Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rebuilding an empire

How many times have you gotten up after falling down? I can hear a majority of  big numbers..........Let me modify it :  how many times have you got up after falling down from the top of the stairs? sadly not many........but that happens quite often to both ways!
I actually got up every time I fell down, when the hooligans stamped my arm , even when I thought I had the unbearable pain on me for ever ........I got up every time!
Well I am posed with the question " what do I care if u break your bones? " Dude! seriously -although it is true (yes!) - it is just a metaphorical reference to everything! "everything?" yeah! everything! Right from losing ur old fb account and faced with the task of re building a new one......when you are in a low streak of marks........when everything is going wrong with a friend.......when your parents are too bugging, you gotta get up. "yeah, like the rising sun!"
Not so melodious!
"Dude! Its the time to get inspired
b4 u get expired!
"You need an adrenaline rush
or you are down the flush"
However lame they may sound they are my rhymes to get inspired......I have even stuck this on my notice board!  

"ohk....lets move on". When you had a peak, everything was so right that you felt something was wrong........they reversed.You are faced with a situation like priyanka in fashion,you gotta come BACK , its not like a nice first start where you are inspired already, its just a Fresh start like ...... " an unsaved game!" correct! an unsaved game! 

Some points to help the experienced hand

  • If you are faced with a fresh start scenario , think positive!The wrongest time to feel depressed is when you are in one......! Think about the nice old days "yeah.....those old days ........they will never come back." Idiot! not like that...think like Betty,the most inspirational character of the decade!

  • If someone insults you or gives a bad remark, take it gracefully. The last problem they have is yours and the last one You have is them.If they are true villains (touch wood) we will take care of them later, dont look at me like that!

  • Always remember to work double the amount than the last time.....after all it is a come back! If you do work at your normal pace the critics wont be satisfied as you already have a black mark. The slightest error may cost you your dream.Proving other people wrong is lovely! So lets do it baby!

  • You cannot Afford to have the wrong attitude!As you may know if you convert all the words into numerals like A= 1 B= 2 ............Attitude has the maximum value! So don't mess with it boss! Idiot cant you get it....DONT give me that look!

  • All points aside you know you were a rockstar and you have the spunk to do it! So dont doubt yourself. Self doubt must be the last factor for your failure.Or else great people wouldn't have been me....hehehehe

Last but the most important point "what?" Dont hurt your special and sweet friends like......Me. "Aargh" @#$@$@ Bam Bam!         

Due to serious health problems Semi cant continue this post.....then who's this? I am that awesome person in those " " . She wishes to say that the post will be complete when I succeed in life! I already have a wonderful friend like semi, she's the best. I think she's the ultimate optimist.She would hate me for doing this in her blog..........but I am doing this. *crying noise* tch tch  I love you semi! 

"NARCISSIST!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's lying.........aarghhhh" 

- Semi :D   

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Inspirational figures

When I wrote that title, I knew if this thing was regular it would have been mahatma gandhi, national leader or sachin tendulkar for that matter, but this one is different.........those beings who aren't usually called 'inspirational' but truly , in a different sort of way!

Yeah,seriously! Every time I have a bad Friday or Saturday , I will surely switch on this show! Its not because she is bad or something............its just the way she puts aside all the insults she faces with such a straight face and carries on with her work. I learnt the power of positive energy from her and seriously it is amusing and relaxing watching this show! I almost had a heart break yesterday when the final season got over!
I like her for that in the opening season and some other characters like Wilhelmina! ( for that goodness even in the cruelness :P ) marc , for being so gay :P (jus kidding)
+ = positiveness, smile 
- = too stupid or irritating at times!

2.Subramanium Badrinath 
That dude is seriously an inspirational figure! He is like that ball which rebounds every time u hit the wall!He has scored tonnes of runs in domestic cricket, yet can still not find a slot in the team, even people who are younger than him like raina or even dhoni for that matter have won a place.This still hasn't disillusioned this man and he still continues to play a pivotal role for the Tamil Nadu team , csk ( chennai super kings) and occasionally in some test matches for India. I still hope that he gets a chance and get what he truly deserves!
+ = perseverance, hard work
- = doesn't utilize the chances, looks like a dehydrated puppy at times :P

3. Medha Easwar :)
You wouldn't know her but will know her because she is destined to become popular :) . I wouldn't elaborate because there is only 1 word that describes her heheeheee , ie , addictive giggles. It so inspirational for an amateur comedian like me to receive such cut giggles! However, sometimes these may become deceptive as she giggles even before I open my mouth!
She is my new partner and it makes it a lot easier and more fun when she is next to you. Especially in 10th std when everyone is depressingly into studies she is Hell a lot of difference to a poor soul. It doesn't mean she doesn't study,but add the most important FUN factor to it!
For example during a depressing English class where your teacher is unnecessarily elaborating the simple poem ,she starts  talking about life in a Russian prison!Well it may not sound funny but it is ;) , that too when you have an idiot sits in front of you and add spice to the conversation by planning to piss the roads in Russia to got to the prison's with awesome cafeteria and library, it is Funny!
+ = humor sense, no giggling sense
- = same thing, when it goes overboard :P

4. Akshath Vidyanath
Some of you may know him, as some junior golf player in India , well I know him as a classmate.The above 3 are inspirational in the true way, but this guy is the converse! He derives pleasure by acting bored and irritating for everything. Personally i think he hasn't matured from 1st std! NOW, you would wonder whether he is SO bad, he IS! After all anyone who hides a person's pencil pouch and finds it amusing is Kiddish
Then, why is HE inspirational? all said and done, he does have brains......the way he argues! gosh! he seriously has guts.AND :D when you start thinking about him depressed moods you would start getting motivated THAT when people like him are so confident , surely then you can!
There is this special thing about him, he says the 'truth' loud and sticks to it.Not many of us will scream on everyone's face that "dude! go dip our head in the flush, money is goddamn everything! "
+ = confidence , hidden talent :P , seriousness and sincerity in golf ( he paid me to tell all this :P ),attitude
- =  manners if any , excessive use of swear words

Wonder who he is? Dumb heads!  he is the creator of the periodic table!Nobody would have thought that I would add him....but I did!To me any scientist is an inspiration as they make a gamble when they produce something and what is so great about his invention? His guts! yeah seriously! The gaps he left in the periodic table could be taken in anyway.......and to have confidence in what he found and telling that there where elements yet to be found is truly inspiring!
+ = the gaps he left show his Positive attitude and confidence
- = boring to study about ;)

There are lots more I will soon add more!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The sidekick

Dedicated to all those sidekicks........2nd heroes who r always there for the star.........they may have selected their roles intentionally for being 'cool' or for some materialistic gain.....or some who are tailor made by nature to be the sidekick...............

I feel lost and lonely
Who the hell said life is lovely??

Everyday I am exposed to insults
forced to fake liveliness
and always end up with the rueful results
This is surely not the hyped happiness!

Folks! MY Life is not a book of jokes
So, Please throw away those horrible hopes....
Life is just a longer version of the never ending TV soaps..........
filled with millions of elope's and NOPE's

My life is put on hold
when I piss my NEW best friend
I am left in the cold
if I neglect the latest trends!
My ENDHIRAN tickets are sold
for those idiots to make amends....
after all,it was ME who decided to be her mould!

It is so SICK                             
to be a sidekick
I warn you! never give their feet a lick
         and expect a big tick!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Zoom - a musical GAME!

I got to know about this cool game 4 years ago.Everyone loves music of some form and incorporating it into a game makes it all the more addictive and FUN! The game is named 'Zoom' and is way more interesting than antakshari (which is another game where the person has to sing a song which has the same starting letter as the former person's song's last word)
Zoom has an entirely new concept. We can start with any song and the next person has to tell 'zoom' and sing a song which feature's the same hero/ heroine.My friends and I amassed a zoom of 322 songs in under 3 hrs!It basically has Tamil songs but in the end has some Hindi songs too.You may also notice that there are alot of kamal songs in the end! that's because I entered the game at that time <3

  1. Vizhiyil
  2. Sei
  3. My name is Billa
  4. Vaada mapilla
  5. Nee Kobapattal
  6. Dol Dol
  7. tamizh
  8. Maduraikku
  9. valaiyapatti tavile
  10. naan adicha
  11. puli urumudhu
  12. karikalan
  13. olli olli idupu
  14. apadi podu
  15. en uchi mandala
  16. Roja poonthotam
  17. nilavu parthen
  18. Pachai nirame
  19. All is Well
  20. JJ
  21. Give me some sunshine
  22. May masam
  23. Un maela asadhan
  24. vaseegara
  25. ragasiyamai
  26. new york nagaram
  27. kaatrin mozhi
  28. Pesa madanthaye
  29. sevanam
  30. devathai
  31. I'm sorry
  32. oreoru oorukulae
  33. arjunan villu
  34. mudhal mazhai
  35. ayarattu
  36. excuse me
  37. Allegra
  38. meow
  39. Sahana saaral
  40. Mambo maamiya
  41. Vaaji
  42. Oru koodai
  43. Engaeyum
  44. Athiradi
  45. Cinema Cinema
  46. Zarare
  47. Hasili Fisile
  48. Vaarayo
  49. Yeno Panithuli
  50. Dhamaku Dhamaku
  51. Maasi Maasi
  52. Pala Palakura
  53. Honey Honey
  54. Vizhi Moodi
  55. Mundhinam
  56. Gatotkacha
  57. Kallai mattum
  58. Behka
  59. Rangola
  60. Guzarish
  61. Rahatula
  62. Aye bachu
  63. Suttum veeli
  64. Barson yaaron
  65. Oru maalai
  66. Ayyo
  67. America endralum
  68. Mazhai varudhe
  69. Adadaa
  70. Romeo
  71. Kadhalukku kangal
  72. Saregame
  73. Naekka
  74. Oh divya
  75. Dora
  76. Odi Odi
  77. Chikku chikku Boom
  78. Maro Maro
  79. Dating
  80. Boom boom
  81. Uyire Uyire
  82. Ale Ale
  83. Yaakai thiri
  84. Chennai senthamizh
  85. Kiliye Kiliye
  86. Something Something
  87. Kavidaye
  88. Vinnodu
  89. Ponmagal
  90. Pelikan paravaigal
  91. Vaa chellam
  92. Dhavani pota deepavali
  93. Kadhal pisase
  94. Poi solla koodathu
  95. vaada machan
  96. Venmathi
  97. kadhal theeye
  98. Ivan yaaro
  99. Kadalikkum Aasai
  100. Karupana kaiyala
  101. En anbe
  102. Ballelaka
  103. Oru vaarthai
  104. Athinthom
  105. Suthi Suthi
  106. Minsara Poove
  107. Oruvan Oruvan Mudalali
  108. Devuda Devuda
  109. Maaya Maaya
  110. Baaba kichu thaa
  111. Poongatrile
  112. sakthi kodu
  113. uyire uyire
  114. pudhu vellai mazhai
  115. kadhal rojave
  116. chinna chinna aasai
  117. en veetu poovellam
  118. mudhalvane
  119. azhagana ratchasiye
  120. uchi karuvadu
  121. ey mama
  122. katuna avaladhan
  123. chinna veedha
  124. ey kaiya vetchukutu
  125. nadiye
  126. katre en vaasal
  127. unakul naane
  128. jo jo jothika
  129. uyirin uyire
  130. ennai konjam
  131. she is a fantasy
  132. paarkatha
  133. kathadi pola
  134. ambulimama
  135. Thalatum katre vaa
  136. Aasai Aasai
  137. ithunundu muthatile
  138. Aruv maesai
  139. ayangaru
  140. kumari
  141. kannum kannum
  142. unnale unnale
  143. padhi kadhal
  144. vellaikari
  145. modi vilayadu
  146. june ponal
  147. hello miss imsai
  148. kadhal yaanai
  149. un samayal araiyil
  150. kanukula oruthi
  151. vaepamaram
  152. idhudhana
  153. akkam pakkam
  154. unnai partha pinbu
  155. kanavellam nadakuthaey
  156. ding dong
  157. lesa lesa
  158. askavaa
  159. sandhipoma
  160. linga linga
  161. nanban irundhal
  162. theriyama
  163. engayo partha
  164. Paalakattu
  165. kaatrile varum geethame
  166. devathaiyay kanden
  167. nenjodu
  168. thottu thottu
  169. ninaithu ninaithu
  170. kanpesum vaarthaigal
  171. suppose
  172. sathikadi
  173. deemthanaku thillana
  174. sarigamapadanisa
  175. mozha mozhanu
  176. kuruvi-theme
  177. new year
  178. Palanadhu
  179. kokkarakokarako
  180. thaen thaen thaen
  181. chinna thamarai
  182. ennai thalatta
  183. azhagooril poothavale
  184. thaamthaka
  185. deepavali needhandi
  186. vadumanga
  187. kanmoodi
  188. gundu manga
  189. keera kattu
  190. nee endha ooru
  191. come on come on
  192. paapu
  193. gundu ponne
  194. ey indhadi kappa kizhangu
  195. thirunalveli alwa
  196. io io pidichiruku
  197. yedho yedho
  198. oru kadhal
  199. kanden kanden kadhalai
  200. nila
  201. namma katula
  202. siragugal
  203. neethane
  204. katrukulae
  205. pichai pathiram
  206. sudum nilavu
  207. yevano oruvan
  208. snegithane
  209. unnodu vazhatha
  210. satham illadha
  211. innisai
  212. nilavai konduva
  213. oh sona
  214. april madhatil
  215. oru poiyavadu sol
  216. kadhal kaditham
  217. poovukul
  218. kannamoochi
  219. hyra hyra hyraba
  220. engae enadhu kavidhai
  221. mustafa mustafa
  222. raa raa
  223. kokku para
  224. konja neram
  225. aun aaun
  226. kalakapovadu yaaru?
  227. 10kule
  228. kanmani anbodu
  229. vanden
  230. injarungo
  231. meri jaan
  232. kaadu thirandu
  233. anbe sivam
  234. poo vasam
  235. naatukoru seithi
  236. yela machi
  237. ruku ruku
  238. kadhala kadhala
  239. venilave
  240. sajda
  241. poopookum osai
  242. oolalala
  243. strawberry penne
  244. no problem
  245. mukkala
  246. mak macreena
  247. ruk ruk roop kya
  248. rosapu
  249. natchatira janalil
  250. un siripinil
  251. kotta paaku
  252. kondaiyil enda poo
  253. ram bam bam
  254. annamalai cycle
  255. ragangal 16
  256. thilu mullu
  257. autokaran
  258. azhagu
  259. kuluvayile
  260. tillana thillana
  261. kalyanam kacheri
  262. anthi mazhai
  263. kadhaluku arpanam
  264. enna saptam
  265. valaiyosai
  266. ulaganayagane
  267. oh oh sanam
  268. kaa karpanukkum
  269. mukunda
  270. situ kuruvi
  271. ammavum neeye
  272. raja kaiya vecha
  273. siva rathiri
  274. sundari neeyum
  275. kai vechalum
  276. koppara thenga
  277. marugo
  278. kakakakik-bumchikabam
  279. vazhve maayam
  280. Ilamai idho 
  281. parandhalum vidamaten
  282. kanne kaliamane
  283. devi sridevi
  284. unall mudiyum thambi
  285. vanam ellai
  286. sagalakala vallavane
  287. alwarpetai aandava
  288. tenali hoi
  289. telephone manipol
  290. neruppe chiki mukki
  291. manjal veyil
  292. partha mudhal naale
  293. karrka karrka
  294. kadhal vandhiruchu
  295. unna nenachaen
  296. germaniyil
  297. ennodu kadhal enru
  298. athiri bathiri
  299. kanmani anbodu
  300. nee partha paarvai
  301. disco vaadle 
  302. boofikira
  303. ey kya bolti tu
  304. deewangi
  305. ankhon mein teri
  306. main agar kahoon
  307. love mera hit
  308. marjaani
  309. khudaya
  310. you get me rockin
  311. hot party
  312. kanden kanden
  313. poi solla poren
  314. naan avan illai
  315. thiruttu payale
  316. thatyatha
  317. ondra
  318. uyirile
  319. koo koo endru kuyil
  320. paal pole vandai gopalane
  321. megam kotatum
  322. ninaithale inikum

                                                                                                         semi :) , shivani ,swetha 
                                                                                                             and I think aparna & tanu!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2 different book reviews!

Here, when I mean different it doesn't mean that the book review is very different but the book selection is rather oxymoron-ish as one is by a bestselling and famous and late author Agatha Christie and the other is by the relatively new and unknown jaishree misra but my views aren't biased my the author's name , its more like a teacher who doesn't see the name and correct a paper (which IS rare nowadays :P ) 

Francis Iles (Anthony Berkeley Cox) reviewed the novel in The Guardian's issue of December 20, 1963 when he said, "About Miss Agatha Christie's The Clocks I am not so sure. This begins well, with the discovery of a stranger in a suburban sitting-room, with four strange clocks all showing the same time; but thereafter the story, though as readable as ever, does tends to hang fire. Also there is one very corny item, the vital witness killed when on the point of disclosing crucial information, which is quite unworthy of Miss Christie."[4]

I do agree what Mr. Francis is telling,the book begins well with the clocks element adding to the mystery element very well but at the end when it turns out to be a red herring.......well its just a dampener.The book does have interesting attempts of narration.The narration has partial 1st person account from Colin "lamb" the hero of the book , but his sudden disappearances due to his mostly spying job adds to the confusion.Also, although amusing Hercule Poirot just sitting in his home and deducting is no fun......
Let's come to the story. As I told, the story begins well. Sheila Webb, a typist is instructed by a phone call which is delivered to her by her boss Miss Martindale to go to one Miss Pebmarsh's house and finds a dead body there........and Miss Pebmarsh, a blind woman denies calling for her . More intriguing.........there are 4 clocks in the house and all having the same time 4:13 ! Enters hero Colin who is hit by cupid's arrow when Sheila rushes out of the house and accidentally falls on his arms...ahem.
The investigations of the neighbors are amusing but gets boring as it covers 100 pages!What could have been a masterpiece gets ruined as the pace is slow, Poirot nowhere in scene and a key witness murdered. Poirot gives us a big lecture about the implausibility of many authors but what he himself discovers doesn't seem to be very believable!

Robert Barnard: "Lively, well-narrated, highly unlikely late specimen - you have to accept two spies and three murderers living in one small-town crescent
This guy has hit the bullseye! Agatha christie has got TOO carried away (like dan brown maybe :P ) and added too many spies and murderers lurking around!
Verdict- Read it if you are a christie fanatic or a bored reader. If you have read "black coffee " dont read this!
Secrets and lies
Surprise! Surprise! Secrets and lies exceeded my expectations and is a really good read!
This book deals with life of 4 woman in their early thirties. Bubbles malhotra is a wife of a millionaire but has a boring life where she feels she is more married to her mother in law than her husband! Next is Samira Hussain or Sam who is more of the protagonist of the 4 girls. She is suffering from a non existent relationship with her husband due to her overweight and his work.Anita is a brave and the aggressive women who we see nowadays, she confuses between true confidence- which is what aggression really is to violence, she also has to find a real relationship in her love life.Finally Zeba khan the Bollywood superstar who faces jet-lag,privacy invasion and has to get her morals right........
All these different women share a unlikely friendship , sprung when they were classmates.The story shifts between present which deals with their day to day problems and the past......which has a dynamic secret,their classmate lily's death.......everyone hates her and these 4 even planned to kill her. So did they really kill her? what was her past? will they solve their problems and how? forms the rest of the story. The book has been written exceptionally well with eye for details. One can really relate to the girls problems and all the characters are etched out really well specially sam's bro Harpoon's character was a standout.The story's narration is really good swinging the balance properly between the past and present.
However,the central character lily could have been done better and the hatred the girls show towards turns illogical as there are no actual chapters portraying her evilness , it appears hearsay! and the climax is quite a letdown as it is over expected......but kudos for the portion after that.
This book truly showcases Girl power in its own way and is a most enjoyable read with many fun elements!
verdict - Must read!
...................AND I don't want anyone to be cross with me as this is just my point of view! enjoy!

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