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The title is the theme song of radio city!! It is true! 100% I may be somewhat biased as I love radio city for no apparent reason. It all started one evening when my mom to make studies more interesting asked me to keep the radio on ( volume low) and study.
I did it and fell in love with radio city he moment I started listening! I am generally talking about the evening show from 6:00 to 9:30! When I first heard it....Ananda kannan was the RJ. As he was a television host too, I could relate more with his voice. He used to bring 'gomathi akka' to ask riddles it used to be funny and thoughtful.
Then suddenly like a flash of lightning GOPIDA entered the radio world and he conquered it with his energy , affability and voice! His shows are soooo varied every hour! Starting with ' wrong number' where he would play prank call on innocent people :P to the innovative concept of 'top 8' everything rocks in his show! His humor quotient improved so rapidly and the prank call where he scares a poor man by telling that the paneer and tomatoes in his fridge contained bomb leaves anyone in splits!Sadly, he has changed to morning show as kanmani ( another awesome RJ) left. But I wont leave him so easily :D ,I follow all his morning shows whenever possible.
Instead of gopida there is Hasini who I suspect was the gomathi akka who came in radio city.I found it difficult to adjust to her as no one can replace gopida! But hasini shows are turning out to be good and very interesting and shaping up really well. She starts with city bus where gopida travels to a place and  she describes the place ( inside chennai obviously) , next hour goes to kollywood gossips , sms contests and the new story of PEEPIDA who I suspect is gopida talking in a nasal voice. The interactions between the RJ's , their flow and most importantly their humor quotient is awesome. The next hour is again top 8 but unlike gopida's contests these top 8's topics are very diverse, interesting and has latest songs!
After hasini comes the highly acclaimed love guru who mellows us with his sober voice. His content is very good and the songs are romantic and prepare you for a peaceful night.The other RJ's are varadhu during sundays ( classfields) , meow vidhu (afternoons).
The references to 'producer priya' makes you smile and the listeners will surely fell at home in radio city. There are few glitches here and and there with technical problem but the RJ's cover it up really well and that matters alot.
All said about the RJ's the music is what which makes you turn on the radio and Radio city provides you the best of it from past, present and future in the right mix which resists you from changing channels!
(not to forget CUPPI who sings mokka songs and GOPIDA again)


  1. Worst radio station in chennai. Play same song every hour

  2. Umm.. Mr.ANONYMOUS it still plays the best song.

  3. gopida is gone... he no longer belongs to Radio Citi


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