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Love story - Part 3

Oh my god!! Dinky was so angry that I would have started crying  - Jappy
ah! I was SO scared.......that I almost peed in my pants - Sheila
I knew it! I shouldn't have tried to help her....! - Goodo
I should have never become friends with them :( - Dinky

Well that is how it ended after Dinky encountered her friends about their dismal try to hook her up with a guy.All she asked them was " why him?" Jappy answered that he was reliable, soft , pretty handsome , a nerd , someone who could put up with her (non)sense and was after all her childhood....friend.
She got the look mad animals give to one another before attacking....Jappy was frightened indeed.
SO the girls ended up going home without ice cream that night from elliots beach much to the ice cream shopkeepers amazement......

Dinky was beginning to start feeling the heat badly. The temperature was easily above 40c everyday and she was sick of wearing formals and going to the school. She was sick of being a puppet nodding her head for everything the lawyer/manager/teachers/HR said. They had everything so very well planned out! She couldn't help in anyway. Maximum she could say 'no' to check their reaction - which was very patient. They tried to explain everything to her and not challenge her! How more helpful can they be?

Now her jobless bunch of friends had reduced her respect and power even lower by coming to her school and begging one of her teachers to DATE her!! How more ridiculous can it get. She didn't need a guy now , she just needed a friend to pour all her problems to......and what will a guy think about her if she was always moaning about her problems? He would think her to be a desperate house wife =O and she just didn't want 1 more complication in her life now.

She then saw it - the problem. If a guy , who's normally not so self obsessed found her boring surely her self absorbed gals would surely find her BORING! yes , she got it she was boring....and bland...dull. She couldn't torture her friends - and herself more. She couldn't goto a counselor , she wasn't weak! She would manage this bad phase by HERSELF.

What was the solution then?
She was surely not needed down here , the school was perfectly the same with or without her.She needed a break from her queeen bees and she needed to add some color to her life like Goodo said. She decided that she would go for a vacation - and that she would fire Koushik , the science HOD from his job.
With this peaceful thought in mind she went to have her good night's sleep.

Koushik and Goodo phone conversation
cow : hey or dough?
goo: preferably dough
cow: OK , I am not here to ask the story of your name you attention maniac.I want to patch things up with Dinky.
goo: After 6 years .P face to you!
cow: goodo you know what happened between us?
cow: Then?! You don't know a damn thing about your 'best' friend except that she gets angry , depressed and is under a lot of pressure. You don't know her! I know her inside out
goo: Maybe that's why she can't remember you (sarcasm)
Cow: goo! even you know that she's acting , she is just scared and guilty
goo: Dinky?! (a long LOL later)
       Look here cow I don't give a dash about you , it is just that I have this instinct that you are the guy she NEEDS. Although when she was with you , no one noticed her! WE got her what she NEEDED. Now you are needed in her life - unfortunately. If there was any other guy who was remotely as close to her as you were I wouldn't even think about you. You are lucky and I still have this...gut feeling about you - and her - together
Cow: (relieved) Trust at least that.

Firing a cow

Dinky was a reasonable woman - even godfather was.World revolved around logic and reasons. To make reasoning important man created laws and to make laws he created the judicial system and so on. She needed a reason to fire Cow - no Koushik Seetharaman or she could be sued.
She searched his record in the database - an impeachable record indeed! He passed out of college only a year back - or lesser than that and strangely had become the HOD straight away - wait! It was written that her dad had given direct orders for that - surely he must have been insane around the time he died!
She decided to take a walk and gather some dirt on him. Surely such a decision should have caused some dis agreement with the older teachers of the school.On a second thought she decided to not take the walk - because the current teachers were her own science teachers when she studied here - she had openly told them her dislike for the subject - specially the biology one!
So she climbed back the stairs to her upstairs office which she was about to take a break from - soon.

She began to go through the documents of the farmhouses she owned - which she wanted to SELL. Her father was one luxury oriented man and had bought 5 farm houses in Mahabalipuram which seemed to have better real estate values nowadays.....however she wanted to build commercial establishments there! yes! that was her next move after having her vacation - she had already found the perfect place which she wouldn't even freely think about - in the fear of her thoughts being recorded - one can never be so cautious in such matters.....her secret vacation! With nil connection from her boring human race! She had the instinct that all was gonna be well.

Another Soul who believed in his instincts listened to GoDo's advice for the millionth time and got ready for the 'wooing' part. It was not that he was jobless.......Dinky's dad had So much trust in him that he had given him responsibilities that he could more than ask for - HOD =O He had just called the old man after he had come from Switzerland (where he did his college) and told him that he was free to do any job he wanted me to , thinking that he would ask him too woo his daughter , unfortunately the old man had put him in the center of a political turmoil within his school. The Old man hated all the science teachers and hence made him KOUSHIK the new HOD.
He wasn't exactly poor as Dinky attitude showed.....he was a normal middle class boy - with extra brains - for studying. Dinky called it 'photographic,' actually not he didn't remember - he understood.He was so good that he got free scholarships from various parts of the country after his schooling - as Dinky didn't WANT to see him , he decided to oblige her by flying to Switzerland ( where the chocolates and watches - 2 important components of his life - totally rocked) , not to mention that he had read Paul Coelho's 11 minutes and looked forward to some entertainment....
He put on his best suit , took the flowers , what would any student think if they saw him like this? He didn't care ..... it was one week before school was going to close for summer , so they would have their own excitements and exams ( ironic alliteration =P ) he knew Dinky , she would try to get rid of him.....she almost succeeded after 2 years of struggle but he needed reasons - not treasons for breaking up with the gal he loved the most.
Was it worth it? After 4 years of neglect? But it was there in his mind only for a millisecond , yes he loved her when they were 'kids' ,ie , from 6th - 10th and fought in 11th and 12th.........but he also know that Dinky was lost without him....because he was lost without her......4 years all alone filled with ego and memories of Dinky . god he was such a KID! He didn't care....he climbed the steps.
He didn't knock the door this time. He opened it and there she was as always - concentrating on nonsense. He saw her face - it was dead pan and he saw the slightest of amusement and the old Dinky in her eyes , that was enough.He place the flowers in her coffee table , moved towards her executive table , he saw her stand up and give a polite smile.
"Ah...cut the crap" was all he said , he moved towards her quickly and held her waists firmly , he read that in some  book , the max he had done before was bear hugs and tamil cinema kisses.....He just held her tightly and said "I want you...How I..."
He couldn't finish sentence , his Boss fired him for physical assault and unprovoked 'violence'....was love violence? He was left speechless by the only sentence she spoke.
He was defeated, this woman was not lovable.....there could be no more love story in this book. He turned to say bye when he heard the next sentence " Idiot, It is against the school's policy to have to hot lovers in the same office , want to come for a vacation with me?"
All he uttered was "where?" and all he got was "away"

Godo and Sheila phn conv
Sheila : Where is our nerdy Romeo?
Goo: No idea , last I heard of  him is when he was about to climb the stairs
Sheila: Make no mistake , I think they would have walked down together (giggles)
Goo:what bites me is why did such passionate 'lovers' fight for 6 years??
Sheila: it is the past !
Goo: I think it is NOT past Dinky , she never forgets or forgives easily
Sheila : I don't get you
Goo : I think the tiger is gonna kill the cow

To be continued
                                                               A semi creation


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