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Time of MY life

I will never say never. Wait , sorry! I was listening to that song on iTunes and just wrote it............but it makes PERFECT  sense. I never shy from anything , that doesn't mean I don't like what I do , I just do it. So don't you question if the actions I perform are Fake! Its incredulous - I am who I am - I wear no masks , heck! I am NOT Dexter! XD 
It would have been great if I had answered the Rapid fire question thrown at me with this intelligent answer. But it doesn't work like that some people are born orators , some are born to rule like Sura  =P ( I was hearing that song! Jesus! ) and I am a born writer , when I have a paper or a comp in front of me the answer oozes out....however at that time I was just blank , I didn't understand the question ,It was something like semi are all the actions and things you are speaking fake (!) are you some other person deep inside ?? It was so awkward receiving such a question - since I thought Rapid fires are where you ask questions to get intelligent answers not intellectual ones =P , and am I fake? I thought I was the most 'real' a person can get!!

As I was thinking for a suitable reply with utmost concentration , shivani found it necessary to state that I was about to cry and I am not gonna lie here....... I almost cried!
Maybe PEER pressure =P , the stress of it being the last working day , the relief that the boards are OVER , Maybe because the barbecue grill was right in front of me , maybe because of the excessive cola starting its dance in my digestive system , maybe because I am a weakling who cries if they can't answer a question! =P I don't know! I just walked out , actually walked 'in' to the rest room!
That was the strangest part of the most memorable day of my life!

Ok . So ya , 29/3/11 is  memorable for a huge no. of reasons!!


hooray for boards and boo for schools.( :)_:( ) It was the last time I was gonna write tamil on my exam papers! and trust me I was HAPPY to .I had already written the same l2 exam twice! Have Mercy twice! SO I expected the paper to be cakewalk. However cakes are slippery to walk on......the paper was not as easy as expected. Who was I kidding? I remembered and knew everything , I was just an uninspired nightingale who was far too excited about the applause than her song! =D
So I finished the exam ( amidst the constant countdown offered forcibly by akshath , it was "12 mins for me to get out of bvm") However I was uncharacteristically unperturbed - I didn't care! I actually jumped up and down in excitement that school was over ( ?!)
Then came our group list , I had got what I wanted - comm. with maths , although it was clear that many didn't get what they wanted. It was a sad and mad sight seeing the whole 10th stand crowding on the rarely noticed notice board to see if they got the group they wanted , it would have been massacre and claustrophobic if our principal hadn't intervened ( God bless her soul =D )

  A Place called AWAY
Its always fun to go out with friends - that too your best friends. Me , Emaya , Shivani , Poori , Diya , Madhu and Hamsini had the time of our life away ( for the las time ?) from the school campus. We all had got our parent's permission and purse the day before itself and fled away to have fun.
The Excitement had peaked already when we all poured inside Emy's Car - which strangely went in Snail's pace. Rajanna , the driver who love to GO maddeningly fast told us that  there was some problem with the engine , we didn't care did we? We just spoke and spoke till we reached emy's compound , when the car suddenly burst into a rejuvenated life! ( I still have a conspiracy theory for it)

When we got down one huge hen or cock ( I am bad in Bio) came to attack us! As usual I was the bravest and set the standards for others ;)
Then we went about what we had to do  - change our clothes , which miraculously took only an hour ( we are girls u see!) , then came the false alarm again

this time , I was bouncing myself on the huge Swiss/gym ball of Emy's =P Diya the traitor who was sitting with me intentionally suddenly stood up ( =P) and made me go bouncing , bam bam boo and land my head on emy's huge Vase structure , however nothing pained substantially to make me worried!

Then we went to the place where we had to do our hogging job - to god's own stomach - the BARBEQUE NATION - omg! the food was yummy!! the seats were beautiful and not ass hurting! I sat in the head of the table as always =P We ate paneer , aloo , corn -all grilled by us! They said that the starters were unlimited and cola was complementary! Nothing could stop the over flow of speech and food after that <3 then with heavy hearts and stomachs we left the place only to end up in alumni club!

It was Diya's bro's B'day party and again coke and ice creams played their wicked game of tempting us. We did some work out though ;) You would believe that a group of 7 girls speaking amidst curious mosquitoes about the ghastly 'orphan' movie (we did that) , would you believe the same group playing table tennis for 3 hrs without having a clue how to play it? (we did that TOO)

All round it was complete Tamash , fun , frolic and the TIME OF OUR LIFE - in all this madness I forgot to think about the sadness of the day - I thank  my F.R.I.E.N.D.S for keeping my spirits high and for not making it dry. I do not know what the future with helds for me , all I want to say is thank you for making my present so beautiful and charming. I will always love you guys! =)

There is always a Spoiler to a beautiful day - Appa with his bad timings tried to put me off my saying that I was " too excited" and have to stop "blabbering" . Even that couldn't put me off ! It was me - Semi - So I obviously blabber and get excited and daddies are always there for not liking that! But WHO CARES?

It was the TIME OF MY LIFE 
                                             Yours Ever humanly
                                                                   SEMI  <3 


  1. semiii :D
    i loved this! :)
    ur answer espescially! :)
    =D =D




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