Thursday, March 31, 2011

Time of MY life

I will never say never. Wait , sorry! I was listening to that song on iTunes and just wrote it............but it makes PERFECT  sense. I never shy from anything , that doesn't mean I don't like what I do , I just do it. So don't you question if the actions I perform are Fake! Its incredulous - I am who I am - I wear no masks , heck! I am NOT Dexter! XD 
It would have been great if I had answered the Rapid fire question thrown at me with this intelligent answer. But it doesn't work like that some people are born orators , some are born to rule like Sura  =P ( I was hearing that song! Jesus! ) and I am a born writer , when I have a paper or a comp in front of me the answer oozes out....however at that time I was just blank , I didn't understand the question ,It was something like semi are all the actions and things you are speaking fake (!) are you some other person deep inside ?? It was so awkward receiving such a question - since I thought Rapid fires are where you ask questions to get intelligent answers not intellectual ones =P , and am I fake? I thought I was the most 'real' a person can get!!

As I was thinking for a suitable reply with utmost concentration , shivani found it necessary to state that I was about to cry and I am not gonna lie here....... I almost cried!
Maybe PEER pressure =P , the stress of it being the last working day , the relief that the boards are OVER , Maybe because the barbecue grill was right in front of me , maybe because of the excessive cola starting its dance in my digestive system , maybe because I am a weakling who cries if they can't answer a question! =P I don't know! I just walked out , actually walked 'in' to the rest room!
That was the strangest part of the most memorable day of my life!

Ok . So ya , 29/3/11 is  memorable for a huge no. of reasons!!


hooray for boards and boo for schools.( :)_:( ) It was the last time I was gonna write tamil on my exam papers! and trust me I was HAPPY to .I had already written the same l2 exam twice! Have Mercy twice! SO I expected the paper to be cakewalk. However cakes are slippery to walk on......the paper was not as easy as expected. Who was I kidding? I remembered and knew everything , I was just an uninspired nightingale who was far too excited about the applause than her song! =D
So I finished the exam ( amidst the constant countdown offered forcibly by akshath , it was "12 mins for me to get out of bvm") However I was uncharacteristically unperturbed - I didn't care! I actually jumped up and down in excitement that school was over ( ?!)
Then came our group list , I had got what I wanted - comm. with maths , although it was clear that many didn't get what they wanted. It was a sad and mad sight seeing the whole 10th stand crowding on the rarely noticed notice board to see if they got the group they wanted , it would have been massacre and claustrophobic if our principal hadn't intervened ( God bless her soul =D )

  A Place called AWAY
Its always fun to go out with friends - that too your best friends. Me , Emaya , Shivani , Poori , Diya , Madhu and Hamsini had the time of our life away ( for the las time ?) from the school campus. We all had got our parent's permission and purse the day before itself and fled away to have fun.
The Excitement had peaked already when we all poured inside Emy's Car - which strangely went in Snail's pace. Rajanna , the driver who love to GO maddeningly fast told us that  there was some problem with the engine , we didn't care did we? We just spoke and spoke till we reached emy's compound , when the car suddenly burst into a rejuvenated life! ( I still have a conspiracy theory for it)

When we got down one huge hen or cock ( I am bad in Bio) came to attack us! As usual I was the bravest and set the standards for others ;)
Then we went about what we had to do  - change our clothes , which miraculously took only an hour ( we are girls u see!) , then came the false alarm again

this time , I was bouncing myself on the huge Swiss/gym ball of Emy's =P Diya the traitor who was sitting with me intentionally suddenly stood up ( =P) and made me go bouncing , bam bam boo and land my head on emy's huge Vase structure , however nothing pained substantially to make me worried!

Then we went to the place where we had to do our hogging job - to god's own stomach - the BARBEQUE NATION - omg! the food was yummy!! the seats were beautiful and not ass hurting! I sat in the head of the table as always =P We ate paneer , aloo , corn -all grilled by us! They said that the starters were unlimited and cola was complementary! Nothing could stop the over flow of speech and food after that <3 then with heavy hearts and stomachs we left the place only to end up in alumni club!

It was Diya's bro's B'day party and again coke and ice creams played their wicked game of tempting us. We did some work out though ;) You would believe that a group of 7 girls speaking amidst curious mosquitoes about the ghastly 'orphan' movie (we did that) , would you believe the same group playing table tennis for 3 hrs without having a clue how to play it? (we did that TOO)

All round it was complete Tamash , fun , frolic and the TIME OF OUR LIFE - in all this madness I forgot to think about the sadness of the day - I thank  my F.R.I.E.N.D.S for keeping my spirits high and for not making it dry. I do not know what the future with helds for me , all I want to say is thank you for making my present so beautiful and charming. I will always love you guys! =)

There is always a Spoiler to a beautiful day - Appa with his bad timings tried to put me off my saying that I was " too excited" and have to stop "blabbering" . Even that couldn't put me off ! It was me - Semi - So I obviously blabber and get excited and daddies are always there for not liking that! But WHO CARES?

It was the TIME OF MY LIFE 
                                             Yours Ever humanly
                                                                   SEMI  <3 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pest Control

It was my birthday yesterday. However this post will not be the happiest - I am weird .I followed new year with Rest In Peace and now I am following the best b'day of my life with a guide on evading weird strangers on social networking websites!

OK, I know I am too young to write a guide - I am 15 years and 1 day  old. However I do have experiences a normal 15 yr old wouldn't have. Lets have it this way.....I knew it was fire , played with it , enjoyed it , tried to escape it by throwing oil on it and finally got burnt. 

At least I know how to evade the mosquitoes on these sites - I accept they are not that dangerous looking. They occasionally bite , but that bite can sometimes cause dengue or chickungunya - which is life threatening , so it best to enact the pest control.

Methods :
  • I would say that avoiding the breeding ground for mosquitoes is the most important method. Why open a sewer then blame the mosquitoes for coming? If you don't want strangers, the best thing is to USE the privacy settings. People think that being discreet is not cool , even I accept that. The whole point of social networking is to interact - all I am saying is, have display pictures , millions of photos , statuses , activity , heck everything! but enact the Privacy Settings ( am talking fb) , show all your info to only friends , remember if you SHOW nothing to strangers they wouldn't bother you! I actually suggest you people to hide your relationship status! That is the best way no stranger would send us requests , instead if you are all provocative with 'looking for women , men' heck. you lose the right to moan about spam torture.
  • In case of those friends whom youdon't know really much - it maybe rude - but for safety's sake , block them from photos and other things which you might find kinda personal.....( what the hell is 'personal' stuff doing on Facebook in the first place?) 

  • If you're idiotic or unlucky enough , you will get a stranger on your fb list once in a while. This is what I like to call Hit spray =P ( like pepper spray) I am not talking about you adding them wantedly ( that may also happen occasionally) this is more like- all of a sudden in your adding spree you would have just seen 34 mutual friends and added him/her (?) In my case when I started checking mutual friends - they were so dumb - like A.R Rahman ( =P) , some alumni and other school friend!! 

  • What do you do if he sends you a message? Actually,it all depends on the message - in many cases just a 'hi' where you would feel rude not to reply. I have had all scenarios - if you Don't reply it is most likely that he would give up , sometimes with abusive and personal messages , I suggest you to be selectively Blind and delete those pests IMMEDIATELY. If you play along you would find that guys are the most fake people on earth!You would seriously understand this when you have seen a 100 rude boys in the school and this guy on the net is sending all the sweet stuff. Hit the mosquito and enjoy the blood , don't let it suck everything out of you. You WILL find that they want to know everything about you , and all they reveal is a vague school name , city name and their number! 

  • NUMBER . Oh gosh I almost Forgot , never give them your NUMBER - it's suicide. At least in the net we have the safety of blocking them. Seriously if they have your number , they would torture you with their unlimited sms package  and send you cheesy messages which is enough to blow off a hundred semis. I was too intelligent to not give my no. - cozz I didn't have one B) :P

  • If the Mosquito has caused big damage , if you know if the malaria shivers are nearing ,it's time to report. It may seem insane to tell your parents about it. But you need to , you should at least save them from the embarrassment of a stranger telling them! It is also a  2 way  bonus- they get to Save you , you get to show them that you are honest (at least at the most important point of time)- not necessarily completely honest.

                                                                 Yours Hackily
                                                                        Semi aka bodo 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mayil will not be quiet!

Just a line - Mayil Should Not Be quiet!
Once upon a time , 1 year ago a girl called Mayil Ganesan got an amateurish diary and lucky us got a chance to peek inside it!!

Are you the cases who read TOO much of serious/violent and heavy books and want to have a light break? Are you a pre teen / teen / just above teen  or a human being who wants fun? Read ' Mayil will not be quiet' a contemporary , funny bookiary from Niveditha Subramaniam and Sowmya Rajendran!
If you are thinking what happened to Semi, talking about girly pinky books!
Point no. 1 Girls that too teenage girls have a very complicated heads which I feel is way more interesting than male heads!
Point no.2 The Book is not pinky , it is blue.....PEACOCK BLUE, I would have to say that the cover is funky and gethu!

Moving on to the story , the protagonist is Mayil a to be 13 teen girl , who faces all the problems she has to face in this age! There is Thamarai , her brother , who 'seems' adorable ( brothers always seems adorable) , her mom who is every inch a today's mother - who's character is mysteriously too close to mine at times, a proper middle aged dad - with his wrong timings , an orthodox yet full of fun Grand dad! There is also a french aunty - mom's friend , Mayil's friends - Jyothi , who she also hates and her Best friend - Ki who later becomes insecure because she thinks Mayil and Jo are becoming besties , while it was she who introduced Jo to the 'gang' :D

Bubbly! =P

There are a myriad of emotions portrayed by Mayil, before going to that I wanna say that in first person narratives the lead character makes us feel the book, if they are boring the book's dead. I had no Qualms with Mayil because She is Bubbly , innocent and even when she thinks un fairly or is moody sometimes we cant hate her. Thats what matters - you need to love the character. I bet the authors of this book lent stories from their life because the detailing of all the characters are too intricate to be man made :D

peacock light!
The book takes a surprisingly light take on hard issues. Maybe that is what impressed me the most - the definition of an eunuch , Muslim - Hindu brush offs , Boy friend - girlfriend issues ;) , fair and dark and all the other things that come in a girls book. Kudos to the VH class description - they are seriously boring and unnecessary! ( in our skl at least) and the dad getting unemployed and mom going to work is all  broad casted so lightly!

Paati on Wheels - is Kickass!! Seriously a game CAN be developed based on this.What I like is that something eco conscious is also thought after! I have to Say that VS seems to be an irritating character! People who haven't read the book and reading this would sure scratch your heads - SO I am asking you to Go Read it!

Overall, Mayil will not be quiet is a must read books for all girls - I feel that it is as good as any pink covered american Teen story , Time to develop an Indian genre of that! Boys can also read the book , although I have difficulty tell that - I feel that the secrets of girls are being revealed =P . I also have to say that I <3 this book for the fact that it feels like My diary <3 <3 It is TOO realistic . Hmph.
I wanna thank Nivedita , Sowmya for writing this book and Sowmya , aka , GB for letting me write a review of it! I am so cookuly excited!

I have to admit one thing - lol. I am gonna be 15 this friday.....chronologically the gal in this book is 12 -13 , but this phase feels SO long away to me. To me Mayil feels kiddish at time :/ That means I am too over matured right?? After reading this book I opened some pages of my 'confidential' 7th standard book...........and I read every page of my abusive/emotional entries - It felt Creepy! I am somewhere between Jo, ki and Mayil! Rightly said - I am SEMI!! =D

                                Semi aka bodo aka Samyuktha

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dilemma : distractions vs examinations!

 Before typing anything else- this is my 35th post! The no. is significant for me as  I have those many classmates in my current section - 10 B .I would like to dedicate this to each one of them - although 9th was way better - they became too nerdy for my liking this year - still I will really miss them and dedicate this for them! :)

So now the Examinations are gonna start in 3 days and I have had 14 days of study holidays which I have used up - idk if wisely or foolishly and have completed some important lessons. However I do not feel very happy about the way I have studied in the given gracious amount of time! WHY? coz of Distractions - human made and nature made! =D

  • TV :                                                                                                                                                            The great idiot box will easily feature in anyone's distraction list! That too with the coming of Dexter , world cup and millions of mind blowing movies it sure did distract , I didn't watch it THAT much , but I remember once  when I started watching 2 and 1/2 men and ended up watching Detroit 187 ,Simpsons and friends without a break. If I had studied as sincerely as I watched TV I would have got a century in all subjects from 1st - 10th std ( cricket influences speech too)

  • Blog!:                                                                                                                                                         I cannot bring myself to call it a distraction - but that is the truth. However it is the most useful , productive and important distraction I had during this time. I posted only 1 post in this time - love story part 2 . However my increasing reading list ( and interesting) has left me many hours behind my exam schedule. Also , I used up so much time thinking about 1 particular blog topic - which is yet to be published , although I used to think only when while I was bathing , eating , sleeping and watching tv ( which is just about what I actually did =P ) 
  • working?! :                                                                                                                                                            However extra ordinary it sounds I did help my grand mother with some household work! Well...not voluntarily ......she screamed at me a million times and I would have looked very offensive if I did not - what did I exactly do? - when the maid bunked ( which is almost everyday) - I mopped the house thank god no one broke anything ( it was that wet!) , hung the clothes in the sun ( which is unpleasant in this hot summer , my legs burnt ) , went to the shop ( which is actually fun! You can usurp some money =P ) and had to switch all the lights off ( which is not as easy as it sounds , because my father , grand father , mother ,brother heck! everyone leaves it ON!!) These were the times that I actually felt that I was wasting my time and constantly warning my grand mother that if I fail in the exams it is her fault =P

  • Books:                                                                                                                                                                                                             I read the following books during the study hols : hotel (master piece), girls in tears ( my first ever pinky book . which was pretty lame ) , a wonderful new book called Mayil will not be quiet!!! I really love that book!!! and now I am in the process of reading ' all creatures big and small' by James Herriot which is so from the heart that I want to read continuously but sadly the exams are restricting me from that! This is reason enough why i am lagging behind my schedule! If  I start a book I can't concentrate in studies until I finish the book. eg. I couldn't stop myself from reading a book called ' a place called freedom' 1 day before the math revision exam! ( that's called guts!) 

  • Texting:                                                                                                                                              Well , this is not exactly the perfect time to steal you mother's phone and make it your number. I dont know why but I did it!! So when I am in the act of studying my annoying message alert screams! Tada I have to reply! Actually I do enjoy doing this.......but wrong timing right?

  • Talking:                                                                                                                                               If texting is a sin , I am committing a  murder by speaking on the phone! I don't know why , what and how but I somehow manage to never stop speaking on the phone till it becomes too late for me to study. The worst part is I have to feel guilty for having fun! Shivani - I think I spoke with her for atleast 20 hrs this 14 days , Poori - all I can say is more than that =P 

  • World Cup :                                                                                                                                               This is what I call tragedy! God has manufactured this distraction so that I would fail in the exams! Woah! Surely I am not missing the world cup for this STUPID exams! I watch all the matches I can =P , play the fantasy league thing on cricinfo , discuss about the matches India played ( last one is too much! Ind vs SA )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

    Even writing about distraction is a distraction nowadays! After proof reading this I feel guiltier than ever!! A good therapy for wasting time! From now on exam mode turned - ON ! Bye!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Love story - Part 2

Dinky walked the stairs with the usual huff and puff. It wasn’t because she was FAT , it was because she didn’t like the idea of wasting time walking all the way up the stairs.........”well” she thought, if walking was a waste of time what about her work?!

She was ambitious, a working woman alright. But she didn’t want to run a School for God’s Sake!! It  was like doing charity work, she could not expand it as she wanted because........................................Wait! She was thinking TOO fast. (she DID live in the fantasy that life was all but a video game and that some one would be recording every action she did!)

So for the ‘audience’s’  sake she decided to slow down.................
Dinky aka Divya ( never ask a girl about her nick name) was the queeen BEE (her sorority’s name) and the most accomplished all rounder even during her school days. She always wanted to WIN, achieve something or the other all the time, she didn’t have a mum , but had a dad ,a rich and sweet one , who ran a school. It was THE best school ( that’s why she studied there =P ) and has been functioning successfully for the past 25 years. Her dad ran it really well and everything looked good until 3 month’s back.

Dinky had finally graduated from her hectic 3 year BBA cum MBA course ( yes she did both in the SAME shot) and was about to ask for some career advice from her dad ( although she wouldn’t follow his conservatism) , about the various job offers she had got from the BIG corporate firms – her specialization ‘financial management’ – always trusts the figures ,our babe =P , that was when SHE got a call – her dad had passed away due to a sudden heart attack – in sleep – thank god! He can’t bear pain! She immediately took her fiesta and attacked the roads – it was hopeless, he was dead her - only living relation...........

She couldn’t bear it she had to , both the pain and the SCHOOL! Why did she hate it so much? She loved kids! Maybe she hated it bcoz the kids are tortured there? =P but that was the place where she met her best 3 friends – the only beings left for her now , although they still  behaved like 12 year olds! Actually it was a nice change being with them and living in bliss! They were all already married or in the process! My god you would think! Married in early twenties – but they started having boy friends when they were 10! 

Sheila dropped out of college last year – although It was only mass communication it still pained her brain! She easily found a guy ( with those looks! )  Jappy was studying BA English had a year left , was hoping to do something with teaching or writing.........boring. godo did BA journalism in the same college as Jappy and was now doing MA , more the qualification better the company , at least she had SOME ambition. She was a regular blogger and wrote posts about anything and everything – which is pretty dangerous! Both these had regular boy friend whom they were planning to marry!

Well. She was a black sheep there, she had no luck with guys because she was too intelligent than them, at least she didn’t hide it like most girls do.

Coming back to schools , she was stuck with one , and had to run it because her dad wanted her to. He had so much faith in her capability and as he was the only she loved she decided to run the school as much as she could , she obviously had capable staff and administration helping her out. However she wanted more , she couldn’t just live like that , she wanted to establish a chain of  stores one day , mostly restaurants .................

As she day dreamed about all this she was bought to reality with a sharp knock on her door, no more like a smart knock , so smart that it annoyed her immediately.” come in “ she barked. A tall , neatly dressed , actually , a good looking man came in front of her. He must be her age , although his nerdy glasses spoilt it all. A flash of familiarity came through , did she know him? Must be one of the teachers , there were so many of them! She actually was thinking about firing some....
As he didn’t seem like starting a conversation she said “So Mr........”
“You don’t remember me?”
Well that question disturbed her a lot . She looked at his face closer......Maybe....No! It couldn’t be him! So she said
“One of the teachers right?” and looked into her laptop for retrieving some info. “ Oh Mr. Koushik Seetharaman , the HOD of science” wait he was so young and some one made him the HOD! Well some one made her the owner  !  “ How may I help you”
He looked flustered. “ Well I was also your class mate and....” he gave a grin. Oh no! It WAS him........but he looked so cute now! Did she say cute?
“ Sorry ..... I don’ t remember , what do you want?”
God! She was SO rude!
He gave a frown, “well you don’t seem to be lying........but I got a message telling you wanted to meet me ......... personally”
That was it , “ I don’t know what you are implying but whatever you are trying to convey doesn’t make me interested , stop flirting , you are a teacher for god’s sake! And I am the BOSS , if you don’t stop this game NOW , you will be fired , UNDERSTOOD?”
“ Well.......”
“Go drown yourself in a well Romeo, do you ever look at your face in the mirror?”
Well. That was a touch too tacky and personal and there was no problem with is face, only those glasses...........
Then he said those words “ It is a game Dinky but only that YOUR friends are playing it at YOU – go ask Sheila , Goodo or whatever she calls herself now and Jappy about it!!” HE paused .
 How did he know their nick names? Maybe he was REALLY him , that wasn’t POSSIBLE.
Then he spoke in a calmer voice “ I am COW  Dinky, how can you forget me?” and he walked away.
The wound was open now , and she was sure of one thing -before the pain leaves Sheila , Godo AND Jappy would be dealt with .

It was him! J _ L  (??????)
                                 TO Be CoNtInUeD
                                                                                          A semi creation :) 

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