Monday, March 21, 2011

Mayil will not be quiet!

Just a line - Mayil Should Not Be quiet!
Once upon a time , 1 year ago a girl called Mayil Ganesan got an amateurish diary and lucky us got a chance to peek inside it!!

Are you the cases who read TOO much of serious/violent and heavy books and want to have a light break? Are you a pre teen / teen / just above teen  or a human being who wants fun? Read ' Mayil will not be quiet' a contemporary , funny bookiary from Niveditha Subramaniam and Sowmya Rajendran!
If you are thinking what happened to Semi, talking about girly pinky books!
Point no. 1 Girls that too teenage girls have a very complicated heads which I feel is way more interesting than male heads!
Point no.2 The Book is not pinky , it is blue.....PEACOCK BLUE, I would have to say that the cover is funky and gethu!

Moving on to the story , the protagonist is Mayil a to be 13 teen girl , who faces all the problems she has to face in this age! There is Thamarai , her brother , who 'seems' adorable ( brothers always seems adorable) , her mom who is every inch a today's mother - who's character is mysteriously too close to mine at times, a proper middle aged dad - with his wrong timings , an orthodox yet full of fun Grand dad! There is also a french aunty - mom's friend , Mayil's friends - Jyothi , who she also hates and her Best friend - Ki who later becomes insecure because she thinks Mayil and Jo are becoming besties , while it was she who introduced Jo to the 'gang' :D

Bubbly! =P

There are a myriad of emotions portrayed by Mayil, before going to that I wanna say that in first person narratives the lead character makes us feel the book, if they are boring the book's dead. I had no Qualms with Mayil because She is Bubbly , innocent and even when she thinks un fairly or is moody sometimes we cant hate her. Thats what matters - you need to love the character. I bet the authors of this book lent stories from their life because the detailing of all the characters are too intricate to be man made :D

peacock light!
The book takes a surprisingly light take on hard issues. Maybe that is what impressed me the most - the definition of an eunuch , Muslim - Hindu brush offs , Boy friend - girlfriend issues ;) , fair and dark and all the other things that come in a girls book. Kudos to the VH class description - they are seriously boring and unnecessary! ( in our skl at least) and the dad getting unemployed and mom going to work is all  broad casted so lightly!

Paati on Wheels - is Kickass!! Seriously a game CAN be developed based on this.What I like is that something eco conscious is also thought after! I have to Say that VS seems to be an irritating character! People who haven't read the book and reading this would sure scratch your heads - SO I am asking you to Go Read it!

Overall, Mayil will not be quiet is a must read books for all girls - I feel that it is as good as any pink covered american Teen story , Time to develop an Indian genre of that! Boys can also read the book , although I have difficulty tell that - I feel that the secrets of girls are being revealed =P . I also have to say that I <3 this book for the fact that it feels like My diary <3 <3 It is TOO realistic . Hmph.
I wanna thank Nivedita , Sowmya for writing this book and Sowmya , aka , GB for letting me write a review of it! I am so cookuly excited!

I have to admit one thing - lol. I am gonna be 15 this friday.....chronologically the gal in this book is 12 -13 , but this phase feels SO long away to me. To me Mayil feels kiddish at time :/ That means I am too over matured right?? After reading this book I opened some pages of my 'confidential' 7th standard book...........and I read every page of my abusive/emotional entries - It felt Creepy! I am somewhere between Jo, ki and Mayil! Rightly said - I am SEMI!! =D

                                Semi aka bodo aka Samyuktha


  1. You are 15, and you reviewed a book! Kudos to you too :) Mayil definitely sounds like a very interesting book, should get a copy for myself although I am double your age + 4!!! :)

  2. Hey Semi,

    Thanks for such a ripping review. :P Frigging happy it makes you "cuckooly" excited - haha. LIKE!

  3. @shankari Thanx =D nothing wrong in getting a book ur excited about!(in any age) nothing amazing in reviewing a book (in any age) =P

    @N Thanks A lot!!

    You guyz seriously made my Day!


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