Wednesday, September 18, 2019


By psiipilehto

Vigilance is the price paid for liberty we say &
Melt the midnight candle
Till the brain explodes
Worrying about dystopian futures
Becoming immediate realities

Wake up next morning
Already too haggard
for the hard day ahead .
Already on the edge
On espresso
Hit the Roads

Shame the shameless culprits
The Nazis ,
The pervy uncles &
Nervy mothers

Quote Dante , Kennedy & Dan Brown all at once:-
The darkest places in hell are reserved for those
who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.
No one listens.
Like the Germans once didn’t
How late is too late?

The twilight hits
The morale a
 bit too swift …

What if this struggle isn’t unique?
Just the disgruntlement of every
 Angry young person
Maybe its all the coffee and student debt
A wilful distraction in lieue of personal poo poo

Get pacified by dinner.
I was just hungry
For what? I still don’t know..
Tomorrow will be a better day
At least another day.

Then the midnight hits.

For PU's Midweek Motif Vigilance

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Actually a diary entry

Some days are So big
that you don't need a diary entry to remember it
eons later...
The day you started your new job , 
and really rocked at it
the day you got into a major accident
where your helmet proved to be your
shining armour but you were no knight. 

You drive back rather bemused 
that it was in fact 
all the same day.
Where you kicked estoppel's ass
and sailed through shipping contracts
also pressed both the brakes 
to avoid hitting that jackass
who was trying to cross the road
recklessly running right in front of you

Knees and feet bleeding
Blood clots already forming
what am I gonna tell my new boss?

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Attention fellow humans!
We are all caught between that place
You know
The one in between being safe and sorry
The question is :-
 do we really want to be there?
Or has it been drilled in our heads through millennias
 to just be so?

IS that safety blanket really that cozy?
That we refuse to wake up from our catatonic states
And see what is happening around us?
Orange headed and clad leaders
Destroying democracy
And we don’t care because it doesn’t really concern us.

My house isn’t seized
My family isn’t separated
I don’t feel the heat of this so called fascist force

Just keep snacking on the comfort of your perfect life
Till it all keeps crashing down
Kashmir just got bifurcated
Against the will of its people.

For us it is just a piece of land
To jizz jingoistically about
And shout bharat mata ki jai
Would you like you state being broken
Without your elected leaders having a say?
Oh it hasn’t come down to that surely

That seems to one helluva comforter
Where can I order the same?

You can read on the Kashmir 370 issue here among other places

Friday, August 2, 2019

Golden Brown

All the gloss , glitter and glue
Cannot photoshop the sheer phobia
Lurking right beneath her skin
Forming a palpable layer,
They attack her
Only when no one is watching.

She seems so bold
But is actually quite brittle
Her quiet melancholy
Muddled by her extensive cacophony.

She is indeed a prisoner of her own device
Trapped in bravado
She just wants to cry.
Yet when her man is watching
She cannot let him see
If the truth is really exposed
Won’t he just flee?

Better to break it off
And be the bitch
Than take it off
And be his bitch.

Of course it is all very problematic
But who are we to judge?
We all mask our frail insecurities
 marinate them with worry &
deep fry it till it becomes golden brown.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Karuppu Da

Life in the Black and White
Justified ,
 aligned to be professional
Where is my Bookman Old Style?

A checkered Chess
A pawn marching forward
To become Queen
At the end of it all.

My Dog’s Coat is
Black and White too!
I pet her inconsistencies
And pat mine too
We move forward
W(h)ining & Winning.

A dash of grey
Can blot the white
But can never dim the dark
And that is why
I am a Black Queen y’all.

( Karuppu means black and Da is synonymous to dude in tamil)

Saturday, June 15, 2019

The muscular night

As lover of all things random  I must say that I had too much fun playing this :D Hope this makes some sort of the sense lol

What I got :

fit  job live skinny problem

chubby life slink short student

fit night undulate unkempt place

flabby night feel muscular problem

glamorous home undulate unsightly question

What I made :                               

                                                          The Muscular Night

By a Fitting job, lives a skinny problem..
A chubby student slinks by a short life..
A fitting night undulating over an unkempt place.
The flabby problems feeling the muscular night
The unsightly questions undulate into a glamorous home!

To know more about this challenge go here 

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