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We are the TEENAGERS!!
everything seems to be a confusion
yet we make it a classic fusion!
YES! we are worried about pimples
but they aren't dimples!
AND We don't watch POWER RANGERS!

We are in the middle
Life is such a riddle!

We are still the same fools.....!
don't blame us for changing!
but teenage still rulz
           so don't blame us for aging!

We are still in the middle
Life is such a romantic riddle!

We have new darlings
We have age old friendships
Between them we are forced to make ratings....
At the end we have sinking titanic ships :(

We are stuck in the middle 
Life is such a RIDDLE!

We Plunge into "Depressions"
Life becomes too demanding
we start crying in  bathrooms
We get instant "Aggressions"
You need constant reminding
that you need to go to classrooms!

We are caught in the middle
Life is such a riddle

We have the Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation
of which we lose our nights
We also have the Constant and Curious Enemies
who gain us fights and slights

We are getting strangled in the middle
life's such a shitty riddle

Don't forget the examinations!
Where remembering the portions
requires magic potions!
Better be with caution
or you may end up with your retirement  pension!

We are always in the middle
just try to unravel the riddle...........



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You Too

I too didn’t wannaget raped Stalked hunted preyed on And Live in a social structure Where I could do no wrong.
I too wanted to report him And make him pay For all the layers He stripped off me And made me a sexual object Only worthy of being attained
I too want to come out clean After I burn down this building Of patriarchy and misogyny Where his silence is valued more than my voice And my silence is enough to prove his male noise.
I too I really do But will you pay my bills And help me when I’m on pills? Why will I ask you for justice When you shame me for asking too late
Truth is You don’t want me to voice out And change this system Where it works just fine for you How is my accusation worse than his actions? Because now you have to do something about it now?
So I’m sorry If it is going to affect your privileged little life But I am going to climb to the roof of your building Take my biggest fricking megaphone And shout YOU TOO* *you silent enabler of patriarchy I hope you can hear now*

A hard day's night

Sometimes Whatever you touch turns to gold And people sing your praises And name their babies after you
But mostly It is a crap fest And walk in the dark A whole lot of ‘learning’ and ‘hardwork’ Without reward or due.
It is very easy to get disheartened Or a whiny loser A self-fulfilling prophecy Which can be avoided With a bit of grit

Bite your teeth Get down to work Not to prove anyone wrong But prove yourself right

The world openly admires talent And secretly respects hardwork Become as good as you think you are Take these bad days as a boon Or fool yourself with any b.s Anything which helps you sleep at night So that you live to fight and win another day.
Actual experience makes clich├ęs real And superstition into faith And a bad day A good one


Living on the mandate of others Is basically Life imprisonment Yet we all bear through it All Smiles through a gritted teeth. A rite of passage of course To come unscathed through the other side Full of sudden wisdom and cryptic cynicism Silently afraid to cut these choking umbilical chords Nourishment and community and all Convincing ourselves this is what it is To Be Human,

Taking the place of the Others Who won and lost Losing our wonder And wondering what we lost- The essence of being ourselves
The hyenas feed on our soul Only when it is exposed Keep it intact tightly within you Guard it like a watchdog Fundamental rights and all. Worship it like a temple and Pray you don’t lose yourself For the call of others Whatever may be the cost.