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No time to breath...............!

I start by saying that I do NOT have breathing problem. :P AND I know yoga very well and I am too fit and healthy.However,all these seemed to be threatened by the single introduction of C.C.E. I do accept that childhood is for studying but not for SLOGGING. The following post goes on with the same views and its just a PERCEPTION.Hope you understand English.

How does a class 10 average  student's life go about? Wake up , do the assignments with your maximum dexterity (pending ones obviously)  ,  rush to have a bath before your stupid brother/sister (younger ones mostly) who don't understand your urgency and fight for the bathroom. While having the bath revise your trigonometric identities or chemical identities , go to your bedroom to fit into your uniform , find that it is missing / torn /  your senseless friend's handwriting on it / not ironed , getting panicked screaming at your mom and getting  some back and finally put it on......By the time you would have forgotten wha…

When Opposites ATTRACT!!!!

She : Hey! Sup?
Me : hi... nothing much.. life sux!
she: why the hell r u so PESSIMISTIC? what's wrong with u , semi?
Me : YOU! you never spend time with me, You don't even sit with me! I consider you as my best friend for life and you think I am just another one!
She : Shut up semi! stop blabbering! It's just that you sit in the last bench and I can't study from there....You are always invited in the front! 
a long pause
Me: Will you make my time worthwhile by talking? 
She:............... Not during the class but surely during the break and lunch!
me: Eh?
She: OK......the time gaps when a teacher leaves and the other enters!
Me:  (frustrated) Get lost you bitch!
She: Semi!!!!! never again speak with me again in my life! Get lost! Friendship over!
( she walks away)
me: Please! please! I'm sorry,sorry sorry <3 <3 
after many periods
she: OK semi! Never again do this in your life OK?
me: Sure!!!!
Hey everybody! This is how relationships travel when opposites attract! At least …

The Crowded bus < such a PISS>

On celebrating madras day, everyone sees the positives of Chennai! <3 <3 I also was so excited about it! But அருள்மிகு வெம்புலி அம்மன்   changed my day for the worse and my biased perception that Chennai was the BEST with nothing as a major concern (GOD! I am so biased) changed dramatically.........not exactly DRAMATIC but surely it was a litmus test.
OK! oof. It started like this..........I was waiting for about 15 mins (5 more than usual) for my bus to arrive and carry me to my tuition. Generally it takes about half an hour to reach my class and I somehow have the luck to get a seat to sit on and the bus is mostly Deluxe. However everything was vertically opposite of my routine! The bus was the normal I had the Beware! mindset as I knew there would be crowd.The seat which should have been MINE , ie, which was free when I bought the ticket and taken over exactly when I made a move to sit on it! Then this unpleasant, over shrewd ,sharp tongued lady with her two kids had…


The title is the theme song of radio city!! It is true! 100% I may be somewhat biased as I love radio city for no apparent reason. It all started one evening when my mom to make studies more interesting asked me to keep the radio on ( volume low) and study.
I did it and fell in love with radio city he moment I started listening! I am generally talking about the evening show from 6:00 to 9:30! When I first heard it....Ananda kannan was the RJ. As he was a television host too, I could relate more with his voice. He used to bring 'gomathi akka' to ask riddles it used to be funny and thoughtful.
Then suddenly like a flash of lightning GOPIDA entered the radio world and he conquered it with his energy , affability and voice! His shows are soooo varied every hour! Starting with ' wrong number' where he would play prank call on innocent people :P to the innovative concept of 'top 8' everything rocks in his show! His humor quotient improved so rapidly and the prank call …

The fan

She was found jumping when the news reached her ears. Her friends doubted whether she was a lesbo.After all the director was a female! :O "I know her! I know her , she's my role model!"  "what?? my role model is prathiba patil =O ! Other have kalam, rahman or tendulkar as their role model....but you have a unknown school alumni as your role model??" said panku her irritating friend. "point no .1 she is NOT unknown she is a great friend for everyone!!!!! point no.2 A role model is just a person who's qualities you ADAPT in life. I don't find anything wrong with that. After all  she's such a sweet person who's so happy and any one will like easily! she's not like you rude and crude. point no.3 did you brush your teeth??"
Panku got shocked at the sweetest person in class awardee (5 years) to be so aggressive and angry so she decided to shut her trap.........until the day the director came.It was all right for the first and the second s…