?
god: Say mama! Why do you have to control your daughter? She ain't a baby no more! I understand your worries but keep it to yourself.
mom : and live a fake life?
god : No , a different life . You of all people should know that change is unchangeable . Your daughter has changed , its time for you to.
mom: that means I have to accept all the incredulous bad attitude!
god: not necessarily , you have to put yourself in her shoes. Become her friend , learn to trust her. When you do , she will surely return it. Your worries are a by product of the huge amount of love , shower the love and the plant will grow.
mom: What about the weeds?
god: Growing amidst competition is not bad. Let her touch the fire and become wary. Your role is to be there when she comes backs defeated and make her feel that you are ALWAYS there.
mom: The Bad marks?
god: The bad marks are evidences and traces of her life....which she will never forget...
mom: Dont act un intelligent! The bad marks...the GRADES , which beholds her future?
god: You have to remember that the top rankers are not always the highest achievers , but for a girl of her caliber she will come around soon. The lowest valley will remind her of the peak , making her walk faster!
mom: thank you for everything my lord!
god : Hey! I am you.....remember to live for yourself. Stop worrying  , live great! and dont forget to worship me =P ;)

                                                                                      yours nobly


  1. different than usual...but profound - change is the only constant thing in life.

  2. semii!! =)
    This one's sooo true!! =D
    And funny!
    Philosophical much?? ;) ;)
    Keep writing :)
    Sabari =)

  3. OMG i luv community! yeah you are so true but even though i still dnt believe in god!


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