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Conversations with God

Spoiler alert! This is nothing pertaining to a book with the same name. I suddenly got this idea and the title , when googled found that the idea had already been used. So this is a conversation with god - the one inside you! =)

Case 1 
The Troy pain
Troy : Hey....God? I got a Fb message from you asking me to contact you....
God : (A gruff voice) Yeah...even your inside can contact you only on facebook
Troy: Ya Ya .... I get it . I stopped contacting you only because I found it weird talking to myself
God : No you found it GUILTY to meet your own conscience.
Troy: ( submissively raises his hands) I accept , so what do you want?
God : I want to know whats wrong with you!
Troy : Laughs mockingly You tell me babe! I have this beautiful girl friend , I am the star quarterback in our college's football team , I am supposed to be the hottest lay......
God: And yet you are cutting yourself and causing pain
Troy: You will not understand will you?
God : See the irony troy! I am you ... even …

Semi's Summer Sharings....!

Heylo people! After 14 hours of undisturbed sleep which was preceded by 120 hrs of non stop travel by car ( diesel one) all I can say is that my fatigue is over temporarily and that I am all ready for a new blogpost. I heard that there was a blogger meltdown for 2 days and am thankful that I was not put through that torture of data corruption and was instead on the top of some mountain sipping CCD coffee!

With that positive note I would like to start this post – which is a mini tourist guide to the hill station Coorg and places surrounding it. The important characters in this guide will be : Me – who is the narrator, Semi , and this whole post is my perspective Y – Who thinks that the word ‘me’ belongs to him and is apparently my brother too. S – My close bff , family friend and got the status of ‘cousin’ in this trip (although I think that the word friends sums up all) Appa – My dearest daddy , who was high and energetic all through the trip and even had the spunk to move is tummy aroun…


I didn't write my diary entry for the past week and my obsessiveness finally caught up and I tried to fill the diary today. That was when I realized that I couldn't remember anything that happened in the past 4 days - no not like the hangover it is more like ' GAME OVER' . It suddenly hit me that it didn't make a difference , all the days mattered upto nothing , just void , vacuum and emptiness. Again don't get it wrong - I did do something during these days but the point is , I did just for the Sake of it  More like a zombie.

Everyone feels it , specially when they are in the middle of a 2 month summer vacation. Some people get it sooner than later that they are bored - like my brother. Him , my dad and I went to some test match . He was the one who was initially more excited , but as his nature proved he uttered that he was bored - after the FIRST OVER. We had to stuff burgers in his mouth throughout that match to shut it.

Getting bored during the holidays is…