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My summer with books!

I am in the tail end of my summer holidays which have been dominated by my only worthwhile hobby -'BOOKS'.I would like to thank murugan lending library for the vast collection of library they have. I am gonna share views on the books I have read , they vary from natural chetan bhagat to the epitome of suspense Jeffrey Deaver to the easy going James Hadley chase and various other books.I am going to categorize it into various categories to make it simpler.

I am a crazy fan of chetan bhagat....His writings are very contemporary and fresh.I read his '2 states' and 'one night at the call center' this summer.....Like his other two books these books are about the 'youth' of the contemporary India.'2 states' is about two young lovers Krish and ananya who are from two different states Punjab and Tamilnadu.How they fall in love,convince their shocked parents and finally marry after a mini breakup is the book's content.Written in typical chetan fashion with his wry humor and first person narration the book is hilarious and witty.As I am a tamilian I enjoyed reading about krish's experience in Chennai.Many people can really connect to the situation of this book and finally the unity in diversity concept is amazing!Next I read his book 'One night at the call center' which is his best work up till now.Set in the backdrop of a call center it revolves around 6 principal characters Shyam,Vroom,Radhika,Priyanka,Esha and Military Uncle. All the 6 characters face problems and how they overcome it in one night is the story.The protagonist Shyam faces his worst situation when his lover priyanka breaks up with him and is ready to marry a software american professional.He  lacks confidence and his much awaited promotion is shattered when his boss takes credit for his project.Vroom loves Esha but she loves modelling,vroom is the rich guy who fought with his dad and his angry with himself as he hates his job and knows that he has just taken it up for ts money, so he is the guy who struggles with himself.Radhika sacrifices many things for her husband and she finds out that night that he is cheating on her and is going out with someone else.Priyanka has loads of problems with her mother and esha sleeps with someone to propel her modelling career and in the end snubbed..........All these people also face the crisis of unemployment due to job cuts and hate their boss.When a miracle phone call from god himself comes their lives start changing......This is a truly riveting plot and I found myself reading it through the midnight as I just couldn't close the books!This is  a must read for any fan of book on earth!!
After reading these stunning books of chetan I have started respecting Indian authors a lot and hence picked up a latest release called 'where girls dare' by Bhavna Chauhan.This book is about lady cadets in a training camp in chennai aspiring to became officers but this proves to be a uphill task for the girls as their trainers find that they were to cheerful on their first day! Where girls dare is a nice read with detailed description about the army life. As the author herself was an officer the story is plausible.The same theme about underdogs rising to the occasion is there but it still a good read beyond all the clichéd plot.Read it if you want a refreshing female point of viewing to punishments and fitness!

My Usual Books
I am a huge fan of certain authors like Erne Stanley Gardener , James Hadley Chase and Jeffrey Archer. I have been reading their books for years now and aiming to complete all their books. I have read all of Jeffrey Archer's book and I read his 'Paths of glory' this summer.The magic Archer weaves out of his characters can be outdone by only himself.I had tears in my eyes when I finished reading the book.The story is about George Mallory who is said to be the first man to reach Mt.Everest.While many speculate whether he reached the peak or not what stole my heart was the way the man was portrayed....His beautiful family and his sincerity and everything.The letter he writes to his wife his simply stunning.Just don't miss this book,many may claim Archer has written better stories but this is one of the few honest tales with no dramatizations your heart needs sometimes.............
James Hadley Chase novels are the few breezy novels anyone would love to read on a travel or lying in their armchairs.You can read the books for the title itself!! I have read so many books this summer that I can't specify one title I read!The plots are simple yet powerful and so power packed that you cant put the book down without finishing it! The last book I read was 'Just another Sucker' It is about a reporter who is framed and sent to jail as he doesn't accept a bribe.The story begins after he completes his spell in jail. High and dry, a wife to support he accepts the proposal to take part in a faked kidnapping plan by a millionaire's  wife for the money. It leaves him with a dead body and no money.At the same time he is given a job in the public prosecutor's office.He is in the team of finding the killer! How he sorts out the mess is the story! Reading it will surely leave your mind whirling!
 Erne Stanley Gardner's 'Perry mason' although old is never boring!He is my idol for courtroom novels and the twists in the stories can never be comprehended before reading the full story(unless you peep backside and see!).

I read a lot of courtroom novels in the hope of becoming a good lawyer! This summer I read some Perry mason novels, John Grisham bestsellers , read 'jury' by Steve Martini and 'Trial By Fire' by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg.
John Grisham's books are really engrossing and different from other books.I read 'Client' which was really good.It is about a small boy who hears too much about a case from a man who is about to commit suicide,although the book is technically really good but it lacks a fear factor thrillers need to have and is sometimes dragging.The end is good.At the same time 'partner' is the ultimate thriller and moves in a break neck speed.The way Patrick gets out of the mess is simply outstanding!The story is about a crooked,smart lawyer who steals ninety million dollars from his firm and is on the run. After 4 years they finally catch him only to let him escape using all the technicalities.The shortcuts and twists are so many and so powerful that it leaves you staring at the book! This is one of the best books I have ever read and the ending is a icing on the cake............
Steve Martini's courtroom books is full of intricate details about the real life proceedings in courts.The book is about a scientist who is suspected of killing his colleague and the case against him looks open and shut....Paul Madrini is his defense lawyer with his friend harry who try to bust the case......The story moves slowly with facts revealing itself and the case being almost impossible for the defendant to win.The twist which is always around the corner is astounding but we have to wait for it and is almost too long........
'Trial by Fire' was the surprise package as the story about A powerful woman D.A  who is accused of murder of her parents who were killed in a mysterious fire 15 years ago  is simply mouth watering! The characters are all powerful and when the story is about to end the the big twist comes...This is a must read.

Deaver Special
I picked Jeffrey Deaver's book 'twisted' by mistake thinking it was an archer book, but it proved to be an amazing choice as I was left dumbfounded after reading all the short stories which had twists human brain can not easily decipher!I cant explain any story as it will spoil the suspense and no one should miss reading it......Then I read 'empty chair' which has Lincoln Rhyme in the lead , a crippled criminologist who believes evidence is god and is lover cum assistant who believe in people.They investigate a case where a boy is accused of murder and kidnap......Rhyme finds the boy with all his evidence but his assistant is convinced that he is wrongly accused and helps him escape from jail...........The turns that take in the story are wonderful but making Jesse corn a criminal is the only unbelievable part.....Ok! you read the books and understand!


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I too didn’t wannaget raped Stalked hunted preyed on And Live in a social structure Where I could do no wrong.
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