Saturday, August 28, 2010

No time to breath...............!

I start by saying that I do NOT have breathing problem. :P AND I know yoga very well and I am too fit and healthy.However,all these seemed to be threatened by the single introduction of C.C.E. I do accept that childhood is for studying but not for SLOGGING. The following post goes on with the same views and its just a PERCEPTION.Hope you understand English.

How does a class 10 average  student's life go about? Wake up , do the assignments with your maximum dexterity (pending ones obviously)  ,  rush to have a bath before your stupid brother/sister (younger ones mostly) who don't understand your urgency and fight for the bathroom. While having the bath revise your trigonometric identities or chemical identities , go to your bedroom to fit into your uniform , find that it is missing / torn /  your senseless friend's handwriting on it / not ironed , getting panicked screaming at your mom and getting  some back and finally put it on......By the time you would have forgotten what you had studied for the test. So, eat and read at the same time , grab your lunch bag and jump into the car / rush in your cycle / run for your van.
Reach school , write the still pending notes till the assembly bell rings , bear the assembly and the heat , the boring partner jabbering away next to you. Then , go back to class where you got to listen to the teacher's physics lecture and  at the same time finish your chemistry classwork underneath the desk and chat with your friend :P
Test period!! where you gotta remind yourself of the various things you studied , sincerely and co operatively at the same time! Stop yourself from distractions like the teacher sudden talkative mood (only during a test! :O) , your partner poking you constantly for "you know what" and the Noise pollution from the P.T ground and your neighboring classes (who love taking revenge ;) )
Next period itself ,you lose the purpose of coming to school and start sleeping with the great help of your teacher's droning voice! the Period after that will surely be the one where you would have to submit your assignment. You will surely have forgotten about it and curse yourself for sleeping the previous period............ then beg your teacher for extra time, alas! you will have another assignment sheet for completion and "some in text questions" to complete.
Before you have the time to memorize this,ANOTHER teacher walks in apologetically and gives you a "creative" assignment , such as debate/ skit / speech and whatever els that would require preparation....the group activities are the WORST , you gotta make everyone ASSEMBLE , then patiently take their views , form a plan , execute it and revise it! It almost takes 1- 1.5 hr which is impossible to allocate with all the tuition classes, extra classes to complete portions , dramatic workshops and SPOKEN Sanskrit classes!
It's not over yet my friend! The all important test notes arrive!!! You go though the difficulty of opening it without anyone watching, either jump. shout . brag the mark you got!, Or go to your place hide your face and force yourself to feel depressed or WORSE goto your crying friend and console her.
After all this over deal , go home sit on Facebook share your mood , call and torture a friend about the various to Do's for the week.....most likely the next day. Sometimes you even bug them by for a xerox or even beg them for them to do your confusing math lab activity!
You are almost brain dead when you start studying for the next day's test , somehow you study , doze off ,wake up again and CONCENTRATE. You finally goto sleep after catching a glimpse off the last minute of master chef when you remember that you forgot to BRUSH your  teeth! Unhappily you close your eyelids....
Again you wake up and do your ever pending assignments with maximum dexterity....................PHEW!

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