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We are the TEENAGERS!! everything seems to be a confusion yet we make it a classic fusion! YES! we are worried about pimples but they aren't dimples! AND We don't watch POWER RANGERS!
We are in the middle Life is such a riddle!
We are still the same fools.....! don't blame us for changing! but teenage still rulz            so don't blame us for aging!
We are still in the middle Life is such a romantic riddle!
We have new darlings We have age old friendships Between them we are forced to make ratings.... At the end we have sinking titanic ships :(
We are stuck in the middle  Life is such a RIDDLE!
We Plunge into "Depressions" Life becomes too demanding we start crying in  bathrooms We get instant "Aggressions" You need constant reminding that you need to go to classrooms!
We are caught in the middle Life is such a riddle
We have the Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation of which we lose our nights We also have the Constant and Curious Enemies who gain us fights and slights
We a…