Friday, June 11, 2010

First week inside the green colored building!

If you think I am writing about a mental hospital U r partly right , but the exact location is my school which looks extra scary to the 10th standards!! The board has scraped the board examinations and have introduced CCE which is even more scary and for unlucky people like me who are planning to change schools boards are compulsory! So , I gotta cope up with both the examinations and CCE :( !!!! So, I took the extra flight of stairs (a unlucky bonus of going to 10th) graciously and reached my classroom...............
MAN!! It wasn't fun. Every first day of school everyone will have the funny tension of shuffling where we wait to see which friends are in our class and out....but this year we had the same class as we were in 10th.It was pretty boring and a the great SHOCK! I had the same teacher! I had expected new ones whom I could I had NO chance of getting any grades in the discipline!!!! She would think of me as the same naughty and talkative girl from the 9th!!!! No amount of ice would melt her! Strike one for me!
Next, it was chatting time with friends(although it ain't allocated in the timetable!) OMG! they weren't  the same for sure! The mouths that argued about sharukh khan and hrithik roshan , argued about algebraic problems and alternative source of energy! I tried to chill them but they made me sweat! Seriously, that's the biggest problem! No one seems to relax they are making me also all screwed up about The great tenth standard !!! All the passerbys  also warn u when U inform them u r in tenth! It is as if we are telling them the tsunami is coming after us!!!
Then,the time table was announced. OMG! everything was going wrong! Even if u added P.T and G.C the day was with 2 english and 2 math periods!!! The table was designed all wrong and my wonderful teacher put me in the group I didn't want her to! After all I was in the same group for  3 years of my 5 years in senior groups :'( 
Everything was going wrong but not ME! I wasn't gonna give up! The only thing my dear friend shivani talks nowadays ( except math) is about me leaving school. She can be an awesome salesman as she is trying her level best to keep me in B V M for 2  more years! For now it seems impossible but I will sure miss them! I am furious that fun is studying but I don't want to miss out on any fun! So I have been studying really hard for the past 3 days so that I can make it lighter for me but unfortunately even if I am afloat with study the school bag makes my burden heavier! My right hand has started to pain badly , what will all the writing and the few basketball game during the p.t periods!Surely there gonna be a lot of assignments what with CCE and a load of tests what with the board exams. I am stuck in the mud! but I will do it! As bob the bulder says "yes we can" and as spider man says " with great power comes great  responsibility"(atleast I have great power in my eyes! LOL)
It is depressing to know that I can't watch T.V that often and read story books.....Shit! I can't even talk with my friends during my last year in school.....but change is nature. If they can do it so can I but as long as facebook and blogger is there I am never DEAD! :P 

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