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We are the TEENAGERS!!
everything seems to be a confusion
yet we make it a classic fusion!
YES! we are worried about pimples
but they aren't dimples!
AND We don't watch POWER RANGERS!

We are in the middle
Life is such a riddle!

We are still the same fools.....!
don't blame us for changing!
but teenage still rulz
           so don't blame us for aging!

We are still in the middle
Life is such a romantic riddle!

We have new darlings
We have age old friendships
Between them we are forced to make ratings....
At the end we have sinking titanic ships :(

We are stuck in the middle 
Life is such a RIDDLE!

We Plunge into "Depressions"
Life becomes too demanding
we start crying in  bathrooms
We get instant "Aggressions"
You need constant reminding
that you need to go to classrooms!

We are caught in the middle
Life is such a riddle

We have the Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation
of which we lose our nights
We also have the Constant and Curious Enemies
who gain us fights and slights

We are getting strangled in the middle
life's such a shitty riddle

Don't forget the examinations!
Where remembering the portions
requires magic potions!
Better be with caution
or you may end up with your retirement  pension!

We are always in the middle
just try to unravel the riddle...........



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ek gaon mein ek kisan raghu thatha! :P

It's been a week in Pune already!! :O
and believe it or not  - I have fallen in love with this city! <3
or maybe it is just another one of my defense mechanisms , protecting me from shocks. Whatever this is , it has aroused me enough, to write a post! So let me finish this before reality sinks in .
( Side note :

  Defense mechanisms are pretty intriguing . Do you know that I haven't cried a single tear drop yet? My friends think it is some kind of sacrilegious blasphemy from my  part. But hey! If pessimists argue that I have effectively ended one life , I argue back that I have just started a new one :) I do miss chennai . However , I am not going to go gaga over it. Okay I just did . )
I haven't had much chance to discover the city in its entirety yet. But , from whatever I have seen - it is fresh , green , pleasant and mindnumbingly beautiful :')

So here it is . The elusive list of things I have noticed about Pune and my new life in general :

1) I was never a nat…

The Girl who cried wolf

The Girl who cried wolf
Splendid Sir Do you know the girl who cried wolf? Of course you do Do you believe her torrid tales of The Big Bad wolves Who feast on her soul every day? Probably you do. We do know that one bad animal doesn’t define a species Do you? #Notallwolves We get it sir Can we get on with it?
Your fragile ego Calls her a Nazi And disses her into a ditch Of silent suffering Like the good old days When girls were good Like little red riding hood
You forgot the moral of the story didn’t you?


Hi readers! Thanks for sticking around even when I don't write for months. I was having a writer's block of sorts and generally a rough phase in my life. The poem I'm publishing below is a very personal one and took a great deal of bravery from my side to be even posted. Many friends dissuaded me from sharing this particular chapter of my life. I have written on what it is like, to feel like a failure even when you know that you aren't one. It might seem like a small problem to most of you but I assure you that it has taken its toll on my life. However , I've recovered enough to talk about it now and share it with others , for I know that I'm not alone and want others to not feel alone too. This post does not intend to be negative , it just captures one of the darker phases of my life. There is always light at the end of the tunnel , I just chose to project the darkness this time. Thank you. 
People who get 98 start behaving like a 98 The poor ones who get an 8 …