Thursday, May 7, 2020

What once was


We are plagued by memories

By what once was

Ours to cherish

But not cherished.


To collaborate with &

Not compete against.

To break a for given bond

Without any thought given

Absent mindedly

Like how dusts of disinterest and distance

Began to gather over us



But we are still friends,

Still as dead water.

Of silent tears

Which were (never) cried.


Saturday, May 2, 2020

Liquid Heart


 ##skylover wordlist - Alchemy , implacable , knight , aqua , mask , aloof , almond , nocturnal , landscape , sting.



These nocturnal mornings..

A product of virus induced,

Unstable raging routines

Sting me just a bit more when

It dawns upon me that,


My knight in shining whatever

Will find it just a bit more impossible

To track me down.

My face covered with equal measures

Aloofness & N97 masks.


My implacable heart demands

An alchemy of sorts

Or atleast a reverse osmosis

Of this aquatic almond

In the centre of my chest,


To leak the leanings of my liquid heart

Unto the larger landscape

And hope love finds me

Before it is a bit too late.


I thank Kerry for her monthly word list. That really inspired me and I ended up incorporating all the words to make one poem. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Your Love is definitely my drug

My blog has completed 10 years of existence! :) Thanks everyone for the support.  Also what have they done to the blogger dashboard? It absolutely sucks. Sharing a poem which struck me when I was having bath, like Archimedes. A Eureka moment if i may :P 






Distance has not dissolved my 

Ever Flowing Love for you.

Now that time has evaporated 

that seductive steam! 

(oh! so seductive)

They have now crystallized like meth,

my feelings that had ached my soft core

like a rapturous encore.

And now I snort it out like Coke

Albeit aware that I might run out of stock

And die of shock regarding the loss of spark.


Monday, March 30, 2020

I see red

There is no doubt, 
the world is filled with a myriad of nincompoops
Today's world especially. 
I heard a right winger legit swing these words on National Television
"The older generation must sacrifice their lives for the sake of the economy"

I see red everywhere, 
but this sunday morning I have decided to take the all appeasing blue
a bold one nonetheless 

Don't be that idiot who thinks 
the virus will swing by you 
and not harm you. 

Not too old
too smart
too insignificant 
for the cornea less corona. 
But you can definitely be too stupid. 

Can't believe this is the gift 
I am getting for my well deserved retirement.
Teaching common sense to the so called well educated generation.
You can balance work with a life only when you have a life.
You might think I am being Captain Obvious
but that has what it has come down to really. 

Simple, rudimentary, life saving instructions
which we somehow are incapable of  listening to it seems!
Maybe I should just use the red paint after all.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Core questions


What separates the good from the bad person?
His actions in the time of crisis, even if the crisis itself was probably caused by him. Will be  my short answer.

Those who turn a blind eye or like a popular tamil saying -  close their eyes and believe the world is dark are the worst kind of people. I was for better or worse involved in an accident today. I had people from the crowd come and tell the person (who was staying back to help the guy he injured) to run away or else he will get in trouble.

What more trouble can be cause if you run away is my next question?

Morally, your conscience will eat you up. Practically, we have CCTV cameras watching our every move. And humanly I do not know how you can leave a man for the dead and just drive on.

Maybe that is what ‘self preservation’ is all about. Isolated individuals escaping detention and infecting hundreds. Those who are worried about getting infected creating a new pandemic by taking all products away from the market shelf.

Maybe it all comes to our 2 basic instincts? The fight or flee one ofcourse. By fleeing we are by no means freeing ourselves. We submit ourselves to the hysteria of the moment. We are letting the moment defeat us. Shouldn’t we be slaying every moment by making the best choices on the ground?

I know it is easier said than done. But weirdly enough the call of the moment seems to be that all of us should be together, by isolating ourselves physically, but be an unified front mentally and emotionally combat this new unknown threat.

It is unique in the sense that we need to operate alone to work well as an unit. By guarding our self we are are protecting the whole. But many still choose to make the wrong choices and worsen the deal for everyone else! This post is for such people.

If you are a doctor, journalist covering corona on the ground or just a kindred spirit. Thank you so much for this support! Have a great day.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Sweet Surrender

Give up!
Trying to fight the great inevitability
of death, pain and loss.
Given in to the memories of yesterday
Crashing into your consciousness
Like waves on a no moon day
Luring you into the bottomless ocean
Why walk on water?
When you can sleep on the ocean floor
Squarepants and what not.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Silver Linings Playbook

By Samyuktha J

Once upon a time
she did give a damn.

She reacted to every crime
On every page of that depressing newspaper.
The creases on that paper
Started residing on her forehead &
 the corners of her mouth
Her smiles few and far between
Had the air of melancholy
Of a loss felt before it was born.
She grew apart from her people
Better than to fall apart she would say.

Then one day I saw her at Joe’s and shocked to hear her sing

Once upon a time
I did give a damn.
Now I would rather dine on my dime
And definitely some more wine.
Life is too short and my dog’s life shorter
Can’t waste any on things that I cannot change
And definitely not on things designed to make me cringe
Salut and Bon Apetit!

My inquisitive eyes were question enough
She smiled a benign smile
Her eyes crinkled with joy.

“One Sunday morning
I was reading the paper in no man’s land
I didn’t feel the heat nor the beauty of what was around me
Nor did I feel my loneliness or the danger surrounding me
I was feeling older than my age and carrying the burden of the world
When I suddenly looked out of the paper
And saw a wolf in front of me.
Peaceful and wise staring at me
I found beauty in the beast
And possibilities of violence
If I moved too much.
Then I Realized the whole point of my life
Was to look at him ,
look at what was around me
And not darned piece of paper!
I tore it to pieces and was searching for a dustbin in that wasteland
And when I turned back he wasn’t there anymore
But atleast I was."

I smiled. 
 I know she did give a damn
but this time
To what really mattered
To what was in front of her

Written for the sunday muse

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