Thursday, August 19, 2010

When Opposites ATTRACT!!!!

She : Hey! Sup?
It's always me - the culprit!
Me : hi... nothing much.. life sux!
she: why the hell r u so PESSIMISTIC? what's wrong with u , semi?
Me : YOU! you never spend time with me, You don't even sit with me! I consider you as my best friend for life and you think I am just another one!
She : Shut up semi! stop blabbering! It's just that you sit in the last bench and I can't study from there....You are always invited in the front! 
a long pause
Me: Will you make my time worthwhile by talking? 
She:............... Not during the class but surely during the break and lunch!
me: Eh?
She: OK......the time gaps when a teacher leaves and the other enters!
Me:  (frustrated) Get lost you bitch!
She: Semi!!!!! never again speak with me again in my life! Get lost! Friendship over!
( she walks away)
me: Please! please! I'm sorry,sorry sorry <3 <3 
after many periods
she: OK semi! Never again do this in your life OK?
me: Sure!!!!
Hey everybody! This is how relationships travel when opposites attract! At least in my case! My bestie loves mathematics and uses algebraic brackets ( I'm allergic of them) even in chat conversations and I hate that! As you can see that she is a goody goody girl and I'm the rudest and meanest when I am irritated...So it always tends to be like this........
What do I like so much to put up with SO many differences? Her sweetness, intelligence , nature hell! everything. Actually I didn't immediately bond with her (she also knows) but once I knew her its like impossible to fight with her :))
She is the epitome of tolerance as only my best of friends know how rude and demanding I am....What amazes me ,is that how she takes all the shit I give her with a straight face and always tries avoiding a quarrel. I like surprising my friends every now and then , some are sweet and some are NOT. For the friendship day , I tried to SURPRISE her by fighting with her and not talking with her.
I'm such an idiot!
The problem was I didn't find a proper reason to fight with and so never told her one! I tortured her by doing silly things like passing notes which said "our relationship is over, never again talk with me" and setup a mini drama by asking my friends to lie that I talked badly about her and all other lame stuff.
My sweet friend never bothered with all this was only amused why I was behaving so stupidly and constantly avoiding her. She always tried to talk to me and and never once hated me...I lost the battle.
What was more awkward was that I got the friendship day date WRONG and my plan flunked badly. I couldn't resist it anymore and after a week I shamefacedly accepted my dear babe accepted all my apologies with a laugh!
Who will be like this? Surely ONLY her. I have found a gem of a friend and I rarely appreciate instead torture her with rude remarks, this is a big "sorry" for her for everything!
Why will such an idiot like me accept all this publicly? Because....I'm leaving school surely this year and surely gonna irritate her forever......She still doesn't believe this which is really good. "I'm so sorry  my best friend for life". Opposite forces attract like nothing else! Whatever happens I will always be with you directly or indirectly!

with evergreen love

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