Saturday, January 18, 2020

Bottle Tree

I am just a glass bottle hanging from a tree, 
oscillating in an orbit of pain
to the tune of my circumstances.
My emotions are somewhere sealed
inside that airtight bottle,
I think they are transparent
But ofcourse!
They are actually invisible to the onlooker.
And he asks,
What are you a glass bottle doing
clinging on to a bare tree?
I'm better off with my fellow bottle mates.
But once our paths collide,
Won't we just crash and break 
and let loose that noxious subtance 
which man calls love and
I call pain?

Saturday, November 30, 2019

She knew

He was so good for her they said. She should be lucky to have him. He was successful in his career , he was caring , he claimed to love her very much , he constantly kept complimenting her. Constantly. He was her caste. He was a true gentleman. He always said the right things. But beneath that seemingly perfect man was an actual asshole waiting to burst out. He however never showed it. But she could feel it in her bones. The way he said things which she wanted to hear. The way his lips curled down sometimes when he was getting bothered but chose not to show. The way he made every decisions hers and basked in the radiance of his magnanimity. The way he loved playing victim. Constantly making her the villain with his actions and not words. The signs were so subtle sometimes she thought she was imagining them. No one would believe her even if she told. Her own mom was smitten by him. But she knew.
 #abusivemen #ministories #theyknow #theyknowthatweknow #mentalhealth #meredithgrey #instastories 

Saturday, November 23, 2019


Dedicated to the man because of whom anonymous comments are disabled for all. And who is now commenting on a fake id now.

You asked me out 
I said I will rather die from the gout
You then claimed I wasn't clear 
and wanted me to come near 
If i could just open my ears 
and only hear
how much "I love you my dear"

You can call me a hoe 
but No means No.

I blocked you there
and to be honest 
what I thought was everywhere.
and now you have the gall to come HERE
my blog my sacred sanctuary
and comment without your name!
Have you no shame?
This is not a game. 

You may low
and lamenting full of sorrow
but a NO is still a NO

I report you to your boss
and you spew more lies
I am not Rachel
 you are definitely NO Ross &
we definitely were never friends
So please don't try to make amends.

No will always be No
and No you cannot call me a hoe. 
or a bro.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Secret

By Samyuktha J

my response to the book I'm reading which really pissed me off with serendipity and positive thinking when what the world needs right now is constructive action. 

A picture speaks a 1000 words
An action speaks a 100 thoughts
How you treat your mother
speaks more than your tweets
On Feminism.

So rise and shine
And wake up to this universal truth
Packaged as a secret
To make you excited~

Action counts more than thoughts!

All the wishful thinking in the world
Will conspire against you
Yellow brick road or not.

Serendipity may await the believer
At the end of the magical rainbow
Along with pots of gold.
Wash your face with the raindrops
And look at the reflection in the dirtypuddle
A lazy hypocrite praying without acting
Should not claim a windfall at all.

Also for Poet united's midweek motif The awakening

Sunday, October 6, 2019

A trip through October

So September ended
And someone woke me up
As previously promised

~ Oh! The ever painful pinky
Always randomly hitting stuff
And bringing up pent up sh*t
Aren’t you supposed to be a secret? ~

I tear the daily calendar sheets
And suddenly here we are…
There is more torn than less to tear

The month of Mahatma Gandhi
A magnificent man who
Truly walked the walk
All the way to Dandi
And paved the way
Towards democracy
with secularism ,
He took a bullet for it too.

Then comes navratri
9 days of steaming hot culture
Which defines  South India for you.
Sundals , ancient dolls and Carnatic music
All wrapped in a silk saree
That is golu for you.

 And to cap it all off
We have the crowning jewel of Indian culture
DIWALI – the festival of lights
The big boom of crackers,
The smell of ghee emanation from all the delicious sweets
*Ah all the calories
I already feel fat now*
The colour popping from all the traditional clothes
Can make even a blind man shy
This is India at its most glorious
All are invited
With family
Please RSVP!

I tear more sheets
The month is over now!
Absolutely no work done
I carry around a few more kgs
And a bucketload of memories J

Written for PU's Pantry of poetry proses : October prompt. This is my october for you :) added prose in poetry form to justify the prompt :P 

Join the fun. How is your typical october?

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


By psiipilehto

Vigilance is the price paid for liberty we say &
Melt the midnight candle
Till the brain explodes
Worrying about dystopian futures
Becoming immediate realities

Wake up next morning
Already too haggard
for the hard day ahead .
Already on the edge
On espresso
Hit the Roads

Shame the shameless culprits
The Nazis ,
The pervy uncles &
Nervy mothers

Quote Dante , Kennedy & Dan Brown all at once:-
The darkest places in hell are reserved for those
who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.
No one listens.
Like the Germans once didn’t
How late is too late?

The twilight hits
The morale a
 bit too swift …

What if this struggle isn’t unique?
Just the disgruntlement of every
 Angry young person
Maybe its all the coffee and student debt
A wilful distraction in lieue of personal poo poo

Get pacified by dinner.
I was just hungry
For what? I still don’t know..
Tomorrow will be a better day
At least another day.

Then the midnight hits.

For PU's Midweek Motif Vigilance

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