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Rebuilding an empire

How many times have you gotten up after falling down? I can hear a majority of  big numbers..........Let me modify it :  how many times have you got up after falling down from the top of the stairs? sadly not many........but that happens quite often to both ways!
I actually got up every time I fell down, when the hooligans stamped my arm , even when I thought I had the unbearable pain on me for ever ........I got up every time!
Well I am posed with the question " what do I care if u break your bones? " Dude! seriously -although it is true (yes!) - it is just a metaphorical reference to everything! "everything?" yeah! everything! Right from losing ur old fb account and faced with the task of re building a new one......when you are in a low streak of marks........when everything is going wrong with a friend.......when your parents are too bugging, you gotta get up. "yeah, like the rising sun!"
"Dude! Its the time to get inspired
b4 u get ex…

Inspirational figures

When I wrote that title, I knew if this thing was regular it would have been mahatma gandhi, national leader or sachin tendulkar for that matter, but this one is different.........those beings who aren't usually called 'inspirational' but truly , in a different sort of way!

Yeah,seriously! Every time I have a bad Friday or Saturday , I will surely switch on this show! Its not because she is bad or something............its just the way she puts aside all the insults she faces with such a straight face and carries on with her work. I learnt the power of positive energy from her and seriously it is amusing and relaxing watching this show! I almost had a heart break yesterday when the final season got over!
I like her for that in the opening season and some other characters like Wilhelmina! ( for that goodness even in the cruelness :P ) marc , for being so gay :P (jus kidding)
+ = positiveness, smile 
- = too stupid or irritating at times!


The sidekick

Dedicated to all those sidekicks........2nd heroes who r always there for the star.........they may have selected their roles intentionally for being 'cool' or for some materialistic gain.....or some who are tailor made by nature to be the sidekick...............

I feel lost and lonely Who the hell said life is lovely??

Everyday I am exposed to insults forced to fake liveliness and always end up with the rueful results This is surely not the hyped happiness!

Folks! MY Life is not a book of jokes So, Please throw away those horrible hopes.... Life is just a longer version of the never ending TV soaps.......... filled with millions of elope's and NOPE's

My life is put on hold when I piss my NEW best friend I am left in the cold if I neglect the latest trends! My ENDHIRAN tickets are sold for those idiots to make amends.... after all,it was ME who decided to be her mould!

It is so SICK                              to be a sidekick I warn you! never give their feet a lick          and expect a…

Zoom - a musical GAME!

I got to know about this cool game 4 years ago.Everyone loves music of some form and incorporating it into a game makes it all the more addictive and FUN! The game is named 'Zoom' and is way more interesting than antakshari (which is another game where the person has to sing a song which has the same starting letter as the former person's song's last word)
Zoom has an entirely new concept. We can start with any song and the next person has to tell 'zoom' and sing a song which feature's the same hero/ heroine.My friends and I amassed a zoom of 322 songs in under 3 hrs!It basically has Tamil songs but in the end has some Hindi songs too.You may also notice that there are alot of kamal songs in the end! that's because I entered the game at that time <3

VizhiyilSeiMy name is BillaVaada mapillaNee KobapattalDol DoltamizhMaduraikkuvalaiyapatti tavilenaan adichapuli urumudhukarikalanolli olli idupuapadi poduen uchi mandalaRoja poonthotamnilavu parthenPachai n…

2 different book reviews!

Here, when I mean different it doesn't mean that the book review is very different but the book selection is rather oxymoron-ish as one is by a bestselling and famous and late author Agatha Christie and the other is by the relatively new and unknown jaishree misra but my views aren't biased my the author's name , its more like a teacher who doesn't see the name and correct a paper (which IS rare nowadays :P ) 
Clocks Francis Iles (Anthony Berkeley Cox) reviewed the novel inThe Guardian's issue of December 20, 1963 when he said, "About Miss Agatha Christie'sThe ClocksI am not so sure. This begins well, with the discovery of a stranger in a suburban sitting-room, with four strange clocks all showing the same time; but thereafter the story, though as readable as ever, does tends to hang fire. Also there is one very corny item, the vital witness killed when on the point of disclosing crucial information, which is quite unworthy of Miss Christie."[4]
I do agr…