Friday, April 1, 2011

Arjun Vignesh

Yes. I am writing about one individual! It is not Sachin Tendulkar , Manmohan Singh or Kamal Haasan - It is Arjun Vignesh! =P Ok , who's this Arjun Vignesh??

Ok. Not a baby ! ( this is his only decent pic =P ) 

He Writes like THIS :.............

"I've finally decided to write in your over hyped journal. Enna periya pista vaa nee? =P
Samyuktha.J A midget who breaks her bones every other day and is quite the yoga expert.
Thats ALL I knew about you for 10 years. *sigh* Those were happier days.
And then Sadly , I got close to this friendish devil =P "

" Next your blogs - coolest ever. I've read some of them over and over and never get bored of them.
Some of them on the other hand - dead boring.
Like a zoom list. But then again , what else can you expect from from some one as lame as you?
=P "

"Youre a real rowdy/porikki as well.
First girl to get sent back home from school . Tch Tch.
Can't believe I'm still hanging out with you and all.
But then again , I am an awesome and a very forgiving person.
So , its ok , no need to worry ,
you'll always be my friend
[ provided I have unlimited cash supply] "

" P.s - I still hate you for beating me at SST
P.s.s - You're the only one lame enough to take history with you to 11 th 
when  we finally get the chance to dump it behind.
P.S.S.S- You won't find KFI that interesting. 
After all , it won't have me =P
P.S.S.S.S - I'll miss you =)) " 

He speaks like this...............

Whats So Special about him........

He's a FOOL , so it fills most of the criteria for the 'april 1 day' post! He calls himself a retard ( he is!)

you got it! He's mad =P

Seriously , he got  School 1 st! He's a complete nerd - but he acts like he's not one =P
He watches Master chef Australia! He perfectly ruined it for us by watching the episodes before itself on you tube and spoiling the suspense of it!
He always seems to be on facebook through thick and thin!
He likes Parotta + Channa = Yum ( even UNDER COOKED ones)
He is Rude.
He pinches his partner secretly =P
He once used to be SQUEAKY ;)
He is my friend ( any smiley will be suitable)

What I do think about him........................
From his journal  entry we get to know he is Narcissistic, Self obsessive , ruins a good sentence somehow with is dark 'humor' , that he is rude , crude and comes to his point only at the end 

"P.S.S.S.S - I'll miss you =)) " 
What with the =) smiley?? =P

What I think about HIM...................
Nut case - nevertheless ,unfortunately my friend! He sux sometimes , like when he said zoom was bad! He spoils stuff by speaking too much , however I am a very accommodating person and I don't mind the least because nobody's perfect!

What is good about him is that he is kind of paavam =P , never swears , acts good and good at heart. All the bad things removed , he is a very genuine person at heart , tells what he really feels , a good orator , debater , good actor (nathu!) and a very fun friend to be with!

P.S. - I will miss him too =( 

P.S.S - I wish him happy b'day for 29th and today!! XD
                                                             - Yours Retardedly 

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