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Cinema plus

'Cinema Plus' is a paper & pencil game which is way less expensive than the sort of games kids go after nowadays. It is more like hangman  but the topic is specific- movies.As the name suggests a player who gives the question as to draw a plus (+) symbol.The plus has 4 sides, In the 1st side the player needs to fill up the first letter of the actor lead's name , in the 2nd the actress lead's , the 3rd the movie's and the last a popular song from the film.
In the example given the topic is hindi films. The answer is Aamir Khan, Asin, Ghajini and Behka song from the film.To make the game interesting 4 players should be the maximum,2 in each team.Each side discovered will give 10 points. If the players cannot find a side 10 point goes to the other team.
To make it more interesting and to get more points u can add subdivisions to the side by asking multiple actors films. The example in right is a very popular blockbuster which has taken a dip at gays.  Like the above …

Tamil mass heroes = loss heroes!

It is a widespread fact that Tamil films are not doing well for the past 2-3 years. Very few films are achieving success and our super heroes are the ones suffering the most.A quick look at the top heroes recent success rats is more than enough to showcase this truth.
Ilayathalapathi vijay is having a poor run for last 3 years. All his fan support is going in vain as all his films seem to have the same story and the same fate at the box office.After pokkiri in 2006 all his films are big duds.Azhagiya tamizh magan  didn't run well as it was neither commercial nor had a proper story.After that came kuruvi(2008) , villu(2009) which were big flops which started questioning the actor's credibility as the box office king. Vijay's next venture with sun pictures fared decently at the box office mainly due to sun pictures advertising and promos.The actor's next film is sura where he is trying to straighten is campaign.

Ultimate star ajith always takes a film at a time and tries…

mafia wars

The very first topic I am gonna discuss is mafia wars. It is a zynga games creation and is very interesting.It is not the normal animations based game. It is a game where you click and play. Many people don't understand it the first time they play, but once they start understanding it and playing regularly the rewards are amazing! I am currently in level 130's and hence consider myself experienced.You can do jobs and fight with other players all over to gain money. With this money we can start businesses and buy buildings and become rich. We need to buy weapons and also when playing consistently can receive free weapons & loots & collectors items.This game can be played in New York,Cuba , Moscow and Bangkok. Paris, Las Vegas are coming soon.
This game gets very interesting as you progress in levels and as this game is on Facebook you can add friends and have a huge mafia. There are also reward points which we can buy using credit card,which helps you get cooler stuff o…