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365 days

So here it is Finally - 365 days since I wrote my first blog post, heck! 365 days since I knew what a blog was!! and yet here I am celebrating my blog's first birthday and not its anniversary......I have a theory for it , anniversary eg. like marriage involves 2 people right? and a birthday means 1 person. So what this genius is getting at is that I don't feel the blog to be a different entity - I feel that it is a part of myself which has taken birth! Pah! =O So here it is 'Semi's stories and sharings.......' 's first birthday whatever.

I don't know if I have used the blog to its full potential - or my full potential yet. In many a cases I have restricted myself from writing things I found amusing to myself as I thought it wouldn't necessary to my readers , stopped myself from writing negative stuff at any cost and always aimed at delivering good stuff - I have never been careless even in 1 post - don't call this my arrogance or self praise but a fruit of my labor.

I remember that the first post I ever published about 'mafia wars' . I had no reason for writing it as my first post then , but then I never looked for a reason , but as days gathered I started enjoying every post and started having specific reasons and occasion for each post. Like my brother's blog I do not amass 10's and 20's of post every month but the point is that I do NOT strive for numbers - I am more satisfied with the current speed I am going in 3 or 5 a month so that my readers don't get coaxed with an overdose of my medicines - however sweet they maybe ( like zincovit)

Many people don't know that when this blog started it was named 'brainwaves unlimited' - again no reason why I kept it. Maybe because in the Enid Blyton book I read the hero always got 'brainwaves' and maybe I got a sudden brainwave to create that blog , the point is , I thought about the reason now only! Whatever it maybe my impulse to create this blog has been the most thoughtful and according to me the most positive and right decision of my life.

left - her right - me

Here I would like to reveal about someone ,who I have written about in bits and pieces all over. She is the biggest supporter/fan of my blog and as far as I am concerned her opinion = 100 other passers by 's opinion . She hates me because I never created a single post for her - don't ask me for reasons again =P but here it is - I owe my whole blog to her - Poornima Krishnan (aka) Poori (aka) my friend =)

Putting her aside , many others have showered unconditional support and love for my blog and made me inspired to write at times I wouldn't - after ALL - I was in 10th when I started to write the blog - the worst time for co curricular activities. Special mentions to Narayanan Mohan for his accented enthusiasms , Akshath's grudging admiratins , bhaskar's surprise motivation , Daksha's Clean commentary , Rithesh's frank demeanor , Diya's divine interventions , Varshini (aka) Sabari's awesome comments and I also thank Swetha and Tanushree for letting me call them and torture them to read my posts all the time =P I also thank Arjun Vignesh for letting me publish a post about him with SO much co operation ;)

If I forgot any of you it is yet another time for you guys to put up that poker face and accept my sorry as you alwys do =) ( I know that I forgot many eg.Emaya =P but I am too lazy and also have a train to catch)

When this post is out I would be someplace where I can't access the please leave the encouragements and blessings in the comments column of this blog , my fan page in facebook (semisharings.blogspot is its name) and the event on face book 'my blog's b'day' . Again I unveil my magic words - Please , thank you , sorry - for no apparent reason .
my 2 swords

I also have to tell that when I ran 'brainwaves unlimited' , I also started another blog by the name 'perceptions' - I didn't know why I did it! Many people liked it better then because it had a pink background (so unlike me =D )  , however I transferred all the content from perceptions into brainwaves and renamed it into semi's  stories and sharings.....- this time I had a reason! The no. of posts per month were very small in each blogs as I had to share my time between 2 blogs and not 1 , People started comparing perceptions and brainwaves and preferring 1 more than the other , I didn't like it that way as I thought both were equal! Also I wanted to ascertain my individuality by creating an identity for myself - through the blogs new name.

I want to say that the value of the audience is always under estimated by the audience itself. If we like a book for example we praise the author through fb or twitter , that praise is just an impulsive action for most of us and we tend to forget it easily , however the action itself leaves such an impact only the receiver can know and enjoy. This may sound selfish or even druggy  but I never lie in my blog - The major part of me writes this blog for the appreciation I would get after its publishing than the act of writing itself! You don't know what the 1 small 'nice' does to my heart! So please acknowledge.

This blog has also done things personally to me - which I would have never believed would happen when I clicked the create blog option a year back. Many family members - who I never mentioned this blog about read it circumstantially by themselves and now I am respected for it! In KFI , where I passed an interview ( I suck at speaking) I was questioned so much about my blog and internet and I owe my blog for getting me my dream seat!

I would also state that there is surely trillions more to come and this is not the end of me - at least in this beautiful space.I would say that I will surely evolve and re invent my blog with passing times - as blogger is already revealing revolutionary features which will surely excite the world!! I have always changed my fonts and backdrops and will continue doing it to maintain the freshness -  I also hope that my writing , understanding of what I need to show here improves and I will always solemnly state that everything in my blog is original as copied thoughts are just copied thoughts.

As I take my first step towards my blog's life I say bye 
As I take the last step put of my school I dont cry 
If all you gonna think is that I only sigh
You are wrong as I always TRY 
So put up ur hands up in the air and give me a high five !!!!

                                                                                    Yours Whole heartedly


  1. Hi Samyuktha
    Myself Samyuktha too:) not just the name i find thoughts strikingly similar too but ghosh you can pen it down well and effortlessly:)(unlike me)and another difference i am 9 years elder to u !!(senior citizen u c :P)you won my heart <3, keep writing dear...


  2. Well thank you Samyuktha! =) Thank you for making me SOO happy and nah you are not a senior citizen - yet =D

  3. Semiiiiiii!!!!! =D
    You mentioned me!! <3
    And congratulations dude..keep writing =)

    Hey...the pic of you and poori is damn cute!!


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