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DILEMMA:Waste or Taste ????

I was typing and still didn't know what I was about to post when it suddenly struck  me like all my brainwaves always do (which aren't the brainy ones you may think of, but simple truths which may  leave you dumbfounded!!) . I have wasted my holidays!!! True, holidays are for fun, to relax and enjoy.That doesn't mean not even looking at the direction where your school books lay, that too when you are in the period when you are promoted from 9th to 10th std!!!! HALT!HALT! put on the brakes,madam!Why are you getting so scared??What's wrong in spending holidays like holidays are supposed to?? You weren't just sleeping throughout the holidays....True,you didn't touch that 10th std math textbook(yuck) but that doesn't mean you lazed around!!You read more thrillers in one month than sachin tendulkar's total amount of centuries!!Sometimes you helped your grandmother before she could scream and you have been working hard on your blog, so CHILL! You haven't co…

A challenge with 'GOD'

A week ago I went to shirdi temple where sai baba was born. I have never analysed my religious views seriously as I thought I wasn't old enough and to be more frank I really didn't bother about any supernatural powers over me. I am more like me when I pray to god during hardships (like exams!!) .
Now, I wanted shirdi  to be more of a holiday than spiritual eye turner and my grandmother didn't help my cause.She was constantly nagging  me to do this and that for god.Then came the bad hotels and huge Que which I had to cross to meet the god himself(or his idol).Maybe if you were so religious you would have been awestruck seeing the huge statue of god , not me. I was thoroughly irritated as I could have seen that in the television screen outside the temple, even in my house as they daily broad cast sai baba's aarthi on T.V.
So, the vicious me was turned on. When I went to touch his foot.....I thought "GOD! what is the use worshiping u in huge numbers? what will be the g…


I am caught in a DARK MIST..
am I really missed???
GOD!can you give this tale a twist??!!
as I am really PISSED!!

YA, to be honest I made a mistake
I wanted to give my skl a miss
but I didn't know what was at STAKE
OBVIOUSLY no one will expect a dismiss!

I didn't realize that it did happen
When I did, no one cared what did happen
ALL they wanted me to do was ACCEPT
so they never even bother to SUSPECT

am I really that bad ??
or is it that everyone else are so MAD???
CAN"T they understand that every wrong word spoken
CAN leave a heart BROKEN????

now, this called behaving dumb
taking away all our freedom
pushing us to boredom 
& calling it the route to STARDOM!!!!!!

Now,what I really care about is 
whether anyone cared to find my .......