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Witches and kids : KITFR Blogathon

If you haven't already guessed it, a clue for you. It is a German folktale collected by the Grimm Brothers. It is a popular fairy tale of 2 kids!! Still haven't got it?? Well then surely you are a poor reader or a boy :P It is the greatest and the sweetest: Hansel and Gretel  The tale goes about like this. ( at least my childhood version does)  There are these 2 sweet kids Hansel and Gretel. They have a nice dad and a cruel stepmother. As the poverty in the family increases the step mom convinces the dad to lose the children in the forest! :O The first time the daddy tries to lose them Hansel smartly leaves a trail of pebbles to find his way back. Unfortunately he isn't second time lucky and the trail he uses (bread crumbs) are eaten by the birds and they are finally lost L

They somehow manage to find a way in the forest and finally find a house! And what a house it turns put to be! Chocolates, ice creams and all other yummy items are the ingredients which make the house!! Hu…

On popular demand!!!

Yes!! My tiny blog has enough readers / fans to have a demand, let alone popular. One of the most important pillars of strength, stepping stone and whatever else for it is Daksha Iyer. I didn’t know much about him before, the blog developed our friendship and he developed my blog with his praise. Over all the development part is for me! =P

So, hats off Daki! Hope I have done enough justice for you. I opened up to criticism properly after his first bad remark on my post. Don’t feel bad, that was encouraging!!

His longest wish, and many others’ is a post on the bestest cookery show on earth MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA 2!! So there it is – my first post on popular demand , dedicated to Daki .......... On MC 2
Master chef here.....master chef there.....Master chef everywhere! That was how it was when master chef was running in India till December. I seriously feel lost and have a huge gap in my day schedule and in my heart without it :’( then why didn’t you publish this before?? Thousands of excuses …

Yummy Routines!!!

Routine is a blanket of fake security and comfort you put on yourself, not unlike the cozy rug you cover your head with, in the morning. As if it will save you from your ever screaming mom’s warning’s to wake up! Same applies for much ever you push yourself into it if your destined to go through an exciting CHANGE you CANNOT stop it.

There is nothing that can challenge ‘Yumminess’. Instead of trying to keeping a bullet in your opponents head, try keeping a burger in his mouth. It works way better, provided that he does like burgers and has a pretty big mouth, you don’t want meat pieces falling on his tee shirts......

So when the ever powerful ‘yummy’ and the ever dangerous ‘routine’ mix together there must surely wrong with my stomach – YES! I have the stomach ache’s Again! Before coming to wrong conclusions – refer to my favorite and one of the best blog posts – A Challenge with “god”!!!
This time …

2 :) days before Christmas!

Don’t ever speak with me again. Our friendship is over.’
I was half asleep, when I received a notification from facebook leading me to this rude message. It was from her. My heart skipped a beat, I tried calling her from my almost dead and ancient cell phone, and she didn’t pick up the phone. Well it was no wonder, even during an emergency she never picked up the phone. She was meant to be generous so she called anyone who left a missed call or forced them to leave one (wait! Was that anger there?) . However I knew that she wouldn’t return my call. Anyone who posts ‘don’t speak to me’ doesn’t, but she did. Well that is Julianne’s trademark- contradicting in every possible way. One year away from leaving the safety of school premises and yet she hasn’t grown up. She called and waited for my voice. I took my time, well I had to think! Being soft would put me on the defensive and being angry would make me sound ruder than usual....So I start in my normal way - with a lie.
“Hello! Who’s thi…

Rest . In . Peace

Not the ideal title to start your first post of the year with but that it is how it has turned out to be. I know that my current blog design ( yellow and mustard) is atrocious but I am just checking if good writing can wash it off. Grief , pain , anguish , I feel everything.
What do you think can push an usually senseless creature like me to such extreme emotions? The 5 letter word , which comes out of your mouth easily but not off your heart. Everyone fears it , now me included is the dreadful death.........

My friend Poornima was telling me her story for our English assignment.It is pretty lame ( at least when you hear it) but the moral of the story was life can change in 1 second. Little did my uncle, aunt , their parents and children knew or cared much about it till yesterday. Yes, it happened yesterday only but it already seems like decades......dark decades.

This is what happened ( which shouldn't have happened L) :  Disclaimer : The following my (mis) interpretation…