Saturday, December 31, 2011


:O =')
Wow. What a year 2011 has been - personally and generally- it has been one heck of a year. It has been magnanimously stupendously horribly GOOD , with its fair share of -uh oh, I am dead - moments as well.Not to sound like the textbook, but the personal events make us view the more public ones with a different eye and the public events for eg.Lokpal movement saw many people reflecting their 'patriotism' towards their country. Whether this reflection could be done in a better/ more refined way will fall under a different post.
This year would have to be the zenith one for the cricket fan xD Yeah. We bore witness to INDIA winning the world cup. No other country could've celebrated this better than us I bet! ~ Every Indian would have his/her own world cup story. And being a CSK fan never hurts! We won the IPL for the second consecutive time much to the delight of crazy fanatics like me , who was sitting in the G stand and yelling 'HAPPY b'day HUSSEY! ' to gain his attention :P Yet we Indians are very demanding and expect our team to perform in every outing. Maybe because of this they prove to be the best drama queens and tumble down like a pack of cards when unnoticed . Eg . Ind vs Australia
Coming to our kollywood/tamil cinema , 2011 absolutely belonged to Dhanush <3 who won the national award through 'aadukalam' and gave us a stellar performance in 'mayakam enna' as the struggling photographer. He also panned out the mass 'Venghai' and 'Mappilai' . If all this wasn't enough his voice became the factor behind the biggest hit of the year/decade/century :P 'Why this kolaveri Di' B|
is it me or is he becoming hotter by the day? :O <3
We saw nothing of Rajini and kamal this year =( who better release a film next year! Earlier part of the year belonged to Jiva who stole our hearts with ko and thala gave us the rocking 'mankatha' .Overall , almost all the films were good and even Vijay films seemed to regain their magic!
Politically it has been a hot year with Osama Bin Laden's assassination (finally) followed by Qaddafi's killing. Closer home , our government redefined the meaning of  'weak' and the parliament is as chaotic as ever. The people were enrolled to act in a live drama called 'lokpal' which proved to be just another parody. Team Anna which seemed fair enough at first lost all its credibility when it started campaigning against one party rather than corruption as a whole. All this has just proved that there is a lot to be achieved and next through the next year.
2011 for me personally has been marked with so many landmark moments that one would have to wonder if it all took place in a year! The year started with me deciding to change schools , a breathtaking nice board exams xD , filling all the trillion journals/slam books and getting mine filled , brooding over all the friends I am gonna miss , a summer of surprises and sad twists and somehow ending up in CV.
Oh boy! How glad I am that I joined CV now. It has widened all the boundaries which ever existed and brought me friends and more friends - who I bet will remain with me for the rest of my lifespan xD It has given me confidence in myself and my academic abilities and at the same time smacked me in the end if i ever got to serious. Improbable but it has come true! Fun and school can be used in the same line without being negative.
The writer in me is also getting nurtured with better quality of posts (or so I think :P ) and more mature thinking and writing. I have come in contact with many fellow bloggers who don't mind sharing their trade secrets xO Also I have started writing in Youth Express ( a magazine!!) which makes me insanely proud of myself :P
I am feeling very very cheesy and nostalgic today ( maybe I shouldn't have sat down to retrospect ) So here goes - I THANK each and every person who has made this year special!! <3 =* the list is very long but mentioning a few names*
XI H - Suno =* , nomi xD , vini(i)! :P , Panchu B| , Shubham , Arunapallav :P , Rhea ;) ,Lavanya, Diyana , Hasika.,.....(everyone!!!)
BVM - The WHOLE skl ( lol I am not getting into any wars here :P )
Bloggers - KITFR , ABFTS , P.Subbu , GB and lots more!
Family , cousins and everyone!
* - the names included were just typed in one GO and the writers mood was influenced by her evil diary. so if your name is missing burn the diary!
and yeah! :P 
HAPPY 2012 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The missing link

When I heard that Bryan and Brandon , the masterminds behind A beer for the shower  , wrote a BOOK,I started pestering myself to get a copy. They made it all the more simple - by releasing a kindle version ( The happiest I have felt for owning a kindle!) and by selling it for like $0.99! So the ones already sold to the idea of this book go here.
One must note that these geniuses are the ones behind the popularity of breaking dawn - or atleast its parody version 'breaking down'  , which is more worth your money than the whole twilight series put together =)
So moving on , this is gonna be a very professional review. So I am stating my obvious bias for the authors here ( anyone with a sense of humor would be) and that this book is for people with a good/bad/weird/dark ( all the same) sense of humor. Also , passengers are kindly requested to remove their brains and open this book , or the goblins will smash it into grey goo.
world is sooo dead
The story is about apocalypse - or the end of the the world as we know it.  Like the chaos theory , It starts when an old grandma decides to use the PC with the help of her cat who has diabetes...and she successfully manages to shutdown the internet completely all around the world. Enter the protagonist or the one who initially seems to be , the IT jock , handsomely clad in Calvin Klein. We think he would do something with the computer and restore it back. But not to be..there are gremlin like green goblin creatures which go about eating routers and books...and even humans if tasty enough.
Enter Micky the quintessential epitome of  the tough guy , the security  guard itching for action. Along with a goblin cum iguana ie the goblinguana  , which has the powers to travel between the worlds of internet and earth , our hero, named Brent traverses in search of  his girlfriend , Molly , who he has never met personally...
Molly , who is a world of war craft maniac , falls into the dirty world of internet where she meets many perverted trolls , imps and knights. From Alice of wonderland to wizard of oz her journey transcends fairy tales and has its own poopish finish. How Mickey and Brent save her from that world forms one plot. (Twiddle dee/dum and Mc affrey are notable characters . Feeling lost? read the book! xD )
The next plot , tracks the city's homeless and how they tackle the growing number of goblins and the chaos caused by the absence of internet! All the characters from
 Stanley - the drunken joe
Shoeless Joe - He is the Vietnam veteran who commands this troop
Arthuro - The die hard romantic street actor.
Sally - The CRAZY yet the most contributing member who invents the 'electric broom stick' and even the 'paintball machine gun' B| The best character guys!
Seamus - Arthuro's dog
Robert - The 300 pound man with a fetish for fashionable clothes from the garbage.
the heroes!
The monk - who is the silent tsunami
How these characters together strive to save the 'world' or more specifically Chicago city forms the rest of the story. I must say that the humor that constantly accompanies you with the occasionally oh-its-so-gross ROFL moments makes the book really worthwhile. The vocabulary and the detailed descriptions of the story says a lot about the authors. The satirical view on all the fairy tales and the technology makes it apt for Lol ing and reading at the same time.
Being first time writers there are some problems as well. The concept of disaster , world ending seems familiar and the actual reason and problem aren't met with soon enough. There seemed to be a lot of time spent on building the characters - which in the end is fruitful. Also there is widespread usage of expletives although you cannot expect any less from common characters in uncommon situations. Also (the lack of)  LOGIC , which we are alerted not to expect is nevertheless glaring at times. For example what is the police / famed FBI doing to control this crisis? In fact Hong Kong is said to have military forces guarding the people while there is no news about the US government.
At not even 1 dollar the Missing link is surely worth your money and time and gives you many moments to laugh your lives off. Do check it out!

PS - The tea time conversation abt political topics still makes my stomach pain with laughter! xD

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wake up ;if you are sleeping!

There used to be a time when this blogger used to make fun of all the other outdated blogs and pity how those blogs must feel with the inadequate posts and negligence...but that tragedy has befallen Semi's stories and sharings. I would really like to blame the Raghu and kethu :P but NO it is because of ME and ME only and well uh the exams and my inability to click a button to make a draft into a post! Yea - beat me up or bless moi  - I don't care.
So when I was musing disgustedly at my inability to contribute creatively to this world - a flash of insight came. For people who don't know what insight is - it is that 'oh it was always in front of me' or the 'eureka' feel. More simply it is the 'DUH' moment. So what did I kick myself about? *Zoom focus*
'I haven't done yoga for the past five years' . If you expected something more shocking I advise you to learn the sad reality of life's eventfulness and come back =)  There used to be a time when semi was known as the 'rubber' or the kid who did the splits or the one who put her legs around her neck! Those were the times of my life :)
Putting your leg around your neck unlike writing gets instant appreciation , no criticism ( what can you say lol 'keep the leg tighter?') , freaks people and most importantly doesn't require much thought process. Then on a fateful day while on the rickety van to thiruvanamalai for my aunt's marriage I decide to use my pocket diary! And I end up writing a decent 'poem' about the nature around me ; I would like to warn you that my concept of a poem has/had rhyming words and understandable lines - so it's not a poem technically :O My parents were happy to find that they had something more to be proud of me than the fact that I bend my bones and not to mention Breaking them!
This breaking bones factor did play a factor in me withdrawing from yoga - very slowly though. However it is my ability to not respect my  'most' :P amazing and the most obvious talent that let me forget it. Seriously I still cannot comprehend why I wouldn't want to flaunt my flexible skills to the world O.o You see I have grown up and cannot really remember my exact feelings then and I don't have any paper records of my feeling too ( I abused everyone left right center in my diaries and had to disown it :P )
Maybe I WAS lazy. I know I AM lazy. So it isn't very tough to predict that. There is one piece of evidence left in my room that makes me occasionally guilty. The big chunk of chart in my room asking me to 'DO YOGA' with the stereotypical stick man inviting me...!
It's not that it is too late or something. I am still young ( enough) and it's not that I cannot do splits anymore. However , if I do it - I am quite sure that I will pull all my muscles from thigh to toe and be hospitalized for a week - but I am sure that I can do it once. Hell yeah I accept. I am nowhere near  the rubber I used to be , when I do asanas I feel like an old 70 year old and it's insulting to do something badly when you used to do it so wonderfullY.
vida muyarchi visparooba vetri! :P
But you know what? I am gonna TRY. I may never be as good as I was , but that is because of my own self and laziness. Now all you guys out there - stop basking in happiness  yet. If it is yoga for me it would be something else for you - the FIITJEE kid who used to write beautiful poems , the artist coexisting with the mathematician or even the decent comedian behind all the coolness! Please WAKE UP!
What IF , if only the world ended next year? Won't it be a shame to know that the few vetti moments you had could've been converted into priceless ones? Your most natural ability thrown away because you were too lazy to move that cute bum of yours! Run Run RUN!

                                                                                                                              Yours energetically
                                                                                                                              SEMI B|

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A writer's woes...!

I am arguing with that?! 
It is a wide held perception that writers are lazy people ,ie, they do not perform any actual work.And that carrying bricks is a tougher job. Indeed , carrying bricks is a tough task - you need exceptional stamina and strength to perform it. Also, I am not going to be this negative person who discredits such tasks , but this positive being , who dis/credits her own task =)

Vaguely looking , it seems as though a writer has NO restrictions or worries. Just take a paper and produce stuff. Bang! BANG! I advice you  get powerful spectacles immediately. A writer does have a hell lot of choices to pick from (even that is a disadvantage) and there are a lot of invisible constraints too. We will come to that later ( Haha! I sound like my textbook =P )

The biggest dilemma a writer can have , in today's world is - dependency on technology. How much should a person depend upon the technology to carry him/her through? This is a tricky and a surprisingly old question.Human beings always approach changes cautiously (translated as 'negatively') and once upon a time, even Gutenberg's printing press was restricted to printing bibles only . Also , as we are humans ;) , we just cannot give up old habits and it is agreeably very sad. Example - Surely there is a sense of guilt , regret and loss , when we see the old VCR's , cassettes , CD's , floppies and gramophones. Call me the nxg , but I feel guilty when I look at paper! I do all my creative work in the blogger draft board nowadays , coz it auto saves whatever is typed second by second.Being a humanities student , there isn't much notes to write...and when I do write exams , I don't have the time to adore my handwriting or the crispiness of the paper lol. Deep inside , I know that my best works are always done on paper.Call it prejudice , I don't care. Paper is just liberating in its own way! 
There is also the question of how much of luxury a writer can enjoy. Auto spell check is mandatory but is the feature where the PC guesses words for you , while writing is acceptable? Some questions are for you to answer. At the end of the day , a 'true' writer , atleast my version , writes for self satisfaction.Yes, I AM happy when my work is applauded by others...but when I am not 100% happy about a post and it goes on to create sensations all over the world (not like it actually happened :P) - there is still that feeling of 'not done enough' in one corner of the heart. Hope you get it. I can go on and on about technology - then it would become another post.
A writer has other issues as well. Self doubts can bog you down more than the heaviest brick on your head.Currently I have twenty posts in draft form and I feel uneasy to release even ONE. 'Will it be cool enough for the teenagers? ' 'AND be matured enough for the older beings?' - you never know. Extra pressure on me because as my name suggests , I pride myself on maintaining the balance , though at times I feel like I am falling short of this goal -outrageously . Then there is the issue of the concept of blog itself - it is about an individual's views. After a point ,  do people really care about one person's views/problems/ life? After  writing that line I feel lesser inclined to post this post.
The only way is forward!
Then there is the question of niche and complacency. It is tough enough to find your own style/individuality in the universe . It is tougher to keep on updating , modifying and maturing. At one point, you feel super saturated (science =P) and don't want to welcome changes , even when you know that stagnation is always around the corner.
That's why I envy Kid in the front row , he keeps on experimenting.He doesn't mind if one post falls short , atleast he did something new! His niche is to inspire others and blog about writing and cinema as an art. Yet, he does so much more than that. One day I want to be like him =) Tough ask but I will do my best.
We are bound by restrictions , which initially appears non - existent. For example , I cannot rest in peace if I post only 2 lines on my blog as a post.The lines may sum up what I want to say and may even be PERFECT. But No , I don't care about that! A blog post in my head should have lots of words - for words are all I have to take your breath away =P Blame it on writing too many history answers...
Also , there is always this feeling that I shouldn't use 'bad' words in my posts (unlike how I talk/text) Its not just because my parents read my blog :P , but because of this voice in the head or instinct as we call it, that tells me that some may squirm in their seats if I go overboard with the language. This doesn't make me any less cooler or awesome than a few seconds back. B|
Finally, as writing is getting more professional by the day , I am obliged to 'edit' my posts and to go further than the first draft. Being an I-need-a-spark to kindle the fire or a spur of the moment writer it feels weird...I am trying to adapt - but not wholeheartedly - I admit. According to my view , the first draft must surely retain at least 80% of its content...but writing is not mathematics and figures don't always works. Every writer must choose for themselves.
OK enough. I have scared you enough already with the uncertainty of things in this world...( For I am shivering now) However , you can see that I take writing way to seriously xD So , chill! I will never feed you with consciously bad posts :P And excuse me for exceeding the general word limit by LIGHT years......!

Yours truly

Monday, November 21, 2011

Heart tunes ~

This conniving weather is bad. It has lulled us  into sleep which we never can catch and has made our enthusiasm into bitterness and made us a bunch of bored and unpleasant teenagers.... - more than ever!! This occasional rain...and the ever present moisture in the air which is silently screaming "Sleep. Sleep" is just awesomely creepy.

All the 'pairs' either seem to be breaking up or getting caught , which directly leads them to be broken up. Guys! Be careful. Studies have again taken a backseat. Obviously. The cycle tests are OVER. Term exams are a month away.......jobless times for students. So please don't be surprised by the sharp inflation in the number of fights , tears and the hugs (which invariably come later)  which happen at this time of the year. Also ,  the prices have shot up over the sky. No , this is not about flaunting my GK skills alone. The power / electricity costs have increased by 110 - 120% , which means a frown on my mother's face when I switch on the computer and the bus passengers receive TWO tickets for their fare. Yes , the prices have doubled.
All this mood development is to prove that the atmosphere - geographically and socially - is very negative. So negative that you can feel the static electricity all over you! ( Few may call it mosquito) . It is no wonder that a simple , catchy and a generally abusive song became a hit! Yes. All the tamil people out in the world are singing aloud ' Why this Kolaveri Di' by the one and only Dhanush!
How is the gear change, machi?
Now everyone wants to know the meaning of 'kolaveri' . It simply means 'a fury to kill' or something like that. So , the line means 'Why do you have this deadly fury , girl?' So , all the heartbroken people out there have embraced the song. Haha. The rest of the song is mostly English(!) - so please interpret. What makes the song tick is Dhanush's raw voice. It seems very accessible and even I want to join in with him and complete the song! Watching a song being a made has never been this interesting - Rajinikanth's Daughter and Kamal haasan's daughter in the same studio xO <3 , the cute music director who looks as though he just came out off school and of course Dhanush.
This Bad!
I must say that , once upon a time Dhanush was highly unattractive. People were impressed - only by his guts to come to acting with such a body. A very thin excuse for an actor! The story of his films were good and his boy next door image gave him some stability. Soon , he married Aishwarya - the superstar's daughter xO , won the national award and got a stylist - or at least a sense of it. What has been impressive is his humility and foot to the earth approach - surely learnt from the superstar, one would note. And he has just royally replaced Simbu , is arch rival to become the hottest singer in town.

One must say that Simbu , STR or whatever he call himself is not bad. He only started the idea of understandable lyrics - sung by the hero himself routine. However , as he found himself multitasking acting , direction , dance and everything else in one go we don't see a lot of anything! We do accept that he has taken to singing very seriously - lending his voice to various films and singles over the years. So , the now his voice his not quite that remarkable :P

No one denies that 'Evan di unna pethan' rocked the charts. However his obsession with himself saw him patronize himself in a song about his 'pondatti' or (wife) !   So the situation is pro - Dhanush now. However , no one knows if Dhanush and Simbu are competing at all or if all this a mirage created by weary people in need of the juicy gossip.
I wrote all this without glancing at cinema plus or Sify - I rock! =P I must admit that I haven't updated myself with all the latest gossip though. Everything sounds the same and made up to my expert ears. So basically what I say is this - when my whole personal life is messed up , I look at the magazines and thank god that I have only blood hungry dogs chasing after me and not news hungry reporters....*aargh*
Still depressed? Hear this :

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Love you . I miss you. I need you

I cannot believe it. I am writing a lot . What is  even more unbelievable is - nothing seems to be coming on my blog. So , "I have decided to prove my loyalty to you my blog" ( Yes ,its called 'animism' - interacting with inanimate objects. I haven't matured have I? )

So Dear blog! I have decided to tell you the story you should surely know about - how you were created and evolved! I know you may not hear or comprehend me - for you are still an infant - 1 year and 7 months old (already).
It was on April 26 I still remember. It was the stage in summer holidays when I did 'nothing' throughout the day. As easy as it may sound , it is TOUGH to do nothing throughout the day. So , there I was googling 'how to gain weight' and all the other seemingly impossible stuff. Then out of nowhere - like how life was created - I typed 'blog' on the search bar.
The mother of all creations.
Without knowing a thing about you ,I decided to create you - be happy. If I had known what the button 'create blog' would have done to my life , I would surely have shown more excitement. But , I was not to know. All I saw was this mundane work station , where you needed to type something...
I would never know why I selected the topic of my first post on you to be 'Mafia Wars'! Maybe because it is the coolest game ever , maybe because I want to marry a Don when I grow up (soon) or maybe because that was the only thing interesting in my life then . As far as first attempts go - it was the WORST. (haha, now everyone would want to read it >.<)
Your name was 'Brainwaves Unlimited' then. Those were tough days for both of us....I didn't know a single thing about raising a blog  and not many people were concerned enough to look after/at us. However you weren't born to be left to compete. I just wrote what I felt like and still do. Somewhere along the way I created your twin/alter ego/brother the 'Perceptions' . You actually became jealous after a point of time - I wrote more from my heart there and from my brain here. Along the way , I realized that having the two of you gave me lesser views and reduced posts in each blog , so I magically combined you both.
That moment must stay put in my memory for a long time to come. For , I had just created my own brand :P 'Semi's Stories and Sharings........!' . As kiddish and over alliterated as it sounds it held on. Here my blog , you must acknowledge the role of your father - FACEBOOK. He was the proud daddy showing off his kids in the best possible way - statuses , wall posts . chat , groups , page.... you name it he did it.
You don't know what you brought in to my life. Happiness , more page views ( =P ) , recognition , pride , the satisfaction of doing something useful for the first time in my entire life , an almost unhealthy dose of positivist feed backs from my friends  and the much needed style sense without which , I could never dress you in all those custom templates.
I remember your first b'day . You were all I fretted about throughout the day. Sadly , I was on top of a mountain somewhere in Mamandur , trekking mountains and collecting anecdotes to dote you with .BVM friends , CV ppl , KFI teachers , familial relations , fellow bloggers and the net users - you have improved my relations with everyone. I even joined the ill famed TWITTER for your sake. In the minimum - you at least provided me with topics I could debate about when I felt weird and an Identity which I very much need.
'SemiSharings' as I affectionately call you - you are the best thing I have clicked into in my life , the only thing I care most about , the first milestone I have crossed , you are my dear diary who tracks my progress as a writer and a person. You contain maybe many a masterpiece in the draft form and most importantly you are the first 'thing' I ever raised =*
What I am saying maybe cheesier than a margherita - yet I am saying it. I Love you . I miss you. I need you. See! You have even made my usual nonchalant and cool cover slip. For you , my darling...:P I am ready to expose my true self. The fact that you are a non living thing helps . A lot.
No , I am not drunk dear. I wrote all this for a reason ....I want you and all your aunts and uncles to understand that even if I post in you for only once in a month - you are the most important THING in my life and you will always be.
You are not the cloud but the sky itself =)

Your mom , god and lover :P

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lets BURST - with Happiness?!

Its been exactly 18 days since I blogged. This time even I don't know why I took a break! The only comforting incident would have been when my friend said ' Semi, its been so long since you posted a link on my wall' . Haha , the ways in which they commute their love for my blog :P and the ways I spam them xD

I know I need to blog something worthwhile but my brain doesn't seem to be working - probably because  my grandmom is gossiping tambhram stuff sitting right next to me!! xO So please don't expect a masterpiece - read with low expectations and close the tab with fulfillment!!

Now please sniff the air around you - what do you smell??? The last few gasps of fresh air I bet. Don't you understand??? Diwali is in the AIR!!! For all those  with an  unforgivably low I.Q  Diwali is the bestest festival Hinduism has to offer!! Not satisfied with this understandable definition? Then suffer. :  

"Diwali (also spelled Devali in certain regions) or Deepavali,[1] popularly known as the "festival of lights", is an important festival in HinduismJainism, and Sikhism, celebrated for different reasons, occurring between mid-October and mid-November"
or so says Wikipedia , which is user defined. *dramatic pause* I have always had this doubt! Isn't the whole of internet 'user defined' ??! 
Yeah. Enough of '??' to cover my lack of content. and lets jump back to the topic - DIWALI. 
What makes this festival so much FUN? Lets go in order : 

  • Wake up early in the morning at 4 AM (umm .. not exactly fun. But my mom will be proud x) 

  • Have this really intense oil bath. Almost all the hygienic problems of India will get solved if we have diwali everyday . Almost everyone has a bath on that day and some have baths ONLY on that day. 
Tool of the trade!

  • Easily the BEST and WORST part of Diwali. Yes , the Crackers!!! Start with 'bhusvaanam' or the flower pots , the ashok chakars or the colourful wheels (?) , then moves on to the explosives or the vedi. This includes the atom or hydrogen bombs and are louder than they sound xD also the desi sparrow shots or the kuruvi vedi and other vedis named after deities!! THEN we have the show stealers - Rockets and fancy fireworks! They light up the sky and look beautiful *grr* (just got a goose bump) I would love to yap on more about crackers ^_^  then I wouldn't know what I am saying and it would be 'all smoke and no fire' 
curse me :P

  • When you are about to light the 100 wala and just about to start all the noise and smoke - be sure of one thing. Grandmother will play spoilsport. But for a good reason I say ( notice the quick gun murugan slang) - she brings in a plate full of SWEETS and SNACKS. and with all the gunpowder which refuses to let go even when washed you grasp the food  and bite.........YUM! 

  • If you really don't want those extra pounds and are not really interested in crackers as such (:O) I have a quick solution for you - MOVIES. All the best movies of the year get released during diwali . PROOF - 7am arivu (the seventh brain) featuring Surya <3 =* and shruti haasan is releasing on diwali!!!! Of course Sharukh Khan's Much hyped Ra. One which I must admit looks too good to be true with a Robot SRK ( he actually looks kinda cute...) and a ravishingly desi kareena kapoor! Also Vijay's Velayutham - where he is a milkman with superhuman abilities and 2 girlfriends ( Swear on god that is the one liner!) and Dhanush's  Mayakkam Enna which has won its first round with the MUSIC xD 
  • I know ... getting tickets the first day is tough =( If so , you can always switch on the idiot box. I bet there will be lots on offer ( although the schedules haven't been released yet) Axn is doing a ' x factor' marathon on that day I heard - NO thank you. 

  • Get together with family and friends. Bursting with your friends - in happiness and in crackers- is awesome. The day is surely entertaining with at least one person bombing the other!! Last year I burst an atom bomb in my hand xO - No don't feel for me , I didn't follow ANY safety protocols - I rock. More freakish - To help a scaredy cat of a friend ,my cousin yuyu decide to hold that guys hand. After not lighting up the 7 shots for atleast twenty minutes that crazy bugger did light it! Happy right? No :P Yuyu was caught off guard and all the 7 shots hit his eye! 
  • Scaring the dogs which scare / chase you for the rest of the year ( I know right? I aM evil. ) 
Isn't the air infected with Diwali - ness already?? At least I am!! For once I am happy to be born this way! 

umm........I am supposed to be a responsible blogger. At the same time , I don't preach what I don't do. So which side do I take? Crackers DO pollute the earth...but so do cars , fridges , autos , factories and plastics. Being a wimp and not bursting anything sux , however being a daredevil and bombing your house is also not very...feasible. So as usual I take all the stances semi in nature =) ( what a cool way to be diplomatic! xD ) 

and We Burst!!!
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Friday, September 30, 2011

Nostalgically Wimpish

Definite nostalgia! 
Yeah. A definitely  weird combo of words - well my life is weird. These holidays have surely been awesome , jobless and interesting as usual. My normal day involves talking,texting,chatting on facebook and e-mailing (it still exists!) friends. I also try to read books , absorb general knowledge/the newspaper and read/write blogs. However the latter activities which are approved by parents don't seem to have the time. When I finally finished day before yesterday's  diary entry ( Yes. I have warned you that I keep a record - so BEHAVE yourself or the history wouldn't forgive you =P ) and sat down to open the year book , my phone ringed its 'ROCK you like a  HURRICANE' and it was another person with another story to talk to.
That's why I think I am going to be grounded - soon.
After so many constant hours of sharing my voice , words and thoughts to SOO many people I can confidently say I have a lot of friends. And a huge variety in that too.
To quote airtel :
( Lyrics From :: )
"Movie Buddy.. Groovie Buddy
Hi Buddy.. Bye Buddy
Joke Buddy.. Poke Buddy
Gana Buddy.. Shaana Buddy
Chaddi Buddy.. Yaar Buddy"
 If you ask me , changing school must be made a must! It will make some sad people who have no friends get many. Again , some may opt to think they are content with some close ones. What they are missing is that humans are fundamentally social beings - you may act as though you do not care but your unconscious B| won't forgive you lol
Sometimes when you live in oblivion in your present life for a long time and take a break to go back to the past - you wish you did not.
The other day miss x  met up with her long time back best friend Y. I must say x was having a blonde moment when she believed that things would be the same after all these years. She found out that time had changed them both in myriad ways and that she had run out of words to speak with her . Shocking thing was y was  blind to her friend's obvious discomfort and weird silence and thought that it was the part of her 'new' life. Well how much ever she would like to think that changes makes people completely different from their old self she is wrong and she knows it. We are all a product of our past,present and future.
Irony - x who was always brimming with useless words ( no its not about me guys :P ) found herself speechless with her own best friend - ok ex .
Moral -

  1. It is always not very wise to dig up the past or go back  
  2. and to expect your friends/family to remain the same.
I rock! B| 
But NO!! My holidays are waaay better and tell me that being in touch with buddies is the most fruitful task in life. So much to catch up about , so much more gossip to share - if I run out of stories he/she will fill me in! and it may always need not be called 'nostalgia' . Why not constantly remain in touch with them at proper breaks so that they are also a part of your present life? It is always fun when your present and past merges and blends into one!! ( Atleast till they stop colliding) 
I think enough of abstractness. I was just chatting with some old friends OMG!! Sanjana who NEVER comes online - I think she has come on chat after 3 YEARS - was online today. and guess what? We were catching up about our 6th standard days and on mutual friends and I even invited her to my kolu. So she's not in the archaic category anymore. I was busy arranging my plans for tomorrow with some more friends when HAPPENED.
what happened?? The focus of this whole post - the wimp. Mr.Hrishi Jawahar. 6th standard was and is the best year of my LIFE and one of the important reasons is the guy I sat with in the first row - Hrishi. I hated the idea of sitting with him - I wanted to sit with my gang. 10 minutes in the first day was all I got before the teacher separated me from by bestie and put me on the front row with this small kid. OK I accept I was also short . I still remember the days when I used to peep into his book during biology =P and how he used to get freaked out that we were copying lol 
that pretty much defines him :P 
Then sir suddenly decided to fly away to Delhi. I swear that I did not believe that he was actually leaving.I even filled his autograph book with comic grace. (The reason for my lack of belief being Myself :P I used to bluff a lot back then and threw a stunt like this in 5th standard to get some sympathy lol ) and when I came back 5 cms taller in 7th standard to show him who's taller - I got a facepalm. He had actually LEFT . 
Facebook was not created then and I had other worries like my bestie not being in my class for the first time in 7 years and the other 'serious' issues of a 11 year old. So Heerishi was in the backseat of my memory - but he was still there. I took a solemn oath that if he ever came back I would give him a taste of his own blood. Years rolled , I had almost completely forgotten him , when a girl in our class randomly informed us that she saw Hrishi on the road. I did not believe it obviously - there are a lot of small and kind of fat kids in Chennai who could be mistaken for him. However rumors continue that he moved back here and was studying in St. Michael s which is only a block away from my own school. 
I have a really close friend in Michael's and put her in charge of finding him - if he was there. She was a new student by herself there and didn't venture boldly enough to find a guy who was 3 years older than her. 
Suddenly she changed schools and my dreams of ever finding that rascal was put on hold.   Happily enough for both of us , she hated her new school and within a week moved back to Michael's =O So now everyone loved her more for coming back and showing that she loved this school more ( or so I comprehend) Finally she got the sense to check her year book to see if he was there , however it wasn't that easy ( Idk why ) and like the Indian government I finally learnt about his presence/existence after a 2 year delay. 
I finally learnt the feeling my parents get when they find a college friend of theirs who they find on facebook. I used to think the friend finder was useless until hours ago . It is nice to know that he remembers me after all these years , but thats obvious because I am unforgettable B| 
friend finder ftw! 
On a more serious note , people who want to find him just type his name and I will be a mutual friend so add him :P Also that loser doesn't have any security setting so you can see all his pictures to know if its really him =) 
Every one of you will have a long lost friend . Who is he/she? Temme how you lost them. I may just be the help you need to search them.! =) 
 I will Curse you!

I am really sorry to the people who don't care about this post. I just found a long lost friend , if you mock me you may never find yours! Ok don't get angry - I'm not a very perfect person :P my curse may not work! 

And to those who expect more from the word 'wimp' . Google defines wimp as 

Noun: A weak and cowardly or unadventurous person.Verb: Withdraw from a course of action or a stated position in a way that is seen as feeble or cowardly

and I read this book ' The diary of a wimpy kid: Rodrick Rules'  , I am sure many must already have! and I tell you - its one of the very true , real , laugh out loud books left in this age. So grab it and I am positively sure you can devour it within a day!! <3

yours nostaligacally wimpishly

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