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Tamil mass heroes = loss heroes!

It is a widespread fact that Tamil films are not doing well for the past 2-3 years. Very few films are achieving success and our super heroes are the ones suffering the most.A quick look at the top heroes recent success rats is more than enough to showcase this truth.
Ilayathalapathi vijay is having a poor run for last 3 years. All his fan support is going in vain as all his films seem to have the same story and the same fate at the box office.After pokkiri in 2006 all his films are big duds.Azhagiya tamizh magan  didn't run well as it was neither commercial nor had a proper story.After that came kuruvi(2008) , villu(2009) which were big flops which started questioning the actor's credibility as the box office king. Vijay's next venture with sun pictures fared decently at the box office mainly due to sun pictures advertising and promos.The actor's next film is sura where he is trying to straighten is campaign.

Ultimate star ajith always takes a film at a time and tries to give a different product every time. After Billa, a big blockbuster came Aegan, an action comedy,remake of srk's main hoon na  , which didn't run well. Then came aasal , the usual don story, which had an average fare in the box office. Ajith's upcoming film is announced to be a cop story.Hope he strikes a winning rhythm.

Slow and steady "Chiyan" vikram as he is fondly called puts a huge amount of effort in every film he works in.After the blockbuster anniyan in 2005 , he worked for 3 years in bheema.But bheema didn't produce the desired results and ended a flop.Then he came as a cop and superhero in kanthaswamy which was heavily criticized and didn't fare well as proclaimed.He is acting in Mani ratnam's asokavanam and raavan and has raised high expectations of the film.
Actor surya maybe the only one who tasted success in these years.His film Vaarnam aayiram although slow was well received and appreciated by audience.The next one, Ayan was an action blockbuster and surya's fame increased.Aadhavan raised everyone's expectations and although dissapointed some still showed a success which was rare in the other actor's films.Surya is promising with his new look in singam.
The main reason for big heroes film flopping is likely due to the lack of emphasise in the story and acting.Unnecessary importance to formulas,cast,style and glamour has led to these losses.But at the same time ayan , a shrewd action film has won because of the story. So, there is still cope for our heroes to make it big!!!!!


  1. True... I feel that the soul of a film is its story n technology is nthin bt the second lead... A good story always succeeds..


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