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In the recent past ,ie, the past few weeks I have had a few outings with varied sets of people and had fun in many un expected ways! This encounter with humanity has proved to me that I have become more mature , polite (!) and responsible - at least for the first half hour of the outing. I thought that the silent shell which was once covering the real me had been shed a long time back - 3rd standard precisely . However I found it returning over me in these outings - at most I have become normal again - normal people are rather shy to strangers =D

First outing  April 21 Thursday (although all days are the same in the holidays!)
I was sleeping with conscious effort -(which means I was faking it ), because I didn't want to go - anyplace my grandmother was interested would have 10 temples and another 100 relatives in its NEAR vicinity. Its seems we were going to Nanganallur for my uncle's ( please don't ask me to elaborate my exact relation with him ) new house's housewarming…

365 days

So here it is Finally - 365 days since I wrote my first blog post, heck! 365 days since I knew what a blog was!! and yet here I am celebrating my blog's first birthday and not its anniversary......I have a theory for it , anniversary eg. like marriage involves 2 people right? and a birthday means 1 person. So what this genius is getting at is that I don't feel the blog to be a different entity - I feel that it is a part of myself which has taken birth! Pah! =O So here it is 'Semi's stories and sharings.......' 's first birthday whatever.

I don't know if I have used the blog to its full potential - or my full potential yet. In many a cases I have restricted myself from writing things I found amusing to myself as I thought it wouldn't necessary to my readers , stopped myself from writing negative stuff at any cost and always aimed at delivering good stuff - I have never been careless even in 1 post - don't call this my arrogance or self praise but a …

Love story - Part 3

Oh my god!! Dinky was so angry that I would have started crying  - Jappy
ah! I was SO scared.......that I almost peed in my pants - Sheila
I knew it! I shouldn't have tried to help her....! - Goodo
I should have never become friends with them :( - Dinky

Well that is how it ended after Dinky encountered her friends about their dismal try to hook her up with a guy.All she asked them was " why him?" Jappy answered that he was reliable, soft , pretty handsome , a nerd , someone who could put up with her (non)sense and was after all her childhood....friend.
She got the look mad animals give to one another before attacking....Jappy was frightened indeed.
SO the girls ended up going home without ice cream that night from elliots beach much to the ice cream shopkeepers amazement......

Dinky was beginning to start feeling the heat badly. The temperature was easily above 40c everyday and she was sick of wearing formals and going to the school. She was sick of being a puppet noddin…

New and the best

Nothing can stop me from watching TV , coming on Facebook , nowadays blogger too =) , even exams can't do this to me - only books - Story books can! Many people find reading books 'nerdy' , which it surely is not , I can prove it by 1 converse theorem - myself! =D

 I have read two very ambitious books in the last 5 days. These two seemingly unsimiliar books became interestingly inter linked because of 1 important factor - ME!! ;) Let me introduce the 2 candidates - one personally very important to me , a new entrant and an already bestseller - only time will tell by Jeffrey Archer <3  <3 and the next a world renowned book , the model for the best movie on earth , a book of chill daddies , a book which introduced us to the crime world , oh cut the crap , you already found out! It is the godfather by Mario Puzo !!

Everyone knows that I am an Archer fanatic , now you also know. I have read every book of his and find him as the best storyteller of  ALL time. What I love …

Arjun Vignesh

Yes. I am writing about one individual! It is not Sachin Tendulkar , Manmohan Singh or Kamal Haasan - It is Arjun Vignesh! =P Ok , who's this Arjun Vignesh??

He Writes like THIS :.............

"I've finally decided to write in your over hyped journal. Enna periya pista vaa nee? =P Samyuktha.J A midget who breaks her bones every other day and is quite the yoga expert. Thats ALL I knew about you for 10 years. *sigh* Those were happier days. And then Sadly , I got close to this friendish devil =P "
" Next your blogs - coolest ever. I've read some of them over and over and never get bored of them. Some of them on the other hand - dead boring. Like a zoom list. But then again , what else can you expect from from some one as lame as you? =P "
"Youre a real rowdy/porikki as well. First girl to get sent back home from school . Tch Tch. Can't believe I'm still hanging out with you and all. But then again , I am an awesome and a very forgiving person. So , its ok…