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Nothing can stop me from watching TV , coming on Facebook , nowadays blogger too =) , even exams can't do this to me - only books - Story books can! Many people find reading books 'nerdy' , which it surely is not , I can prove it by 1 converse theorem - myself! =D

 I have read two very ambitious books in the last 5 days. These two seemingly unsimiliar books became interestingly inter linked because of 1 important factor - ME!! ;) Let me introduce the 2 candidates - one personally very important to me , a new entrant and an already bestseller - only time will tell by Jeffrey Archer <3  <3 and the next a world renowned book , the model for the best movie on earth , a book of chill daddies , a book which introduced us to the crime world , oh cut the crap , you already found out! It is the godfather by Mario Puzo !!

Everyone knows that I am an Archer fanatic , now you also know. I have read every book of his and find him as the best storyteller of  ALL time. What I love bout him is the way he narrates a life with so much life! Every character of his so diverse , there to serve a purpose and has LIFE! Also his books are so! I told that the particular book is personal to me - my family ordered the book secretly without my knowledge and presented it for my birthday!

After India won against Australia , I was screaming with joy and decided to stay awake till 12 and my dad gave me this book! aww u will say , but the truth was that my evil father took the gift my bro bought for me and gave it to me =P  So being the gracious and sweet sis , I kept the gift back where it was and accepted the gift with surprise when he woke me up at 6 ( and made me also wake up :/) . OK now he knows it =D
Another sweet thing was that when emy forgot to wish me till late evening ( not that part!) and when I was in the verge of creating murder plans for her........she gave me the biggest shock of my life by sending flowers and the same book ' only time will tell' , So 2 books at the same day!! That is why I will never forget it :')

So what's the story??
The trial and tribulations of Harry Clifton , a man who's life is carefully constructed by the people around him , the biggest mystery is the death of his father , nobody talked about it , he didn't even know if 'Arthur Clifton' was is his real dad.The story goes on like this - Maisie Clifton , a poor dockworker' sister has an one night stand with Hugo Barrington , the owner of the docking company , in 2 weeks time she marries Arthur. So no one knows who the real father is and Harry has the color blindness which is the family defect of the Barrington's family. So when , years later Harry falls in love with his best friend Giles Barrington's sister , Emma , all hell breaks loose.
The wonderful thing about this book is the narration of this saga from all the lead characters , which means that all the characters are important and have a role. Personally ,I love Harry's and Maisie's narration.( Maisie is  a waitress who later owns her own tea shop so don't miss her businessy story!) When the same story gets repeated more than once you tend to get irritated , and I did feel lighta irritated when it comes down to Hugo and Old Jack's version.
I have to say that Jack tar's role's the BEST. Read the book to know his character, it is according to me the masterstroke! =D
I also have to mention that the end of the book was so dramatic that I thought Archer has finally gone wrong once , after all the whole line of the story twisted so badly?! Gah! I thought that he was using the short story's technique on this - wrongly.
By blimey! I was SO wrong! This story was going to become a series!! It will go on till 2020 and it was still 1945!! So that was why the whole line changed! This must be the longest life story series ever to be created and I am sure it will turn out to be the BEST!

Next is the best one - GODFATHER!!! :')
Point no.1  - I am the mafia girl =D , I love everything about it! Before my fb account got DE activated I was level 180 on mafia wars , which is the bestest game on earth! However I cannot bring myself to play it because I am not game enough to play from so low when I have seen the highs! =P See , you already can see the characters of a Sicilian in me - pride , ego and respect.

Point no.2 - I LOUWE Italians! Call me racist I don't care. My deepest , darkest ambition is to run away to Italy and marry a don and later kill him =P

So this is the story of the historic Corleone family , don Vito Corleone , the god father , his laws his capos , Consiglieres , his people , his world. We get a peak how he runs it , the best thing about him is , he's reasonable, he does favors and asks favors in return , he expects only friendship , he lets his friends under estimate his goodness and enemies over estimate his faults , he never threatens anyone , he's a true Sicilian and always lives for respect, he's the god father. 

the godfather

Next we get to know his sons , Sonny (santino
Next is Freddie , who's initially an obedient , hard working , completely dedicated to his father , however he doesn't have the leadership material to become the next don. Later, after he's sent to Vegas , he turns to be a hotelier and a perfect , charming womanizer! In short a disappointment to the family.
Next is Michael Corleone , who was the civilian of the family, who even fought for America in the war. =O and who would have thought he had the spunk and the all important destiny to become the next don?

Michael - AL Pacino

The book starts with the Don's Daughter Connie's marriage. It goes through him refusing to deal with drugs , a chance taken on his life , putting him in hospital , making the family fall into a war resulting in Mike fleeing to Italy  to escape from murder charges , and sonny getting murdered :(
When the don wakes up we expect a WAR , but all we get is peace. Nah , Don , is too intelligent , he knows that revenge is a dish best served cold! =)  The book also deal's with the don's natural death and succession mike as the don!

The consligri is tom hagen , capos - tessio then the cadillac loving clemenza and all the others who makes the family work........
I think I am getting too carried away by this book , so all I can tell is this - when I read the first page , I knew that I had signed up for the most thrilling experience of my life =)

Both the books are the start of a series , however Archer's leaves us with more to be answered and Mario's more to be desired.....
The father-son relation is the crux of Godfather and is the most mysterious in O.T.W.L ....however the relation is very important in both the stories.
The most amusing thing in these books is that in god father everything is written with an evil mind ,ie, it is how all criminals are, everyone are opportunistic - everyone are villains and only Kay Adams seems to be with some morality  ( eg, Carlo rizzi helps in the murder of his own brother in law Sonny and the most trusted Tessio turns traitor! ) However in Archer's book everyone seem to be good in heart , everyone take their turn to help Harry! ( only exception is Hugo who's the only villain ) 
back to back =P
So reading  about angels to demons has been truly amazing , by some coincidence I got to read these books back to back and all I wanna say is it was MAGICAL.


 PS - this post has taken 3 and 1/2 hrs to be completed! My longest stretch , so muggles show me some respect! =D 

                Yours criminally 


  1. Can I make a suggestion? You may find it rude of me to have this kind of input, but honestly, I only say it because I care.

    I think, maybe, you should change your font.

    Afterall, you're a writer, you want people to read your work. But some fonts are more legible than others. Some are difficult to read. There's a reason why advertising companies use helvetica, or why I use Georgia, or why MS Word has Times New Roman as a default.

    It's great that you have personality and character as a result of this font, but I feel it may put off readers!

    Just a suggestion, sorry to intrude! x

  2. sure kid! Thank u for taking the pain! =D
    I thought it resembled my handwriting , I'll consider changing it =)

  3. It was great to read it honestly! By the way "however Archer's leaves us with more to be answered 'AD' Mario's more to be desired..... i think you meant to type out an AND instead of an AD in that sentence. You may want to correct it if m right!

  4. Sure! Sure! It was just that I was too exhausted to edit it and I wrote so badly that there was red everywhere =P So I didnt bother with correction!
    Thank you Anonymous and howz my font now?

  5. SEMIII!!! =) =)
    I have GOT to read "only time will tell"
    Archer totally rocks!! <3 <3
    Anyway..u write awesome dude =D


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