Monday, January 24, 2011

On popular demand!!!

duck - daki! :D

Yes!! My tiny blog has enough readers / fans to have a demand, let alone popular. One of the most important pillars of strength, stepping stone and whatever else for it is Daksha Iyer. I didn’t know much about him before, the blog developed our friendship and he developed my blog with his praise. Over all the development part is for me! =P

So, hats off Daki! Hope I have done enough justice for you. I opened up to criticism properly after his first bad remark on my post. Don’t feel bad, that was encouraging!!

His longest wish, and many others’ is a post on the bestest cookery show on earth MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA 2!! So there it is – my first post on popular demand , dedicated to Daki ..........
 MC 2

Master chef here.....master chef there.....Master chef everywhere! That was how it was when master chef was running in India till December.
I seriously feel lost and have a huge gap in my day schedule and in my heart without it :’( then why didn’t you publish this before?? Thousands of excuses come to my mind. Mainly because I can pan out almost 100 different ways of this single topic, because I wanted to write from my heart and as Poori said I write sadder stuff better. So, this delay for the separated feel =P

OK. So firstly some of the exciting features of it from the existing millions of it.

  1. The Judges

They don’t need hosts; the judges are MORE than enough! If Matt Preston is tactfully critical, George is frankly frightening! From the ‘Hallelujah’ to Claire’s dish, wiping his bald head and calling Fiona’s dish ‘dishwater’ he is the expressive sweet monkey ( in a good way )
Well Well, but the best of all would be Gary!! Helpful , kind ,friendly ,encouraging he is the best! I went sad when he broke his leg....

  1. The Contestants

ok...I know you are weird
Without the meat there is no dish, without the contestants no dish. They are the soul of the show. From the scientific Jonathon to the ‘from the heart’ Alvin they range in technique. Callum, Fiona, Philip, Claire and Matthew made it ‘watch able’.

If Adam was intelligent, Jimmy was strong in his kind of food. Courtney was always excellently simple and Claire elegantly polite and kind. I would give the friendliest contestant to Peter.

Skye, Callum, Matthew are the dessert kings ( YUMMY looking) Jimmy the curry master , Aaron , Sharnee the pasta masters Adam , Alvin were obsessed with pork Jonathon jumping from pigeon to chocolate mousse.

I shouldn’t miss 2 contestants although I kind of don’t like them. Joanne, the over talking, short and actually good cooking (mostly dessert) homely chef.
Next Jake, the fishy sea oriented cook. Who I hate because of the very reason – Fish.

Go see the title song – it is hilarious! Kate – is my friend Arjun’s favorite dancer in that!

I could go on all day about them , but I should really move on.

  1. The Rounds

15 weeks containing a trillion tough , interesting , innovative challenges which made the whole deed more than watch able – an epic!
Elimination Rounds are my favorite! Pressure brings out the best! Specially the massive sea food platter, macaroon tower, black forest cake , the confusion over the meat in the relatively simple schnitzels , 8 layered cake , fix the dishes , were too appetizing to even watch and I have sworn at my relatively humble ‘thayir saadham’ dinner many times.

Invention tests are funny to watch. Specially the Indian challenge where contestants struggled ( mathew’s goat!!) I loved courtney’s dish.

No point in talking about the outdoor challenges. Every one of them are interesting in their own way!
Phoebe’s b’day party was too good , the food from nature interesting and the tea party – embarrassing!
Trips to Melbourne, London, Paris were amazing even though I didn’t travel them!

  1. Callum’s comic mistakes

He maybe the finalist but his relative inexperience shines in his awkward mistakes! Not listening to George’s advices in the press club made him run to an fro, his mis handling of a simple cake in the soldier’s round! Even more hilarious – stealing of Courtney’s Lobster!
How much ever told he is the most loved contestants for the same reasons!!!!

I would love to write more, but my ever bugging cousin , English test and fatigue restrains me , a sequel to this is sure to follow!!!!!!

I miss you Mc 2! More than anything  I missed  in my life!!



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